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a free verse poem... also an entry for April 2021 round of The Whatever Contest
April Prompt

Rising, falling,
With each swell and ebb,
Just beyond the break,
Feet lifting off sandy floor,
Floating, drifting,
To the unseen
Raw, primitive power
Driving current veins,
Ever churning below,
Kept, in tow
By the moon.
The stars,
Multiplying infinitely
Across an endless glass surface,
By breaching behemoths
Catching breath between
Verses of their song,
Of love, of longing,
Their notes echoing
For fathoms,
Joining the chorus
Of a vast world
Ever moving, ever changing,
Ever shaping
The face of Earth,
With only the stars
To bear wizened witness
To the artistry at work,
Over eons and ages,
As the Oceans keep,
In delicate balance,
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