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Daily Flash Fiction 4/29/21 W/C 297
Bear in the Woods

The trail led me up a rise to a bald on a mountain top. Finally. I shrugged off the pack and fell to a log to rest.

“Don’t tell anyone you saw me,” stated a voice behind me. I jumped up and around to see a bear. A big black bear. “See, I’m trying to avoid this one guy. He is set on taking my picture. Like no one has ever seen a bear in the woods. Come on. Get real.” The bear sat beside me.

I am speechless.

“He’s looking for a Urus Horribilis.”

Still speechless. After all, there’s a bear talking to me.

“You know, grizzly bear. That’s what he thinks I am. I’m a Ursus Americanus, a plain old black bear.”

For a few long moments, the bear and I sit beside each other.

“Don’t worry, I won’t eat you. I just had some berries. Some mushrooms. And a few mice. Unless you have some cheese. I do so love cheese.”

Black bear sniffed around my pack where I did indeed have some string cheese.

“Mister, you’re holding out on me. Hand it over,” bear stated emphatically.

“Sorry, I’m still shaken up by the fact you’re speaking to me.”

Soon we’re sharing the rest of my string cheese, just like two tired travelers at the top of the summit.

“Well, time to shove off. Remember, don’t tell anyone you saw me,” said Ursus Americanus. The bear ambled off into the woods.

I put my pack on, started down the path. I soon came upon a hiker with a Canon around his neck.

“Did you see a bear come through here? A big black griz?”

“Hmm. Let’s see. I’ve been here for a spell.” I scratched my head. “Nope. No griz.”

W/C 297

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