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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #2249060
Taylors revenge is at it's height. Heather learns to live her new life, to Taylors chagrin
Chapter 7
“I don’t know how you hid that, but you need to go. Might want to find some other place to stay, because once the girls see this, you’re out.”

“The fuck out our tub, before me and the boys yank you out,” he threatened.

“I’m going! I’m going!”

“Hide that nasty shit, I don’t wanna see that shit again!”

“This is your fault,” she yells at Taylor.

“This is all your fault, you were the one jacking it in the hot tub, trying to hide it,” Taylor raised an eyebrow.

Heather climbs out, they all cover their faces and don’t see her vagina, she pulls her shorts on and shoes, running off crying.

“I hope that creep didn’t ruin your night,” Taylor said.

“I think we’ll be okay. Now that she’s gone,” he replied.

“I can’t believe Denny was right,” Kimmy said.

“Ya know… as many dudes as she’s been with, I’m surprised nobody noticed, it was pretty big. I was in shock, I’ve never seen a… shemale in person,” Taylor mused.

“I gotta let the boys know.”

“Wait till tomorrow… you got real women with you tonight. Have a good one,” Taylor walks off.

Eventually she catches up to Heather, finding her crying on a picnic table.

“That was pretty brave of you.”

“You made me do it, you knew I was going to get caught, didn’t you?”

“Duh. You think I actually care?”

“Why are you fucking with my head?”

“Don’t mistake my niceness for kindness, besides, you know why; you could have any guy you wanted, but you always made me a target, stealing mine, for no reason, other than you didn’t like me. I was different, not some skinny little whore in to skinny whore shit.”

“I can’t even have a life! I can’t have my friends, I can’t enjoy college, you’re always hunting me down,” Heathers voice cracks.

“Then transfer to another college and start over.”

“So what if I like fucking guys, guys treat women the same way.”

“I know. I don’t care about you or any guy notching their bedpost. I care about it was my guys, I care about everything else that happened because of it. You’re just too stupid to see that there are other issues you created. See everything that’s happening just because you have a dick… how one little thing turned to chaos? You think all you did was the only thing that happened! You think just teasing me and stealing my fucking men, was just that, not anything worse, that it didn’t go deeper than the offense at the surface?!”

Heather takes a swing at her, she flicks her wrist deflecting her punch back at her own face.

“My whole time in college I didn’t date anybody because you were here. I avoided you best I could because you were here. Other than Jack, I was alone,” she laughs. “So yeah, I am enjoying your fall from grace, I want to do more to you, but haven’t thought of anything, yet.”

“The only guy that would actually want to be with me, waiting for me to…”

“Stop being a whore… admit it.”

“… to stop fucking around, doesn’t want me now, I’ve known him since middle school, we’ve been off and on between his girlfriends. You make it so I can’t fuck anybody, stealing away his chance.”

“You being a slut stole away his chances. Now that he would be your only option, you can’t have him.”

“I’m going to be homeless because of you, I can’t go home.”

“Tough titties.”

“I’ll do anything for you, if this all goes away.”

“There it is,” one of the frat boys yell.

“Hold that thought,” she waved a hand over herself, masking her presence.

The boys ran up to Heather, crowding around her as she cowers and cries.

“I’ll leave you alone, just go away,” she begged.

“We just can’t let it go, bro… it’s the principles, you understand,” he grabbed her.

One of the boys gave her a few punches in the stomach, another punched her in the face. Taylor snapped her fingers, making her cock grow.

“You tricked so many dudes in to fucking you, that ain’t cool,” one guy said.

“Looks like this is turning it on, gross,” face puncher said.

“It’s not! It’s not,” she cried.

The guy holding her, picks her up and slams her on the ground, where they start to kick and stomp, before running off when one spots security in the distance. Heather manages to get on her hands and knees, vomiting.

“Damn… can’t say you didn’t have that coming,” Taylor reappeared.

“Help me,” she coughed.

“Might wanna get rid of that,” she pointed at her cockprint.

“I don’t care, everybody will know by this afternoon,” she managed to stand, limping away.

Next day, Taylor was in the café as usual when some guy walked up to her with a grave look mixed with anger and sadness.

“Can I help you?”

