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Rated: E · Chapter · Drama · #2249707
A story about an Empress of worlds who catapulted to her lowest self due to jealousy.
An Excerpt from the Novel When it all Comes Down
Chapter 1
From the deep churning milky waters I came up and thenceforth proceeded to dance. Every step I made diadems emitted from my feet like tender petals of a rose surrounding me. As much as I was mesmerized by the beautiful phenomenon occurring before me caused by my dancing, the feeling of being incomplete lodged with me. I was then gripped by a powerful emotion, much like a rhythmic ocean of endless creativity together with a jolt of electrical unrequited love which surged through my being. This then worked as a trigger, having the effect of my arms automatically going up at my sides and extending outwards thus my outer contour was that of a pentagram. Slowly but precisely I began pivoting to the right while one of my feet remained planted, never moving from where it was. My head involuntarily yet gently snapped back so that as I made my revolution my eyes continued to observe the diadems as they floated upwards and disappeared into oblivion. Pausing, I brought my head forward on completing that first revolution. My gaze immediately fell upon a form so majestically superior looking at me through pools of eternity. I experienced a spasmodic jolt and ceased right where I was in my own revolution of self-discovery before me stood celestial grandeur in its purest and most excellent form and I became as one emaciated with awe so astonished by such a presence. Automatically my eyes closed and I felt myself falling even crumbling to my knees, prostrating with one hand outstretched before me and the other clutching my chest. Quite suddenly I felt enveloped by a pleasant aroma, my eyes were then given the cause to spring open to behold a hand reaching out then holding on to my clutched fist for He must have perceived my overwhelming pleasure caused by the sight of Him. This was pure adoration on my part and I felt the sweet sensation of unadulterated love imparted to me. Raising me up to stand before Him, not a word was uttered except for our stares that expressed all the words which were not said. Caressing His face with my eyes, there before me was radiance and I knew right away that this feeling could never be found anywhere else for in His eyes one was greeted with the ocean waters of life itself and beyond that a gated vortex where one would fall into boundless swirls of starry lights which were endless. Enchanted and delighted is how I felt going into His inner secret vault a place I felt very comfortable entering into. Then just as the ocean regurgitates all that is within her I felt myself gently being ushered out of that place within His being. Unaware of a thing called time we stood there exchanging thoughts, aspirations, and intentions visually without uttering a word. Thus, I knew the things I was allowed to discover were entirely desirable and genuinely it would be available to me for eternity. I felt like I needed some time to process the things learned, but there He was guiding me into the revolutions of my discovery of self, and this time my understanding of it all was complete because of his presence and the great bond we had formed. Six times we rotated so that I would gain knowledge of the substances for natural creation and through it, all our eyes never fell off each other. This seemed to be at that time so much more fulfilling than doing it all alone. Thenceforth I understood my purpose and what I meant to Him, that being the very reason I came forth. As if in acknowledgment of our inaugural partnership a blissfully brilliant light surrounded us then quickly busted forth continuously chasing away the darkness as far as the eyes can behold. Now, I heard His voice. Upon hearing his speech, it was then that I became aware that I must also harbour this ability. Just then this also became quite apparent to me, the fact that all and everything about Him was awesome and altogether delightful. Like a song, his speech came unto me. He said words that would translate to this meaning "Forever and undying affection you have with me. For there can be no other companion I will ever have in all the worlds to come but you. There can only be you Beloved." And with that utterance I felt a separation of our cosmos from whatever else there was; that being darkness.

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