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A different take on Jack & The Beanstalk
Jack and his mother lived deep in the wood
(with Hansel & Gretel and Red Riding Hood)
Hungry and poor, they decided their cow
was the last hope for money - they needed some now!

Jack took the heifer to market to sell
(though he sure didn't know how to haggle so well)
He returned with a frown and a handful of beans
he was told they were magic - whatever that means!

His mom yelled at Jack, threw the beans out the door,
their hunger pangs growing too strong to ignore.
She cooked their last meal and they went off to bed
and visions of sugarplums danced in Jack's head.

The next day, imagine their shock and surprise
when a beanstalk stood reaching up into the skies!
Jack grabbed a knapsack and started to climb;
once up in the clouds, he lost track of the time.

He got to the top and he looked all around,
trying to locate the source of a sound -
a clinking, a clanking, a spoon on a glass
a whisper of wind through an ocean of grass...

Turning, he saw what had made all the noise:
A family! (A mother, a dad, and two boys)
dressed for a picnic, relaxed on a cloud
eating and drinking - and laughing out loud.

Welcome! They called when they noticed him there
He gulped and walked over, and tried not to stare
at the food - all that food! and more people about
Then he noticed their wings and he knew with no doubt

that these "people" were angels, vacationing here;
how he happened to find them it wasn't quite clear.
They helped him fly down with some drink and some food
to give to his mother and brighten her mood.

They brought her some chickens - and even a cow
They planted an acre of corn (don't ask how)
They fixed her an orchard of apples and pears,
abolishing all of her worries and cares -

then, bowing, they left in a fiery flash;
the beanstalk reduced to a pile of ash.
The story was changed to protect their new friends
but the secret is out - now you know how it ends!

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