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Earth's complain to god about her misuse.
“I can shake, shudder, make mountains spew fire or make towers of water rise from the ocean, but is that what you want me to do ? “
“No mother earth, please don’t. “
“Each day I only feel more and more suffocated. ”
“I can see that mother, Its really painful to see how the air, water and ground are getting polluted.”
“Your children have become so selfish.”
“They are just getting greedy mother earth, I can see why you feel they are selfish.”
“Let them know that they need to stop ignoring me , otherwise I will have to ignore their welfare.
“You are a generous and forgiving mother, please don’t get angry at them.They are ignorant, but they will learn soon.”
“Ignorant ? I don't know about that. You have given them such high thinking power that they question your existence.”
“Yes mother earth, but without the ability to think and question how will they come back to me ?”
“I don’t know what you have planned for them, but I warn you one last time. If they don’t stop misusing me, I will not keep quiet for long.”
“No mother earth, they will soon start treating you with a lot more respect, just give them some more time.”
“I don't see you doing anything to make them realize anything. How do I believe you?”
“They have already created havoc for themselves with their own greed and thoughtless acts, soon they will create more such situations making them realize their vulnerability in front of you.”
“So you mean their sufferings will be the only way for them to learn?”
“Yes mother, please be patient till they learn from their mistakes.”
“If you say so, but my patience is wearing thin so and I don't when will I lose it.”
“Yes mother”

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