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A story about a Trans girls worst nightmare, I will make updates to it
So this is not a story about a little girl (……) but never mind you'll see later I'm Lilly I'll be your guide my we start. Sitting there at a desk the ( only black and red ) vs. the grey and pink ones she just sited there with the book lying there closed the teacher walked by putting her finger under the girls face and pushing the girls head up and with her kind, sweet, caring voice she said without stuttering "Little girls like you should smile more and maybe do what I say and get to work now " all the girl could do was nod and say "will do I'll get to work right away" and then she walks on to the next student the girl now staring at the book she opens it to see that the page is... WAIT. Before I say I should really tell you that well she is not like the other girls, the normal girls she is very different very, but no one knows that Yet not even her.
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