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Life is like the wind, gentle one day, raging the next; it's not always a dream.
I love the wind when it blows gently by,
Swaying the leaves with a sweet lullaby;
I love the wind as it floats swiftly shy,
Silently fleeting like a wee butterfly.

I love to fly in a dream of delight,
Just like the wind in its journey to light;
I love the wind like a gem so bright,
Shines like a jewel, what a beautiful sight.

I love the wind so lonely and forlorn,
Gusty and breezy as it churns the morn;
I love the wind with a whiff of scorn,
Blasting the blizzard in a heart that torn.

I fear the wind raging on its flight,
Howling and blust'ring in the dark of night;
Gale is the wind in the whirlwind blight,
Tempestous fright as it hastens tonight.

Beware the wind like a bold hurricane,
Cyclonic clouds over valleys and plains;
Shrouds of the wind in the monsoon rains,
Transforming transients in the heart of grains.

Calm is the wind like a balm of breeze,
Soothing the roars that threaten to freeze;
Casting the shadows upon hearts of fleeze,
Winding, humming to a flight so fierce.
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