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by Ranuix
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2249217
This is just a fanfiction, Monster prom was not created by me but by "Beautiful Glitch"
As Brian carried the fainting princess away on his shoulders, the narrator continued to recount the things that happened on stage: The beginning of the journey of Duke Emile (The Shadow Boy) and the Knight Veronica (Vicky), of how they met the Potion Maker , Apollyon (Polly) and blah blah blah.
"What a boring story" thought the students and Monsieur Gargoyle, until it came to the central moment of the show: The arrival at the castle of the Marquis and the fight against the dragon.

"This is the castle of the Marquis Demian! Attention comrades! The dragon may be here somewhere ready to roast us!" Vicky exclaimed, addressing Polly and The Black Being, while behind them was the hardcover of a sharp mountain on a dark purple night.
But after waiting a few seconds, Brian didn't show up.

Vicky repeated: "Please be careful, because the DRAGON could incinerate us when we least expect it!" But still no Brian. Liam went to where Miranda and Brian were backstage, and said agitatedly, "Why don't you and Brian go on stage ?? it's already the second time Vicky has said the line!" "I'm sorry Liam, but Brian fell sound asleep listening to the boring plot of the story, and I can't wake him up!" Miranda retorted as she tried to lift the zombie from the chair where he was sleeping soundly.

"Argh! There's no time to wait for him to wake up. Come on, I'll help you get him on stage, then you go on the stage!" That said, Liam and Miranda managed to lift the zombie boy off his chair and carry him up to the stage, then Damien kicked him to throw him into the scene, hoping he would wake up from the blow. But nothing to do, The zombie fell on his back on the floor and continued to snore, then Polly took advantage of it thinking (Well well, I think I know how to give this grave a shake!)

Then Polly said aloud: "Oh, look friends! The dragon has entered its period of hibernation! Let's take advantage of it to save the princess!"

"What !? Why did Polly change lines? Miranda! Don't go on stage ... oh no!" But Miranda had already gone to the stage, and she said aloud her line: "Oh, my brave knights in shining armor! Thank goodness you managed to take down the beast and save me ..."

Meanwhile, behind the scenes The "marquis" was lighting up with anger thinking about his script: "He dies stumbling on a branch ... he dies stumbling on a branch ... BUT WITH THE FUCK THAT A LAVEY DIES IN THIS WAY!
And screaming in anger, Damien ran and leapt onto the stage, pointing his ax at the group.

"Ah! Did you think I was a coward hiding in the castle use? The chick is mine, noobs, and I won't let you take her away!"

At this point, poor Liam was repeating in his brain: "No no no no no no no no! It's the end! Monsieur Gargoyle will give us a giant F!"

But meanwhile Damien said to the shadow boy, "You! You are the brave duke the people talk about so much! Let's see if people will talk about you again when I have smoked you to shreds!" And the demon boy set his ax on fire, making the poor shadow boy and his little creatures tremble with fear. However, he managed to find the strength to raise his foil and assume a fighting stance.

After a few minutes of confrontation, Damien made the foil fly away from the boy's hand, but just as he had raised the ax for the coup de grace, Vicky intervened, who with a shield blow made Damien ax to fly away in turn, while from behind her, Polly threw a bottle on the ground, which generated a thick whitish mist that after a few seconds made everyone's head spin, except for Polly and the shadow boy, and put Ko the demon boy.

"YAASS! Victory!" Polly exclaimed happily, but suddenly, Scott, who had also inhaled a cloud from the bottle, began to have spasms and the fur grew rapidly on Scott's body, and his muzzle took the shape of that of a ferocious wolf. Meanwhile Vicky asked to Polly in a drunken tone: "Poooollyyyy, whhhat aboupp dhat bopple?"

"I don't understand, it's a normal liquid sleeping pill for the scene .... oh-oh." said the ghost girl, when she realized that she had not thrown the bottle with the green liquid, but a bottle with a drug created by her, in which was: Marijuana,LSD, Methamphetamine aaaand....cocaine.