“Can we talk outside, it’s important?”

“Sure, I guess,” Taylor stands.

“Can you please fix Heather, I think you made your point. She came to my dorm completely beat up.”

“I know, I was there to witness it.”

“Word spread about her, my names Keith, I love her, she doesn’t know I was looking for you, I’m doing this myself; please fix her, please, she’s suffered enough.”

“Ah you must be the guy she was talking about. Funny how this is what it took for her to be ready for you, now that no guy wants her,” she chuckles, “I guess you still want her, but are turned off by that manly dick of hers? Lemme tell you something; I don’t care, she has treated me like absolute shit, and I have a feeling that even if she didn’t tell you any of it, the fact you are okay with how toxic she is, makes you just as bad.”

Keith just sighs.

“I don’t want to grant any joy to her, I can’t sympathize with you. If you love her that much, you better learn to like dick… or I could do the same thing to you, curse you with a nice wet, squirting pussy?”

“That’s fucked up.”

“Not as fucked up as it would be if your dream girl doesn’t work out in the long run, because disappearing dicks and vag’s will scare off anybody. What if I did lift the curse… she’ll eventually go back to her old ways, she won’t fuck with me again, but you’d be left hanging again.”

“Can you make it so, it only happens if it’s any guy but me.”

“So that you’re the only guy who can fuck her, and any other guy gets her dick? That’s selfish, man. Nothing is stopping you from fucking her, she has an ass.”

“She doesn’t want anything to do with sex, all she’s done is cry. I can’t put her through that just so I can fuck her, when she masturbated in my dorm, she died inside. Last night was the first time she hung with her friends. You’ve broken her.”

“I’ll decide when she’s broken, when she’s utterly defeated, alone, hated, a shell of her former self,” she guffaws, “I’m still not lifting the curse.”

“She was talking about cutting it off.”

“Her dick is her clit, the balls her ovaries, she would bleed out and die.”

“I don’t think she cares. She acts like a bitch, but she’s not that tough. I know what she did to you. All of it. You can’t be that cold.”

“Hmm… she has lost everything. She has no choice but to start over, I might… might think about it, if she actually changes. And! If you really love her, you’ll make peace with her cock, show her your love is unyielding now that you can have her. You’re always waiting for her, don’t let it stop you. Not saying you need to let her fuck you or anything. Just treat her like she’s the one you want, if it’s proven she’s done fucking around by her choice and not because I took it away. I might.”

Keith runs back to his dorm to confront Heather, with hope that Taylor is being honest. A voice in his head tells him it has to come from the heart and other fairy tail shit, or she won’t change a thing. He spots her scrolling through her phone.

“Hey Heather, how you doing?”

“Looking at everything I lost.”

“They were cool people, but look what happened. They didn’t even care, they turned on you.”

“I’ve been unfriended and blocked from everything.” She tosses her phone on the bed.

“Do you love me like I love you, or am I just your last choice after everything crashes and burns?”

“What are you talking about? I always strived for popularity and shit. I do like you.”

“Just like,” he sat down.

“Love. I regret things, I regret how I do you, you’re too good for me. I know you like sex, and I know you’re faithful, I thought it would push you away from wanting me like that, that I’d just be friendzoned. Sometimes I was wishing it was you fucking me.”

“I love you and it wasn’t right that I said I couldn’t deal with this situation. We’re going to get through this, be my girl.”

“I can’t be your girlfriend like this.”

“Yes you can. It sucks, but you gotta just accept it for now, we can always try to find somebody else to cure it, she isn’t the only witch in the city, can’t be.”

“You’re not going to have sex with me, and I know you won’t date anybody you can’t fuck.”

“Let’s work towards it, dick or not. Don’t let it stop you, I promise if you can just deal with it, I can too. We can work our way to sex, accept that you have it. I know you don’t want it there, but don’t let it stop you. Like… I’ll learn to love your dick, I still feel the same way I always have, I won’t let it get in the way.”

“Are you serious? Your willing to do that?”

“I’ll be totally gay for your cock if it can make you keep living,” he holds her.

Chapter 8
“I can’t deal with your obsession with this Heather chick anymore, ever since that night you haven’t been the same,” Darius said.

