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by Ranuix
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2249165
This is just a fanfiction, Monster prom was not created by me but by "Beautiful Glitch"
"Okay, ladies and gentlemen, have you memorized your scripts?" Liam said to his classmates, as the shadow boy arrived dressed as a musketeer, complete with a fake mustache. "Haza! Look how good the newcomer fits in the costume! He really looks like a gentleman knight, especially with that mustache." Miranda exclaimed, blushing with her eyes closed.

"Emh emh! Yes, the newcomer is fine with the costume, but now let's focus on the show." Liam interrupted, irritated.

"Miranda, you know what you have to do right?" "Of course! I will be the poor princess kidnapped by the monstrous dragon and the evil Marquis."
replied Miranda, bringing her arm to her forehead, sliding melodramatically on Brian, who was wearing a green dragon costume, to say the least ridiculous, in fact Brian was not so enthusiastic, but he was not complaining.

"Ok, and you Damien?" asked the vampire, addressing the demon boy.
"Ugh, I'm going to have to play the part of this moron in armor who will die in an idiotic way by tripping over a branch after 20 seconds of dueling ... WHAT THE HELL OF DEATH IS THIS, LIAM !?"
"Umpf, it's not an idiotic death. It serves to make the public understand that even an evil marquis in armor can die in a normal way." retorted the vampire, annoyed by the demon's outburst.
"Bah! A death like that, it's idiotic anyway!" Damien retorted, gritting his teeth.

"I don't care. Let's move on to you Vicky: what are you going to do?"
"I will be the knight in armor who, after accompanying Duke Emile to the Marquis's castle, will be ... set on fire by the dragon ... but Liam! Why can't I have a more compelling part?" Vicky protested, lifting the plastic visor of her helmet.

"Tsk, because it serves to increase the drama." "Well ... I still find it stupid!" the girl said, generating small electric discharges from her bolts.

"Instead: Polly, Amira, Vera?" "I' ll be the potion vendor ... she's gonna ... s-she's gonna ... uh." stammered the ghost girl, wearing a plague doctor costume with a green (fake) potion bottle beside her.

"Don't tell me you don't remember ..." Liam began, whose arms dropped, and his eyes widened. "Oh, don't worry Boo, I remember my part is speckish. You'll see the rest will come back to me!"

Secured, so to speak, the ghost, placing her palm on the back of her neck and winking at him with her tongue sticking out; but in her head she thought: "Of course I know what to do! I will just be a boring spinster who creates concoctions, who will have to throw a potion at the duke to be able to take down the dragon, and then be sliced ​​by the marquis's ax, from behind the shoulders.
Laameeee! Okay I like chemistry, but why do I have to leave the scene like this? And above all, why do I have to be single? Can't I be the one who takes the handsome duke to bed? Surely I would be a thousand times better than a spoiled and sulky princess! "

Meanwhile Amira and Vera declared their protest to the poor vampire:
"Why should I just be a priestess to do a stupid wedding? Can't I fight too? What good is it to set fire to skulls if I can't throw them in someone's face !?" Amira exclaimed, wearing a long red dress, while from her nervousness she incinerated a (hopefully) fake skull.

"And why should I be a simple mercenary? I like murder, but you could also have given me a more relevant part, like being the leader of a group of first-rate assassins." Added the gorgon, with a cold tone, wearing a hooded black dress with phosphorescent green outlines

At that point, Liam's patience ran out, and he blurted out: "Okay, I confess! The plot is dull, not original and looks like it was made by a kindergarten class!
But if any of you had helped me a little, I wouldn't have been forced to do such a childish storyline in just two days, that at best it'll make us get a C! Especially having to change it in the last two hours, since the heroine had to be Vicky and not the newcomer! "And as he said this, the vampire cast a grudge glance at the shadow boy, who began to tremble in fear.

After that, the vampire took a deep sigh to calm down, and asked Scott in a dull tone: "Scott, you know what to do right?" "Absolutely Liam! Don't worry, with my contribution, the show will be a success!" Exclaimed the werewolf cheerfully. "I'm sure of that ..." Liam added, in a sarcastic tone.

"Ok, get ready, and DON'T make mistakes!" Liam told the group, stepping out of the curtain to begin the introduction on stage for the audience of a dozen students and the acting professor, Monsieur Gargoyle.

"Er er. Ladies, and gentlemen! What you will see tonight, is a story full of passion, drama, intrigue and death, which will leave you in suspense ..." "FORWARD FOUR EYES! He yelled from the back of the seats, a boy's voice.
And Monsieur Gargoyle also said, "I'd like you to skip the introduction Liam. Allez!" He said snobbishly.

"All right, up the curtain!" Liam exclaimed raising his left arm, annoyed to say the least, which came out from the side of the stage, while the narrator began speaking from the auditorium speakers, with the background of harps and violins.

<Coff coff. A long time ago, in the reign of Vesperia, peace and tranquility reigned supreme (Together with the high taxes and the bloody monarchy to say the least). But one bad day, something terrible happened: The evil Marquis Demian, decided to put his shady plan into action to have the princess kidnapped by her dragon and pretend to save her, then marrying her to take control of the kingdom!>

Meanwhile, Miranda and Scott appeared from behind the curtain, in front of a background of cardboard with a small castle drawn on it behind a flowery meadow. Miranda was stroking a little plastic bird, while Scott was doing ... the tree, with his concentrated face, that is: a dead look with crossed eyes.

"La la laa, ra la laaa" Miranda hummed happily her usual tune, while behind her slowly dragon-Brian approached her, raised his arms and said: "Roar!"

Embarrassing to say the least. Miranda turned as she continued to hum, "La la la, ra la lAAAAAAAAAAH!" and after screaming with 'fear', the mermaid suddenly falls to the ground, in a way that is anything but realistic.

"Sigh. It starts very well ..." Liam sighed, closing his eyes.

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