As everyone knew, cocaine has a tremendous effect on werewolves, as it causes them to transform into an out-of-control beast. That was exactly what happened at the moment. But when Scott, in the form of a muscular anthropomorphic wolf wearing white boxers, let out a ferocious roar at the shadow boy who nearly fainted, Polly pulled out a rubber bone that she was holding aside for emergencies and said to the werewolf: "Here Scott, here! Who's a good boy? Who is it? Yas, you are!"

Scott, suddenly crouched like a good little dog flicking with his tongue hanging out.

And after throwing the rubber bone behind the scenes, Scott chased it, and meanwhile Vera, who had witnessed the scene, immediately took the toy from the ground and threw it into a dressing room with an iron door, created especially for this eventuality, and when the werewolf dived in, she quickly locked the door.

"Now it's my turn." She thought with a grin, determined to change her role in the script too.

Meanwhile, the narrator resumed his story, trying to improvise: <Er. So, after defeating the evil Marquis and neutralizing the tree transformed into a werewolf due to Apollyon's wrong potion, the princess was safe>
Then Vera entered the stage, and he spoke again: <But suddenly the notorious assassin Varen emerged from the shadows, hired by the Marquis if things had precipitated, then she approached the princess and ... hugged her?>

Yes, Vera hugged Miranda, while everyone was shocked by the twist and Vera said: "Oh my daughter, finally after years I find you again." "D-d-daughter? But that's not possible! I don't have a mother!" "Yes you have, my daughter. You didn't knew it because that your good-for-nothing male chauvinist father, after your birth, had expelled me from the kingdom, since according to the laws I should have become the queen until you come of age. But now let's go back to home, my dear. " " Okay dear mother, but how are we going to change daddy's mind? He's still the ruler."

"Oh don't worry my dear, I have in mind an effective and silent way to convince him!" Vera said, as with her left arm on Miranda's shoulder she led her off the stage, and with her right arm she let the audience see a dagger with a snake-shaped handle.

"Hey, royal heights, wait for me!" Vicky exclaimed, running after them.

At that point, there was only The Shadow Boy and Polly, who lifted him in her arms as he looked confused at the audience and said aloud, "Well, dude, it looks like we are the only ones left here. Don't worry, one night at my home. and you will see that you will forget the little princess, darling! " And as she said this, Polly bit her lip and made a seductive look at a few inches from the shadow boy's face, who began to worry.

After that, the ghost carried the boy dressed as a musketeer away in her arms, winking at the audience.

"Curtain down!" Screamed in a shrill voice Liam, who had suffered the pains of hell in witnessing that absurd nonsense recitation.

Then he trembled on the stage and said to the audience: "Er. Eh eh ... End of the story ......"

There was a good minute of silence, and suddenly all the students present, rose from their chairs and began to clap their hands,wings and tentacles, and shout compliments. Monsieur Gargoyle was thrilled too, and even went up on stage to shake Liam hand, saying: "Incroyable! Superbe! Fantastique! Enchantant! Such a brilliant play, done by first year students, I hadn't seen it in years!
I hope that you will also do it at the end of the school year! But tell me Liam, what's the name of your work? "

"Er, * The bizarre adventures of Duke Emile Ombre! *"


The group of boys and girls was waiting in the dressing rooms. Some anxious, others resigned. The acting had been disastrous and they would all have gotten an F. Suddenly Liam walked in, and Polly threw herself on the floor whimpering, "Oh, forgive me Boo!
I just wanted to give your work more movement, but things got out of hand! " " We got A + .... " Liam said softly.

"I'm sorry Liam, I swear I'm not going to parties for a month to make up for it and ..." "Polly! We all got an A +. Don't worry!" "Really !? Can I go to parties again ?? ... I mean, did we get an A +? Yaaasss!"

All the students sighed in relief, even though the shadow boy didn't quite understand the question of A and F. They were just letters, so why bother?

But then, the boys heard Scott's voice coming from the closet: "Er, guys? Friends? Where are you? I'm in a little tight and dark place. And most of all, where are my clothes?"

"Let's go to free the puppy from his prison, and then everyone to celebrate at the big tree behind the school! I'll offer everyone a drink!"

"Hurray!" They all exclaimed. While the shadow boy felt good to see everyone so happy.

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