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An ode to the ocean.

The ocean is a beast of many shores,
That ravages in tempest what it will;
Its agelessness brings thoughts of days of yore,
To see it is to feel it, what a thrill!

The mighty waves have conquered every coast,
And land must submit to each whim of tide;
Reign over Earth the ocean sole can boast,
Since most the surface under water hides.

A ship must sail in deference to all,
That constitues the ocean's complex form;
Each sailor must take every care to hold,
His pride in check, or else he is forlorn.

Let no man forget just how small he is,
When meeting Nature's forces on his own;
Should he forget to heed advice of this,
Upon a beach in tatters he'll be thrown.

Despite the savage beast the deep blue sea,
Can be if people do not fear its might,
It also can be beautiful to see,
And with its beauty dispell all the fright.

When walking along beaches on the shore,
The ocean's brine will float from sea to air,
To entice those who walk to dream for more,
Than promises that salty winds may bear.

An ocean breeze caressed against a cheek,
Can be so soothing to a human soul,
That even shrill cries from a seagull's beak,
Will sound like music sweet, and make you whole.

In Ocean's caress man's been led to dream,
And lose himself, since time itself began,
While other times the sea will simply stream,
Right through a mind and body, soothing man.

The greatest marvel of this ragged Earth,
Is undulating blue from coast to coast;
The giant's power gently soothing hurt,
Must be what we can marvel at the most.

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