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A story about a boy whom lacked moral discipline and he later came to reform.
{popnote:"LinkTextHere"}{/popnotLinkTextHere e}The lucky tragedy.

Limo a form form two student would always love hanging out with his fellow friends until one day the dreaded thing got him.Many times he was cautiously warned by his parents to shun away from illicit groups that he had joined. Limo with his hot-headed head never took his parents advice keenly but one day when he was coming from school he was ambushed by a ruthless group that were armed fully to the teeth.He was dragged and thrown in the cabin ruthlessly crying remembering his parents advice against odd groups thathe was into.
At a far distance,he could hear cries that penetrated the loopholes which he was kept,he began trembling as sweat ran down his body.The car stopped and he was dragged to a dark room dirty and unventilated.His diet was always ugali cabbage in which he was always used to because he was a rich brat breded badly.Few days later he was taken to a room that was fitted with cameras in which he was made to make a telecast so as his family could be spared,luckily did the gang know their computers were being tracked that the CIDs stormed in and rescued Limo who was confused and un idea of what to do.He was rushed to the hospital for he had a fractured rib that he got when he was resisting from the gang.
Limo's parents were relieved and happy for their son was alive and they swore to strictly train their children on good discipline so as to avoid such circumstances. After recovery Limo was cleared nd he went home and he completely changed his behaviour as he swore to never ever join bad groups.
This was a great blow to the people who knew him and they too had a story to tell others who went astray as Limo.
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