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How sad and disappointed he is about love so to speak
It came upon the beginnings of his time, so often.
The new year in solitude with her smile came clear.
He was however happy with it.
Now because of that she opened her eyes.
And he dwelled upon her from the green grass and across the street.

Time went into the darkness after they met.
A rare occasion, and they shared a feeling in the midst of grey weather.
With a little sunshine in their smile they welcomed and once a love.
Now she went far away, and he proceeded to write and then pray about why.
Because, he cared so much.
And his journey, and intentions were innocent beyond a touch.
She took his soul, and colored it black and blue.
She had the power and desire in side her own self-centered, soul too.
Once to finish.....after he cried.
Returning to her fine garden that he painted as of a rainbow glow.
How sad he slept in his darkened sorrow.
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