“Well I’m sorry that she has mentally fucked me over. I can actually do something about now, make her pay.”

“Well she is suffering and you turned in to a anime villain. This is too much.”

“So you’re going to break up with me now?”

“I don’t want to, but you’ve changed. Curse me or whatever, get with Jack, I can’t deal with this, I want to have fun like we used to.”

“Anime villain… I did what I did, so she would stay away from you.”

“You did it for you, I was just a good excuse to finally get even, you got more than even. You’re not even nice anymore,” he walks to the door.

“Bye, I guess.”

“You know he’s right,” Jack said.

“Maybe. Guess that’s one.”

“One what?”

“The rule of three. Harm none, lest it come back threefold to you.”

“If this doesn’t help you get over what she’s done, nothing will, you know that, right?”

“Just let me enjoy it a bit longer.”
“Are you ready,” Keith asked.

“No, but I promised I’d do it,” she undressed.

Keith undresses, laying her on the bed, kissing her lips gently, down to her chest, sucking each nipple, his free hand caresses her stomach, making it’s way to her waiting pussy. Her breath grows heavy the closer he gets.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, keep going, don’t stop. I’m preparing myself.”

His fingers reach inside her, his lips back on hers, she moans in his mouth as her cock grows, the balls push his fingers out, it grows in his hand, he flinches but fights the urge to pull away, forcing his tongue in her mouth, he slowly strokes her, her tongue meets his, hand on his head. He speeds up a bit
“C-can you go slow? I want it slow, I’m okay with it, it feels good for once, with you,” she broke the kiss.

“Sure,” he slowed.

They went back to kissing, her hips rose and fell with his stroking. He moved to her neck, kissing and biting, feeling precum leak from the tip.

“I didn’t think it would feel this good,” she moaned.


“You make me feel like it’s not there, don’t stop. I’m close.”

Heathers hips bucked, she cried his name as she blew her load, he wondered what to do with the cum in his hand.

“I know it’s hard for you, Keith, but thank you for helping me.”

“It’s okay, I’m used to having one. If it can make you happy, I can deal with it. Why is it not going away,” he wipes his hand on the side of the bed.

“Maybe because I’m still horny,” she reached for his.

“Honestly; you make a girl with a cock pretty sexy.”

Heather sucks him, taking the time to do it clean versus her usual sloppy style, working her mouth and tongue. Sitting up on her knees, enjoying every moment, not feeling like a freak. He watched her sub-consciously reach for her cock and jerk off, saying nothing. Looking up watching her eye’s flutter, the whole ordeal was starting to turn him on. She felt his cock flex in her mouth, the moment precum touched her tongue, she started stroking herself faster. Keith let himself go, yelling as he came in her mouth, moments later, feeling her splat on him, she climaxes, pulling her mouth free, bellowing a deep moan.

“Hey, you actually touched it, did you know?”

“I wasn’t even paying attention at first, I just got so turned on. Was this okay for you?”

“Yeah, it’s almost like being kids again, trying to hit the bases. I’m okay with taking it slow with you, if that’s what it takes.”

“I’m getting used to it, I’d still rather you jerk me off, I don’t know how well I can do it alone. Do you think you could fuck me if I laid on it?”

“I would’ve preferred it that why, when it crossed my mind, but after jerking you and getting cum on my hand, I think I’ve moved past that hurdle.”

“So one day I might get to fuck you,’ she teased.

“If you can get to the point of jerking off by yourself, if you think you want to try that; I think… maybe… with some hard booze and lube… I could possibly give it a shot?”

“Really, because I was just joking. Thank you for supporting me, I know personally how it feels, I don’t think you would enjoy it… I guess if we did do that, it would just be once.”

“Nah, trust me, if you start to enjoy anything with a dick, once of anything is never enough,” he laughes.

“Well since you can’t get enough, fuck me next time, I was kinda hoping you would, but I figured mine would be a turn-off.”

“It’s not, oddly enough. I could probably watch you jerkin it, and get turned on… if that helps you get the nerve.”

“Thank you so much for working with me. Wait… you said you’d probably let me fuck you, but nothing about sucking it.”

“Yeaaahhh,” he bit his lip, “learn to jerk it, and I’ll learn to suck it.”

