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by Norman
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Without those thumbs you wonder how those animals get by
We people are just animals,
no better than the rest.
Without these handy-dandy thumbs
we wouldn’t be the best.
You think that that is just a joke?
Then take this little test.
Duct tape your thumbs against your palms;
just do as I suggest.

Now go about your busy day.
Let’s see how smart you are.
I think you’ll find out soon enough
you won’t get very far.
So go ahead; give it a shot.
Now open up that jar.
Some simple things will seem complex,
like driving in your car.

And try to pick up anything.
Sure, just give it a try.
It won’t be long ‘til you give up
and you might even cry.
Without those thumbs you wonder how
those animals get by.
You know that you would not last long;
you’d simply starve and die.

So don’t feel so superior
when you stroll through the zoo.
Just think of what those beasts could do
if they had thumbs like you.
And some are laughing at you now
and shaking their heads too.
You taped your thumbs down to your hands,
so just how smart are you?

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