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Daily Flash Fiction 4/24/21 W/C 166

Bike Ride

Ride that bike down the street.
Bottle broken all around.
Keep your ears to the ground.
Just like your head going down, down, down.

Is that Jen’s bike?

No, I don’t think so. Looks like Evan’s.

Where is Jen?

I think she’s away.

Sure looks like hers.

I’m telling you she’s away. That’s what Mary said.

Let’s go see.

I tell you it was her bike.

But that’s not her.

Why would someone take her bike?

Maybe Jen let someone borrow it.

Is Jen really away?

I haven’t seen her in a week.

That’s a long time. Is Mary sure?

Why would Mary lie?

Mary doesn’t like Jen. Let’s ask John.

John doesn’t know.

Who else can we ask?

We can ask her parents.

Maybe they went away with Jen.

We need to ask.

“I’m sorry kids. You didn’t hear? She was in a bike accident a week ago. Her funeral is tomorrow. Her parents are in California for the service. I’m just watching the house.”

W/C 166

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