“And swallow,” she grinned.

He just glared at her.

“We’ll play it by ear.”

The next morning Heather was awaken by her phone ringing.


“Heather Marie, this is administration. We understand that you were kicked out of the sorority house, we had maintenance place your things in temporary storage, until we could find you a dorm. You’re in luck, because we couldn’t find any, but a close friend of yours said she had room, being the only person assigned that room.”

“I don’t have any friends after what happened the other day.”

“You don’t know a Taylor Greene?”

“I do, why would she do that?”

“She said she heard what happened to you and that you would end up on the street, she didn’t want that.”

“Oh… uhh thank you, I’m just a little surprised is all.”

“You’ll need to meet with maintenance, they are waiting for you.”
“Okay,” she jumps up.
They’re walking down the hallway to Taylors room and dread seems to be in the air. What has she got planned for her, everything was mostly starting to seem fine until this bombshell. The door opens before the men could knock.

“All her shit can go over there, fellas,” Taylor pointed.

“Umm… thank you,” Heather said.

“Yeah, I’m trying to fix my karma. Didn’t you have more stuff?”

“They trashed and stole a lot.”

“Ah well… you had too much anyway.”

The men placed everything on the cart, in the room, bidding them good morning, before taking their leave.

“What’s all that noise,” Jack asked, sitting up in the bed.

“Heather just moved in,” she replied with a sharp tongue.

“Were you two sleeping together?”

“Don’t you worry about my affairs.”

“What about Darius?”

“What about him?”

“I did say you and Jack made a good looking couple,” she gave a weak smile.

Taylor rolled her eyes and snapped her fingers, making her cock grow. Heather took a deep breath, letting out a heavy sigh. She sat in the nearest chair, happy enough that she had leggings on, pulled out her cock and started stroking it. Jack couldn’t look away, mouth hanging open.

“What… it’s what she wants,” Heather moaned.

“The bathroom is over there, though,” he replied.

“It’s not easy for me, but I’m getting used to it,” her voice cracked, as she blew her load.

“Oh really,” Taylor glared, snapping her fingers again.

Heather stroked herself again, staring Taylor in the eye. Gasping as she came. Taylor raised her fingers again.

“That’s enough, babe. I don’t think you’re gonna get the reaction you want,” Jack snapped.

“It’s okay, Jack. I’ve got somebody helping me, I need to just accept it and get used to it.”

Taylor rolls her eyes.

“Thank you anyway… for everything. I really am sorry about how I treated you. What’s happened to me is probably not enough punishment in your eyes, I know I deserve it. I can’t do anything to make it better, I know. I’m trying to live and suffer and find the good things in this new life you cursed me with, if I weren’t terrified of you, I’d hug you.”

“You trying to butter me up? You think letting you live here was for you, no, was to ease the karma from cursing you. I’m not changing you back so you can steal Jack, or some shit.”

“I swear I don’t want Jack, or anybody else. I have who I want. I don’t care if you fix me or not, somebody is willing to deal with it, so I will.”

“Just don’t fuck with my shit.”

Heather calls Keith to tell him where she went.

“Hey, baby; I got a place to stay, so I’m not homeless!”


“Um… Taylors dorm room, she told admin I could stay here.”

“You don’t seem that thrilled, are you safe there?”

“I honestly don’t know how safe it is, I’m thankful, but scared of her.”

The door slams, causing her to scream.

“What happened?! Are you okay?!”

“Yeah… she just left, I’ll see you later, yeah?”

“Yeah, love you.”

“Love you,” she hung up.

“Ya know, she’s otherwise a good person, pretty much all of her problems came from you, that messed her up. I’m not giving details, but; you’ve done things that I didn’t think she would ever come back from. Like that Carrie shit you tried,” Jack told her.

Chapter 9
“So it’s been about a week, how’s everything going?”

“She hardly speaks to me, I know she doesn’t want me there. I wish you would visit, I think she’s giving me nightmares. She kicks me out when they do their rituals, or have sex, they watch anime and it’s pretty interesting. I’m lonely there, she pretends I’m not there.”

“You can’t blame her, too much.”

“I know.”

“Never mind that, let’s enjoy the moments, she might warm over at some point, she wanted you there, no matter the excuse,” he kissed her.

