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by Norman
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I knew she was impressed
She told me that I was her only one
         and I was filled with pride.
And judging by the way she looked at me,
         I knew she hadn’t lied.

She looked at me with wonder in her eyes;
         I knew she was impressed .
I just laid back to wallow in the glow,
         and take a little rest.

I’ll tell you that it made me feel so good,
         so glad I passed her test.
It seemed like I was swelling up inside;
         my heart filled up my chest.

As I recovered in her fluffy bed,
         I heard her talking low.
She told me that before I had to leave,
         there’s one thing I should know.

She’d had a lot of lovers in her life
         and some of them were great.
She used a scale on how well they performed,
         and most she rated eight.

She told me once again I was the one
         she never had before.
Oh, there were some that weren’t very good;
         she’d even had a four.

She’d also had a couple nines and tens,
         but that was pretty rare.
And when it came to being here with me?
         She did that on a dare.

Of all the lovers she had ever known,
         when all was said and done,
she told me that I clearly stood alone.
         I was her only ‘1’.

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