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A Shrinking/GTS superhero story
The Titanics! The Greatest superhero team in Ultropolis! Led by Bluebird, these unstoppable powerhouses protect the city from the likes of Dr Diminish and her legion of evil!

Bluebird, high flying, sonic screeching heroine and the leader of this powerful group. While she can be demanding of her team, she is the respected leader of this group.

Demigoddess, former sidekick of War Goddess and an incredibly well trained fighter, as well as arguably the groups powerhouse player.

She-Beast, The other contender for “most powerful team member”, this 7’5” red skin monster of a fighter can rip through titanium like paper. Do not make her angry.

Quickstep, fastest girl (and mouth) alive, she’ll save the day before you even know its in jeopardy…

And last but not least, Dwarfstar, the pintsized powerhouse. By compressing his mass to a mere one inch, he becomes nigh invulnerable and strong enough to take down enemies hundreds of times his si-

Bluebird turns off the television in the middle of the last description.

“What the heck Blue I wanted to hear that!” The aforementioned Dwarfstar, currently in his inch tall height and sitting atop the coffee table in the break room of Titanic tower turns to his boss somewhat angrily.

“You’re supposed to be on monitor duty.”

Dwarf rolled his eyes at this. “Oh come on, I’ve been on monitor duty for the last seven months. We’ve got an AI for that. Right ARCHIVE?”


“ARCHIVE stay out of this.” Bluebird rubbed her forehead, frustrated. “You want to stay on the team, right?”

“Oh not this again. I have one little mishap and suddenly I’m a field liabilit-“

“Its not a Little anything Dwarfstar, you lost you invulnerability, superstrength, and your ability to get back to your full size.”

“As soon as that doohickey Dr Diminish used on me wears off I’ll be back to normal and you know it!”

“And until that happens you’re a reserve member, which means Monitor duty. Or whatever job I tell you to do.”

“This is bulls-“

“Or do you want me to have She-Beast explain this to you again”

“No no no I get your point. Going back to monitor duty!” Dwarfstar suddenly felt the urge to make a run for the Monitor room while the blue-cloaked banshee watched.


“Nothing” Dwarfstar swipes his hand to the left, changing what security feed he’s watching. “Nothing. Nothing…Oh look, a whole lot of nothing.”

The door swings open as Demigoddess entered the monitor room, only half awake. The muscular, blond Olympian had just pulled night patrol and, having a bit of an issue towards actually resting enough, didn’t bother getting more than an hour of sleep…meaning she was far too out of it to notice…

“Oh hey De-“ Dwarfstar’s eyes went wide as his teammate came crashing down atop him, her ass hitting him harder than any villain he had ever fought. (Though that may just be because he was invulnerable back then) and pinning him to the chair as Demigoddess sat down and dozed off to the muffled protests of the team’s former powerhouse pinned beneath her posterior.

~~Seven. Hours. Later.~~

“Demi.” The red skinned behemoth known as She-Beast poked her friend. “Demi wake up”

“Huh. Wha-Oh.” Demigoddess yawns as she stretched in the seat. “Sorry must of…dozed off there. What’s up Beasty”

“You seen Dwarfstar? Bluebird said he was supposed to be on monitor duty”

“No. No he was in here wh-“ The young immortal suddenly blushed as she felt something under her. “Oh. Uh…”

Demi finally stood up…and revealed the miniscule hero stuck firmly to her ass…and currently unconscious.

“Jeez…looks like he’s still breathing at least”

“Please just peel him off.”
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