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by Jess
Rated: E · Short Story · Drama · #2249200
a story of a girl who is scared of boys
one day there was a girl named NONY she was really scared of boys till she went to her sister's party but lets see what happened before the party. She went to her school for the first time and bummed into some one named Fox. oh I'm so sorry it's ok just watch where your going next time here let me help you up. She fainted he's friends came to see what helped he picked her up to take her up to the nurse's office. She wakes up one min before school ended so her sister named Mary ask if NONY would like to go to a party with them and the boys that they liked I promise you can hide behind me please come they all said ok fine I'll go yay! don't forget sleep wear! this is where the party is at ok I'll be there oh I guess we're alone Fox said your right wait are you talking to me I'm a boy you know ahh your right I have to go see you at the party. at the party Mary and Lucy both ask where is she. she gets there a few mins after they said that they all asked what took you so long? she said I had to walk because I don't have a car oh yeah sorry sis it's fine I enjoyed it.it was a beautiful sunset so what now truth or dare? ok! John you go first. ok Jake truth or dare? dare! I dare you to lay in Lucy's lap. ok? ok NONY your turn ok! Fox truth or dare? truth. ok who is your crush? you NONY! her sisters are so excited because she never had boyfriend! so NONY got scared and ran away look what you girls did hey NONY wait up. please go away I'm scared to look and talk to you. she ran till she passes out NONY OH MY GOSH are you ok what happened? he took her to his house because it was closer then hers NONY please wake up he call the doctor's they came really fast and took her to the hospital where he called his and her family to come they also came really fast FOX what happened to this poor girl? we were at Mary and Lucy's party and then she got scared so she ran then I went after her and then she ran till she passed out and now she won't wake up it's all your fault Mary! woah what how is it fault? you dared her to go into your room with me and she's scared of boys your her sister you should know this but how could you? f foxy? oh my goodness your a wake!! why does my head hurt? you fainted and hit you head are you ok? yeah I'm ok! thanks to you! awwww! she hugs Fox and she wasn't scared of him anymore a few months past by and they started dating! the end till part two!
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