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A bird in my fantasy world on World Anvil. I'd love feedback on where to improve.
This bird is known by three different names, depending on the race. Found all over in forests, this bird helps control the Silver-tailed Darter and Ram Borer populations while acting as food for the Wisteria Quail and Greywolf Hound. Humans typically view these birds as a nuisance and kill any that come near the houses, often tossing the body to a Quetzal Jackal as a treat.

Four wings
Two eyes
Two legs

Male Xanadu Cassowarys are a brilliant blue with black on the bottom half of their wings.
Females of this species are much less colorful, but have more colors than the males. The females are mostly brown with a thin blue stripe halfway down their wings and black below that. They also have blue on the tip of their tail and on the crest atop their head.

Genetics & Reproduction:
Mature males build nests starting in late Bay season. Females choose the best nest in mid Pine season. Couples are mated for the season. Eggs are laid at the change from Pine to Orchid season and hatch by mid Cherry season. By the start of Bey season, the hatchlings are flying and on their own. They grow quickly and reach sexual maturity at one year, allowing them to build or choose their nest and mate for the next breeding season.

Ecology & Habitat:
The Xanadu Cassowary prefers to stay in the tree tops, but occasionally visits the forest floor. While rarely seen in cities, their loud call can be heard if the city is within one week's travel from the forest.

Dietary Needs & Habits:
The Xanadu Cassowary hibernates during the Orchid season while sitting on its eggs. Mature males build their nests in tree hollows, only going to collect and store food once a female has chosen their nest. Often, these hollows are old dens for Silver-tailed Darters.

5 years

Average Height:
Sixteen inches tall

Average Weight:
Five pounds

Average Length:
Nine inches long with tail
Fourteen inches with tail

Twenty inches

It is impossible to domesticate these birds. If caged, they fly into the bars until they die.

Uses, Products, & Exploitation:
While not useful to humans, the elves of Gulonde find these birds extremely useful in keeping the squirrel population under control and out of their food stores.

Geographic Origin & Distribution:
Found in all forests around Inyarel.

Low intelligence but territorial. They attack anything that comes near their nest, sometimes becoming food due to the attack.

Perception & Sensory Capabilities:
Forage on bushes and trees using memory, hunt squirrels by sight.

Names & Aliases:
Humans call these birds Pointer Finches.
Elves call them Flamifoutus.
Hybrids know them as the Xanadu Cassowary.
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