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Activities and Doings For May
So Here It Is May Already! Happy Beltane Day!

There's quite a bit of "stuff" going on here on WdC, so be sure to check out the Community Newsfeed to see it all;

You Have To Click on "*Globe* View the Community Newsfeed" to get there, remember — the default is to your Personal Newsfeed. You Might Miss Something!!

Somethings I want to point out in particular;

Over at "The Dreamweaver Lounge Round 10 of the Anthology Project has presented itself for your writing pleasure.

         This rounds prompts;

                   THE CHARACTER: A person who will do whatever it takes.
                   THE SITUATION: He or she is spending the night alone... except for the presence of a large wild animal.

You can read the particulars here "Anthology Project, Round 10"  , blimprider is waiting for your entries!

You must be a member to enter, just leave a note in the Forum, tell them Richard ~ Mending Well!! sent you and you're in! If you are the shy sort, click on the envelope in my handle and drop me a line, I'll sneak you in!

Next Up?

Something we all should do more of — REVIEWING!! Do you need some extra incentive?

Well, Here's A Some Great Incentives!

Who Doesn't Like Merit Badges?

Shaye💻 has a deal for you.

Do 15 quality reviews in a genre of your choice and earn a Merit Badge for that genre.

Go to "Earn Your Badge! - Closed for more information, including the rules, and start your quest!

Looking for more? Check Out;

Santa Sum1's "Anniversary Reviews, another place to "leverage" your reviews.

While we're on the subject, another way to have fun with reviews is to join a Review Group, there are many on WdC, and almost all of them have some form of incentive as part of their "thing". My personal favorite is;

Superpower Reviewers HUB  (E)
Chat and Check what's happening!
#1778856 by eyestar~

Monthly Incentives — And "OH MY" Those Raids!!

A special note, all of these reviewing activities allow "crossover postings", allowing you to reap multiple rewards, just be sure to follow the rules for all!!

Last But Not Least;

If you'd like to kick start your bloggin' and have a bit o' fun doing it, join us over at;

Andre The Blog Monkey's Banana Bar  (18+)
It's a cyber bar owned by an imaginary monkey and operated by his minions.
#1985857 by Brother Nature

We are going on a 5-Day Western Caribbean Cruise with Andre! The cruise sails from May 17 - 21, so you have plenty of time to sign on and get your tickets.

That's it for today — let's see — Am I Forgetting Something?


Here is Trinket # 1 for May '21!

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