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by Brown
Rated: E · Novella · Other · #2249507
A unknown virus affects young girls to grow gigantic.
In this day and age,there exists a unknown type of virus that specializes in creating growth formulas that can affect certain plant or animal life somewhere in the U.S.

Originally this unknown virus only affected certain plants and small lab animals but soon enough began to slowly affect young girls from ages 14 to their late teens who it turned out,were all too eager to become towering,50 foot,60 foot heck,even well over 100 feet giantesses,often once enlarged to gigantic sizes,they were either fully clothed,half-clothed(wearing a swimsuit or bikini) or even would roam around completely naked! And depending on their out-going personality and state of mind,would be completely innocent,not wanting to cause too much damage to the tiny people or cities they came across or a bit too rambunctious and wind up,causing a bit more destruction than they usually intended but,up to this point,none of the towering teenage Godzilla sized beauties were too evil or destructive and just wished to merely be normal again,which is where our present story begins.

In the City By The Bay known as San Francisco,a city not yet hit or visited by one of these towering giantesses,the people were going about their daily lives when all of a sudden there came a few tremors far out in the distance but most of the crowds milling around,simply ignored them as there were tremors,big and small in the coast of California. all the time but what wasn't at all common were the two massive shadows,blocking out the sun as the tremors got closer and closer and several people shielded their eyes and screamed a one pair of gigantic feet then another pair appeared out of nowhere.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH....Gigantic monsters!" One guy,pointing up,screamed as the first of the two girls,a very pretty 15 year old named Amy and her friend Heather both looked bewildered and awed at just how small everything seemed.

"Oh My gosh....look at how tiny everything is!" The second girl Heather,who had straight brown hair and was dressed in a green revealing bikini exclaimed,breathlessly.

"I know right? Yet,it's only been a few days since we both came to be this massive size...and we certainly don't want to cause anymore harm or destruction...but still,I'm popped,man am I so tired of simply wandering around from place to place!" The first girl Amy who had curly blonde hair sighed as sdhe was also dressed in a blue,revealing bikini and was quite the looker at only 15.

Meanwhile on the ground,hundreds of ant sized people still still in dire shock at what they were witnessing!

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Giant Monsters From Space!"

"No,dolt,they're just two regular teenage girls grown to gigantic size!"

"But still,everybody run!" As people were quickly panicking,running blindly up the streets,leaping and climbing over each other,driving off like maniacs once they reached their cars or just standing there,jaw dropped at the two nearly 70 foot girls who stood there,blankly and did nothing at all.

"Of course this had to happen..." Heather whispered drily. "Like it usually does."

Nonetheless,as the crowds of citizens continued to run and scream down the streets,both gigantic girls exchanged mischievous grins and thought the exact same thing:

"This is going to be fun....." Heather whispered from the corner of her lips.

"Y-you mean..we're going to start crushing things and squashing buildings?" Amy asked,looking terrified at her friend.

"No,no not the people themselves,just a few buildings and some objects. You know cars,mailboxes...things like that!" Heather gave her a small wink which Amy quickly understood,nodding.

"Yeah! I get it! Okaaaayyyyy...this is going to be sooo much fun!"

"Shall we get started then?' Heather asked,as she slowly raised one massive foot,the size of a SUV!

"Did you really need to ask that question?" Amy giggled.

And with that,both girls began playfully,stomping down the street which were narrow enough but also stuffed with panicking men and women who screamed in fright but amazingly,both girls narrowly avoided stepping on each and everyone of them and chose to stomp various empty cars,small mailboxes,abandoned office buildings etc into powder,scrap metal.....

Following her fourth stomp of a truck,Heather stopped suddenly,looking slightly peeved.

"What's wrong?" Amy stopped as well.

"Th-this is boring just stomping around!" Heather moaned as the people breathed a sigh of relief,finally the two monsters ceased their destruction!

"That's the point right,to cause destruction? Isn't that why we're giant in the first place?"

"Yeah...but I was hoping we could do something more worthw......." Heather started but was startled by even more strange stomping that shook everything,even the two girls for miles!

"Huh? D-did you hear that?"

"Sure did! Wonder what's going on?" Amy asked,looking around the two girls as well as the tiny citizens got their answer as in a series of even more stomping,there appeared two new girls,with black and red hair and dressed in a pink and surprisingly purple bikinis,smiling sunnily.

"Hi!" The red haired one said,breathlessly as the crowds below groaned in utter defeat and some people even fainted in response at these two new menaces but no one paid them any mind.

"Ummmm,who are you two?" Asked Amy curiously.

"Natalie...and Ashley here like you two,we also grew gigantic a few days ago! And after some sightseeing and a bit of accidental destruction on my part mostly,we wound up here in San Francisco.....Boy is it so awesome being really big like this!" The first girl Natalie confessed.

