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by Bob
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Fledgling writer finds a thin yellow hard back book that inspires him to write.
Many years ago wife and I were perusing the inventory of a country junk store called ,'Bargains R us'. In a back room I found bins full of hard backed books the proprietor had purchased from a book store closing it's doors. Wife and I are avid reader so I was pouring over the inventory when I spied a thin but large bright yellow hard back. Snatching it up to read the spine I was surprised to find 'Maybe You Should Write a Novel' shining there. It was written by an editor of a publishing house and I devoured its contents with relish.
Now this was in the days before there was a flood of self published books on the market, so this editor (can't remember his name, sorry) was bemoaning the lack of good books being offered each year by the publishing industry. He gave informative information of what happens when an author, novice or not, hits upon a tremendous idea that catches the imagination of the masses.
The author he used as an example was Mister Peter Benchley and how he rose from obscurity to national fame by writing 'Jaws' and all the subsequent follow up novels. At the time of the publishing of the little yellow book, Benchley had earned in excess of eight million dollars on the Jaws novel and movie. This was quite some time ago so my numbers may not be exact.
My only child grew up to be a teacher and teaches private high school students, so when I finished this inspiring book I passed it on to her so she could expose her high school age students to it. That being said I should have been exposed to such a book back when I was that age. I am sure it would have changed my life at an earlier date.
The word processors we have today and helps like wdc in the internet should be producing a plethora of new writers.
From the day I finished 'Maybe You Should write a Novel', I have been writing to some degree ever since.
I did a search on the internet and found, 'Maybe you should write a book' As I am older my memory may have slipped about the title. None the less it was an inspiring read for a wanna be writer.
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