They make out on the bed, she plays with his cock, grinding her crotch on it, causing her cock to grow between his thighs, much to her delight. Keith feasted on her tits, taking his time going lower, kissing and sucking her skin. Before she realized it, her cock was in his mouth, and he wasn’t doing too bad, she almost wanted to say something, it felt too good.

“Fuck baby,” is all she musted between moans and gasp.

Much better than jerking it, maybe she should take his offer up, to fuck, ran across her mind. She opened her eyes, looking at him, the feeling of his lips and tongue is driving her crazy. She wonders why getting ate out was something she could take or leave. She screams, cumming in his mouth.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t think it would happen so fast, please don’t be mad, here,” she sat up, kissing him, taking her load.

“oh shit, that was sexy, Heather.”


“Feeding you your cum… hell yeah, still horny?”

“Fuck yes.”

Keith spread her legs, sticking it in her ass, looking at her head to cock, thrusting in her slow and firm.

“Oh, oh, it’s never felt this good, oh my god.”

“Maybe you have a prostate, too,” he guessed.

“Baby I love your dick,” she moaned.

“I love yours, too.”

“Don’t tell me you’d be disappointed if it were gone?”

“I don’t care what you have, the only thing I’d miss is feeding you your cum.”

“Ahhh hhaah, that’s it!”

Heather clenches around his cock, hitting climax, squirting a bit of cum. She strokes herself a bit faster than his pounding.

“I finally get to feel your load in me again,” her voice breaks through her moans.

He eventually matches her speed, watching her balls bounce from the impact. He catches her hand in his, stroking her cock together. She hollers and screams as she climaxes anally, clenching up making him climax, her cock blows it’s load up to her chin. Keith lays next to her, she rolls over on top of him.

The next day Taylor catches them in a stairwell; Keith has her pinned to a wall with her ankles around her neck. She smiles at her as she grimaces, going back in the door she stepped out of. As she started to climax, Taylor thought it wasn’t a secret if people hear you. Later she’s walking around, sounds catch her ear, she investigates, wandering near bushes.

“Fuck yes, I’m close, I’m close, suck it Baby.”

She finds Keith sucking Taylor against the building, rolling her eye’s, quietly walking away, walking past a group of people, catching their conversation.

“Yeah I recognized the voice earlier, Heathers back there fucking some guy with that dick of hers.”

“Beat the shit out of both of them,” one laughs.

“Hey, leave them alone… homophobic piss-ants,” she turns. “Let her live her life, don’t you think she’s suffered enough?”

“Mind your business bitch, it your friend or something?”
“Yeah… kinda, I guess… and it’s witch, thank you,” she flicked her finger at each of them.

“Yo…,” one keeled over.

He started violently shitting himself, followed by the other two.

“I can’t stop shitting, man!”

“Did you do this?!”


“I’m gonna fuck you up, bitch!”

She flicks her finger at him again, forcing him to puke, walking away. Heather and Keith walk out, seeing the commotion.

“Fuck man, it won’t stop… nothings coming out, but it won’t stop!”

“There’s the tranny slut.”

Keith walks over, kicking him in the face, taking her and running off. That evening Keith and Heather are in the dorm room, when Taylor walks in.

“Why is he here?”

“It’s my room, too… and thank you.”


“I know you’re the reason those guys were dry heaving out of their mouths and asses.”

“I still don’t like you.”

“I’m okay with that, I don’t deserve it.”

“Hey, Baby, I’ll see you tomorrow, right? I think I’m ready to try it,” he leaves.

Taylor glares at her; “ready to try what?”

“Anal,” she grins mischievously.

“I know you take it in that ass, how is tha-,”

“My turn,” she whispers.

“Will you tell me all about it, afterwards?”

“You really want to know?”

“Sure do. Promise I want to know all the details.”

Taylor wakes up in the middle of the night, with a knife, staring at Heather.

“You win again, Heather,” she whispers.

She takes the knife, slicing her arm, running her fingers through the blood, slowly reaching under her panties, sticking them in her.

“Keith… let me sleep, horn dog… we can suck each other later,” she moans.

Taylor rolls her eye’s, whispering the reverse spell, pulling a dry hand out, after her body stops convulsing.

