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This is just a fanfiction, Monster prom was not created by me but by "Beautiful Glitch"
It was 7 p.m., and school was over for that day.
But the party at the tree behind Spooky High had just begun!

Inside the grinning tree, the empty bark by some decades had become the center of the parties organized almost every evening by the students of Monstropolis; As we all know, among the dozens of monsters who danced, drank, and took drugs, there was a small group of 9 monster boys and girls plus the shadow boy, and they were standing in front of the tree bar. Polly, without even saying "Hello", said to the squid man bartender: "Jerry? 10 glasses full of diablo borracho!" "They're coming right away, Polly!" The bartender answered, accustomed to the ghost's requests.

After that, they all sat down at a table, and the boys and girls began to chat about the show they did and other events that took place in the school, while The Black Being listened to them carefully, even if he felt a little excluded from the group, since he could not speak.

But at one point, Scott said to the shadow boy, "Oh! Come to think of it, we didn't really know each other! I'm Scott Howl, I'm 18 years old.
I love my wolf pack, my friends and sport! " Said the werewolf, smiling with his mouth open wide.

"Vera Oberlin, I'm 20 years old. What I want in life is success and power and I'm ready to take it by any means, but the people I care about are still important. So I recommend to you to be on my friends list, and not on the enemy list! " The gorgon girl said with a sadistic smile to the shadow boy, while her snakes hissed lightly, but still in a intimidating tone, towards him.

"If her goal is to threaten me, she is doing it very well!" thought The Being, swallowing to calm down.

"I'm Polina Geist, also called Polly! I had and have 22 years. I love parties, chemistry, and all the wrong things someone can do, and also the cute guys like you ..."
The ghost girl said with a wink at the shadow boy, making him appear white undertones on his cheeks, and on the cheeks of his little creature too.

"I don't think Miranda and I need to introduce ourselves to you again." Damien said instead, smiling.

Finally, now it was Liam's turn to introduce himself for good:

"Umpf, my name is Liam de Lioncourt, I'm 4XX years old, and I can't stand mainstream things, people who don't have good taste in culture, and especially those who never speak and don't express their opinions ..." And as he finished the sentence, the vampire cast a distrustful look at the shadow boy, who began, for the thousandth time in the day, to tremble with concern.

But Vera intervened, slapping the vampire on the back of the head, saying in a stern tone: "Liam. I don't know if you banged your nose against a door or what, but it doesn't seem the case that you behave so bad with the newcomer. "

"Grumpf, I was just expressing my thoughts ..." he grumbled, rubbing his head

Meanwhile, Polly and Amira had gone to get glasses of drinks, which they handed out to the boys and girls.

"Ok friends, let's celebrate the A + we got thanks to our efforts!" Polly exclaimed as she raised her glass. The others also raised their glasses and shouted "Cheers" together.

However, that alcohol they were swallowing, it was highly recommended to drink it in small glasses and not in large plastic glasses. But it was a party, so who cares?

After tossing her glass away, Polly said aloud, "And now, let's go dance with the others!" "Actually I'd rather go home, you know we have a history test in a few days."
Vera retorted, even though she was already a little drunk and she smiled slightly.

"Oh come on V! I want to see you shake your nice ass a little bit! Come on girl!" "Uff, fiiiine." Vera said, getting up and going to dance among the other students.

All the other boys and girls in the group also got up to do some dance, all of them except The black Being.

"Uh? Why don't you get up too, boo?" Polly asked raising an eyebrow. "Ah! I get it! You've never danced in your life, haven't you?" She immediately added, smiling. The shadow boy shook his head to confirm, and she continued: "Don't worry, probably in your life as a human your parents didn't let you ever go to parties. But here you have full freedom, go wild like i do, tiger!" And as she said this, the ghost girl took the arm of the Being and dragged him into the fray, where she then showed him how to dance.

"See? It's not difficult! You just have to let the music enter your body, and move like a crazy eel. If music isn't enough for you, just ask me, I always have some good stuff with me!"

As she said this, Polly saw that the shadow boy began to settle in, imitating other students' dance moves by increasing the speed and also doing the dub. "Pffft, dubbing is a little out of date boo, but you're still doing great!" She said continuing to smile at him.

But after a few minutes, the shadow boy stopped dancing.

"Hey, is something wrong boo?" She asked to the Being, stopping dancing too.

But he couldn't hear her, he could only hear the music in the background becoming slower, distant and distorted, while a voice, then two voices, then many voices began to say :

* Pathetic. *


* What are you doing? *

* Look around, you'll never be like them *

* You are not a human, you are not a monster, you are nothing! You're just garbage! *

* Garbage, garbage, garbage, garbage, garbage, garbage,garbage,garbage,garbage ... *

"No ... No! Enough ... ENOUGH!" screamed in his head the black Being, kneeling, while his creatures began to stretch and agitate writhing their faces, as had happened in the morning in front of the school principal.

Polly realized that something serious was happening to the boy, so she immediately put her arms under his, and dragged him out of the tree as quickly as possible saying, "Ok boo, I think that's enough party for you tonight! " But she said it in a worried and serious tone, not playful or cheerful as she usually spoke.

After taking him out, he knelt down again on the grass, still holding his head with his hands, as if to silence something that was causing him pain.
Polly looked at him a little distant, thinking about how his panic attack resembled drug crises she herself had suffered, especially when she was thinking about her..... So, without missing a moment more, the ghost girl gets down on her knees behind the boy, wrapping him with her arms.

Suddenly, the voices in his head fell silent, and the little creatures returned inside his body, except the one on his left shoulder, soothed too.

The shadow boy, heard Polly's sweet and reassuring voice, speaking to him: "Shhh, it's okay, it's over, you don't have to be afraid. It's okay ..."

And while she spoke, she stroked the boy's head, passing her hand through the dark matter that looked like hair, slowly as if to calm a wounded animal.

After a minute, the shadow boy was completely calm again, and when he turned to the ghost girl she said with a sad smile, "I know how it feels, having fits of fear or despair.
It happened to me a couple of times too, when I got some bad quality stuff, if you know what i mean! he he ... " she said, giving a fake chuckle.

After looking intensely into each other's eyes for a few seconds, the two of them stood up and the ghost girl said to the shadow boy, while she blushed slightly: "W-Well, I'd say it's better for you to go home tonight, or anywhere you can spend the night.
Please, be careful not to sleep in a gangster shelter, it's like how I died! Goodnight boo!"

Having said that the ghost girl greeted the black being, as she reentered the tree to return to the party.

" Thank goodness she helped me, even if she doesn't know what I really am .... But now there is it's just a problem....I don't have a home!"

thought The Black Being, putting his hands through his hair.

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