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I’m twisting reality, with enchanted melodies.
I’m twisting reality,
with enchanted melodies.
I’m competent, building a monument with confident and causing love to feel jealousy.
‘Bout to catch a felony,
from crafting poetry.
Call it a trilogy;
performing diligently.
I’m a smooth poet, rate me, intelligently.
I’m bewitch, turning cats to lions, making the viewer seasick, deliberately.
Better back off me or find yourself lost, located, floating in the sea.
Causing people to hit rock-bottom,
Out of nowhere, start picking cottons.
Beautiful doctrine, can be sold in an auction.
Who you’re hating?
Who you’re loving?
For Every last one of them, I’m marking.
While Marketing them and Loving them.
A chance to take millions.
If anyone dare to try to stop me, I’m killing them.
Filling them with razor blades.
I will never fade.
I rhyme with cautious.
Every lines are flawless.
From nothing to reaching marvelous.
I’m like a farmer, I plant magical seed for later to harvest.
Haven audience saying he’s awesome.
My actions and words speaking in high volumes.
Try to throw shade at me, I’ll swallow them.
I’m doing this all for the fame and fortune.

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