“I can’t let that poor boy, take dick in his ass, bad enough he begged for a pussy and had to suck that whore dick,” she mutters going to bed.

That night, Keith had made up his mind that he was going to bottom for Heather, to prove he was okay with her problem. They’re having a crazy make-out session, attacking each others mouths with their tongues, kissing and biting each others necks, pulling their clothes off. Once her shirt was off, he went straight for her tits; tugging on her nipples with his teeth, enjoying her screams for more, he bites down to her thighs, taking her whole pussy in his mouth, sucking her labia and clit, like a mad man, before stopping.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

“There’s no dick.” He looks up.

“What?! Are you serious?!”

“Yeah… she lifted the curse!"

“Oh my god,” she sat up, “she did do it. I didn’t think I’d be able to do this again!”

Heather kissed him again, laying him down, dropping her wet pussy on his face. Keith gorges on it, like his last meal, fucking her with his tongue, sucking her clit, making her grind in to his face when she climaxes. She begs for more, which he obliges; holding her thighs as she grinds and rubs her clit on his mouth, holding his head. Just as she screams out her orgasm, he forces her over, following, throwing her legs on his shoulders, grabbing her hip joints, running his tongue like a cat. Heather locks her legs around him.

“I need it in me, put it in me,” she cries.

Keith doesn’t falter, grabbing her ankles, lining up his cock for her hungry pussy, sliding it in, they both moan with relief.

“I miss this so much,” he pushes deep as he can.

“Mmm… me too.”

He pushes her ankles to her ears, kissing her, thrusting hard enough to make the bed shake. Heavy breathing and grunting fills the room, she clenches his cock best she can, getting closer and closer. Quickly, Keith pulls out, lays behind her, sticking his cock in, pulling her on top of him, a hand across her chest, pushing her legs outside his, fingering her clit. He thrust up in to her as hard as he can, she places a hand over his fingering herself with him, he keeps her from falling off, nearly bouncing her body. Heathers head presses in to his chest, her back arches, screaming and huffing, with a fierce climax.

“You’re getting close, huh?”

“Yeah, trying to hold back best I can, too excited.”

“Bust in my pussy, make it yours forever,” she turns around.

Slamming herself on top of him, hands on his chest, he plays with her nipples and slaps her ass, the mattress bottoms on the box frame. Heather locks eyes with him when she climaxes, struggling to keep going. Keith pulls her legs from under her, sitting up, holding her tight around her back and ass, pressing her close, lifting and dropping her on his cock. She holds tight while he lifts and drops her as hard and fast as he can.

“I feel it swelling… please give it to me, cum baby cum!”

Keith squeezes her releasing all his seed in her, pressing her down on his cock, spraying her insides. She waits for him to catch his breath, trying to catch her own, before kissing him.

“I love you so much, I’m sorry it took so long and all this bullshit.”

“We’re here now.”

Later that night Heather limps in the dorm to Jake shirtless and Taylor in a thin, shear black nightie, smiling at her evilly.

“So… tell us how it went,” Taylor raised an eyebrow.

Heather sat between them, giving her a hug, surprised to get one in return.

“And I didn’t do it for you… I just didn’t want that poor boy taking that thing in the booty hole, it was too big for him,” she winked.

Two days later all four of them were chatting and laughing in her and Taylors room, Heather had really gotten in to anime, everything seemed to be going fine until she said something about double dating. They all stared at Taylor wondering if it went too far. She gave an angry look before bursting in to laughter.

“Doesn’t sound too bad… double dating. Give us a chance to really know each other.”

“But what about everybody thinking you have a dick, and the video? How are you going to fix that,” Jack wondered.

“Let them keep thinking I still have it. I don’t give a fuck. I don’t need anymore guys trying to throw themselves at me, it’s not worth it.”

“Might be for the best after all this,” Jack said.

“So… you’re really hanging it up, stud?”

“I’m not a stud. Time to retire all that.”

“Hey… walk me to the store, Jack?”


Taylor snaps her fingers, causing a flood in Heathers pants, Heather gives her a confused look. One more snap and Keith is startled by his erection.

“Meet us at the store when you’re done, we can find something to do… or just hang,” she shut the door.

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