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Dialogue only, 498 words. Two elderly friends talk on a park bench.
“Hey up, Mick, budge up old boy”

“Oh sorry, Jim, there you are”

“Ah, taken old Jasper for a walk I see”

“Something like that...”

“Are you crying? What on Earth is the matter man?”

“It’s...It’s Jasper...”

“What about the flaming dog?”

“This...is...I can’t say it...”

“Take your time Mick, I am not going anywhere anytime soon, just take your time”

“After losing Margaret last year, I just can’t go through this again!”

“You silly sod, what’s got you so worked up, he’s fine. Look at him, head on the grass watching the ducks swim by. Not a care in the World”

“I wish that were true, Jim, I really do. We’ve come from the vets, and he’s in so much pain”

“You, me, and Jasper are no spring chickens, goodness knows the amount of pain I go through getting out of bloody bed. If I end up in one of the homes, they’ll think I’m a right silly sod in the morning. So have they given him painkillers? This worrying put the fear of God into you?”

“This...this will be his last walk, Jim”

“That’s a bit flipping morbid, it’s not like you’re about to have him put...oh!”

“Yes...that’s right. Put down. His organs are failing him, the poor boy is in pain every damn second of every damn day”

“Saying that Mick, he must be getting on a bit, truth be told I am surprised this old chap has lasted this long. How old is he?”

“Sixteen, sixteen a couple months ago”

“There we go, Spaniels last what? Probably twelve years you reckon? I think this little man has done you proud”

“More than you’ll ever know, Jim”

“It pains me to say it, Mick, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. None of us are going to last forever. He’s had a good inning, you should take a lot of comfort in that”

“When Margaret passed away, I felt so alone, never felt that way in all my life. Then Jasper plants himself by my side at every opportunity, reminding me that I’m not. Now look at us, I am going to be alone aren’t I?”
“It’s not easy, Mick, nothing in this life is easy. I am certain wherever Margaret is now, that is where old Jasper is going to go, and the pair of them will be waiting for your time. Mark my words Mickey boy!”

“I want to believe that, I really do!”

“Come on, let me come with you and Jasper to the vets. We can both see him off together, I’ve grown very fond of this scallywag over the years.”

“Anytime this morning, the vet said to take as long as we need...”

“And that’s what we will do. Don’t worry Jasper, I’ll take good care of him until your together again. Mark my...”


“Mick, what’s going on?”


“Mick! Hey Mick! Wake up!”


“Don’t you die on me, I’m going for help!”
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