"So what should the four of us do now?" Heather asked after the introductions were done.

Looking down at the still terrified people at their feet,all four were thinking the same thing:More Playfully Rampaging!


As the four gigantic teenage girls looked down,smiling at the tiny city as all the people moaned.

"Oh boy,it's going to be one of these days!" One man muttered as the crowds set to begin running again,Ashely,the new girl with red hair,slowly stepped forward,her left foot crushing a nearby car and with her left bare shoulder,she sent part of a nearby roof crumpling to the ground,showering the already terrified crowds into even more of a frenzy!

"Ohhhh,how fun.....my turn!" Amy giggled as she trotted forward and playfully,sent powerful tremors through the ground as the other two girls quickly reached into a few buildings,grabbing hold of a crowd of tiny people,screaming and squirming for their lives!

"Hahahaha.....Hi little people! My,my are you all sooooooo cute!" Cooed Heather as she thrusted one boy towards her massive face.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Please don't hurt me!" He shrieked,utterly terrified only for her to aimlessly giggle.

"Ohh,I'm not going to hurt you cute boy! I'm just going to....." As she brought him even closer and....

*Smoooooooccccchhhhh!* Kissed the tiny boy like no tomorrow as Natalie also giggled and then walked over to join the two other girls who were in the fun process of playfully stomping downtown SF.

As the people,some of them dead tired of running and scared to death of what any or all of these gigantic girls could possibly do to them,one of them pointed upwards.

"Ahhhhhhhh.... Everyone,They're coming this way!!" As indeed,all four 70 foot girls were slowly making their way towards the crowds but much to their horror and surprise,all four simply stepped over all people and made their way towards a ice cream factory??

As Amy,Heather plus the two new girls,Natalie and Ashley made their way towards the downtown of the city,their stomaches started to rumble as they discussed among themselves what to eat.

"Burgers? Pizza? Tacos?" Heather suggested.

"Nah...too messy!" Ashley moaned.

"Ohhh,look a ice cream factory! Look down there!" Natalie shrieked merrily.

As they noticed the huge factory stuffed with hundreds of gooey sweet frozen milk.

"MMMMMMMM........" All four moaned hungrily as they made their way towards there,ignoring the crowds along the way.

BOOOOM,BOOOM,BOOOOOM! The earth-shaking footsteps sent car alarms echoing like crazy and cracks to appear all over the ground,causing people nearby to scream and book it for the nearest building or their house but once gain,all four girls paid no mind,only aiming for the huge ice cream factory,standing in the middle of the street.

"MMMMmmm..look at all the delicious ice cream!" Heather said,licking her lips.

"Yeah so many flavors!" Commented Natalie once all four giantesses reached their destination,the first two girls,slowly reached down,easily pulling off the roof and slowly dropped it to the ground and the four began plucking up numerous gooey tons of ice cream,both in cones and by the barrels,stuffing it all down their throats until they were completely stuffed.

"Man was that good!" Amy moaned,rubbing her bare belly as as the other girls nodded,also stuffed.

"I never thought ice cream was so good!" Ashley said,until she felt something bubbling up deep from the pits of her stomach,making it way up towards her throat until....

"BUUURRRRRRRPPP!" The teenage girl's loud,long cracking belch sent several cars flying into the air and even more cracks through the ground,also windows upon building tops exploded,the burp only lasted a few seconds but for the people,it felt like hours as they screamed in pain and utter fear.

"Ohhh,E-excuse me!" The girl blushed brightly,looking at her friends as she slapped one hand over her mouth.

"Well that was...." Natalie giggled.

"Unladylike..." Ashley palm-faced herself.

"I was going to say,utterly hilarious!" She said,still giggling.

"Hilarious? Look at all the destruction!" Amy gasped,pointing.

"Whoa,you think anyone other than the tiny people will notice?" Heather whispered.

But before anyone could answer,there was a loud rumbling as the four giantesses gasped as huge tanks and aircraft flew into the air.

"Uh-oh!" All girls whispered as the first of the tanks stopped and a old aged general jumped out of the tank.

"Attention monsters,this is the U.S. Army,Surrender immediately or we'll be forced to..." He spoke through a megaphone.

"We know the drill sir,we have seen enough Godzilla movies!" Heather rolled her eyes.

"Then you all will surrender peacefully then?" The general asked.

"Ummm....." Natalie thought but Amy having enough,spoke out angrily. as these military guys were spoiling their fun!

"Like heck,girls I think it's time we show these bozos whose really in charge here!" As she slowly raised her foot but this was clearly a sign for the army to act.

"If that's your response,this is mine: All TANKS.PLANES,PREPARE TO FIRE!!"

"Now you've done it! We're done for!" Ashley moaned as the planes flew right at them and the tanks immediately started firing.....

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