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by Ranuix
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2249119
This is just a fanfiction, Monster prom was not created by me but by "Beautiful Glitch"
At 12.15pm at Spooky high, there was a certain sweet hearted werewolf running through the halls carrying a nauseous shadow boy on his left shoulder who only stopped after he got to the library. school.

After putting down the shadow boy, Scott reached out to show the long rows of shelves with books and a small row of gray, obsolete computers, saying, "Et voila! Our first short stop on the school tour. The library!"

The shadow boy began to look around curiously, and Scott said to him: "You know, actually I don't come here often, I like sports more, but the computers here although they are a little old, they work very well, and then: there are so many beautiful storybooks with lots of pictures! Look at this one for example! " And after taking a book, the werewolf opened it in front of the shadow boy's face, who after looking at the pages for a moment, jumped back and fell to the ground, trembling with fright, while at the same time a third black creature emerged from his back. .
The werewolf immediately pulled the boy up from the ground saying to him in amazement:
"Woah! Watch out buddy. Okay, the pictures are very detailed, but I don't think you need to be frightened by the drawing of a dragon!"

Meanwhile, not far from them, Liam while he was looking for books for a subject, saw the scene and above all, saw the third little creature emerge from the back of the shadow boy. "Mmmh, weird ..." the vampire whispered, who decided to put down the books he had for the moment, and continue to secretly follow the two as they continued the tour of the school.

After a couple of minutes, Scott led the shadow boy out of the school.
"Here are the students' bathrooms! If you want a place to reflect in peace, or skip school or, of course, answer the call of nature, this is the place for you!"
Meanwhile Liam was watching them from above a tree

Then he led him to the Rugby field and said quickly: "This is where my cousins ​​usually train! You should see the wolf pack when they play, certainly in class they are among the worst, but on the playing field no one beats them!" and as he said this, Scott's eyes sparkled with pride.

And as they left, Liam's head slowly poked out of a bin, which thankfully was empty.

Then Scott took the shadow boy to the pool, and said: "This is one of Miranda's favorite places, as well as a training spot for the swim team. Personally I don't like getting my fur wet, but it's always nice to see my schoolmates diving! "

Meanwhile, the shadow boy got down on his knees and leaned over to look at the blue liquid of the pool, fascinated by his own reflection.
But suddenly, looking at the dark bottom of the pool for a while, it must have been about 40 meters deep, he felt his body paralyze, and he couldn't stop looking at the darkness of the bottom, as he expected at any moment. to see something come out of the abyss. Meanwhile, a fourth little creature began to emerge from his right leg, while Scott commented: "Wow, those cute little things pop out like mushrooms! Are they your little brothers or cousins?"
But the Being did not listen to him. In fact, he was about to fall headlong into the pool, but Scott grabbed him by the shirt in time and said, "Ok man, I understand you like water, but you don't have time to take a dip, and I don't think it's wise to do so with clothes on. Come on, let's go on!"
And after saying this, Scott took the boy back on his shoulder and headed for the theater, while Liam watched them from under a bench saying to himself: "I really hope I'm wrong ..."

"Ok friend, here's the penultimate stage and last lesson today! The Auditorium! Is Liam's favorite place, you know? I think he's also a fan of ... Saspir .... Saffier .... Sax ..." Scott said to the shadow boy, making a funny, super confused face as he mugged on the name he didn't remember.
"Uff, Shakespeare, Scott, Shakespeare. I've already told you a thousand times!" Liam said as he walked up to them, wearing a long blue stage dress, 18th century marquis style.

"Oh right! Shokpeare! Thanks Liam!" Scott replied smiling with his mouth wide open, exposing his sharp canines.
"Noo, it's Sasp ... forget it .." the vampire said defeated.

"Ok, Scott, get the tree costume. Shadow boy, you dress up as a musketeer, and don't forget your mustache!" "Awww, but I wanted to be the musketeer ...." Scott said looking at the ground sadly.
"Scott, I'm sorry but the musketeer costumes aren't your size, and besides, you're the best at playing the part of the tree more than anyone I know!" Liam said to the werewolf to console him. Scott's eyes sparkled with happiness and he said: "Really?" "Really." Liam answered.
"Really really ?" " Really really... " Liam replied again, his tone of voice dropping.

"Really really really?" Scott continued. "" Really - really - really ... "Liam answered again slowly, his nervousness getting stronger and stronger, but Scott continued like a broken record.
"Really really really really re ..." "SCOTT! I'm sorry to interrupt, but I have to ask you to quickly put on your costume. We have to do some acting rehearsals, think of it as Rugby practice." "Ah-ah! If that's the case then I'll stop wasting time! I'll run to change!" Scott replied, putting his hand on his forehead saluting, running to the dressing room with his tree costume.

"Finally, that clumsy got out of the way .." Liam said softly, but smiling slightly at his childishness.
"After all, more than 300 years ago I was like him too. Eh, how many times have I made father nervous ..." Liam said to himself while the shadow boy listened curiously. Then the vampire turned around, and looking apathetically at the boy, he said: "Ah, you're still here.
Fusion between the boogeyman and the Thing, created by the film company with no more original ideas just to attract inculturated suckers and fill the pockets of various directors with money, to create a new star of the sci-fi-horror series B pop culture ... "

Of all this talk, The Being hadn't understood one iota, but something told him that the vampire didn't like him that much.

The latter in fact approached him, pointing his finger to his face and whispering to him as he looked him straight in his eyes: "Just so you know, I'm not a gullible like our classmates!
I know very well that you have never been a human, but what you are I do not know, so I tell you this: if you continue to be quiet and you will not bother anyone, I will not bother you. But try to hurt one of my friends in any way, and I'll make you regret getting out of the hole you came from. Am I making myself clear? ” Liam finished this sentence by arching his lips into a menacing smile.

The being and his creatures shook their heads in agreement, seriously worried.
"Very well, now go get your costume on. Rehearsals begin in 5 minutes." Said the vampire, turning his back on him with contempt.

"Incredible. Even that guy can be more threatening than he looks ..." thought the black Being, as the little creatures looked angrily at the departing vampire.

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