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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2249834
Two immortal souls left their old life to find it anew by love and the dangers it reveals.
         Through the centuries there have been tales of mythical creatures. Many of the stories are about their elegant beauty, graceful motions and poses, and courageous demeanor in battle, but the stories began to spread fast and as grand in stature as they were. The stories changed the lives of a few groups and some creatures were becoming dangerous in those days. The danger they brought where driven by fear and hate people had toward them so the creatures took what they pleased causing fear to build more in the villages about their kind.

         Time had passed and these immortal creatures have been killed by nonbelievers or by those looking for price or fame. All the magic that filled the land in such beauty and perfection began to dim gradually throughout the years except two. Centuries pass till the ruins of Dorset and the Wrye Forest begin to show two spots of interest to this new scientific world. Both showed signs of life during times of cold and dark as if they were the only places to have milder weather. This has brought people who are searching for the cause of this to understand scientifically how this could be. To their ignorance they find nothing as they wonder about with their test equipment and study every possibility and still they cannot find the reason.

         The missing reason at Dorset is a strong black dragon living deep in the ruin castle with the warmth of the earth. His name is Ozden and he is the last of his kind. He hunts at night like any other but never takes more than he needs and longs for the days when knights lived and fought for valor and honor. Deep in the ruin he stayed watching as the people just walked by not even noticing. With a confused look Ozden smirked as he could not believe they could not see him lying there near the wall. As the last of the group left he sits up and stares at his claws.

"Do people no longer believe?"

This gave Ozden an idea as he looks toward the stairs. "Maybe it is time to live out from the shadows."

His home is no longer free from people so with a deep breath and a long puff of dark gray smoke he becomes consumed from head to toe. Blanketed by it he slowly steps out looking like a young strong man with dark red eyes. Seeing his new form he feels the new texture of his muscles and hair of his built physic and dark black wild hair. Cautiously emerging from the castle in his new bare form he looks around to the world before him. The air chilled his openly flesh body a bit as he wonders bush to bush for coverings. Coming to a campsite nearby he sees clothes campers had left out on branches. Grabbing them in the dark he takes a shirt and pants and continues walking down a path towards the moon to find the nearest town. Ozden embarks on his new journey to start his immortal life alone.

         That same night the Wrye Forest has grown in popularity for tourist to camp and fish. People have been seen throughout the forest unaware of the beauty that lives there. A unicorn named Kari has watched over this forest and protected it for years healing creatures that came to her. Now all she sees around her are people more than the animals she cared for. Moving about she sees they no longer notice her presence as if she is a ghost. She watches people wonder into their tents for the night and looks up at the moon.

"I am forgotten and the last. There is no place for me here now."

Turning away from the tents and going behind several trees the moonlight glistens on her mane till she stops and reaches from behind a tree with a human arm to grab a blouse and pants. Kari continues with her long hair still shinning in the moonlight and a birth mark where her horn would be. Both leave shedding who they once were behind to go live out among the world.

         Several years go by and the Brightens High School is about to start a new year. Every year starts the same with students running flooding the courtyard to find old friends, laughter, and screams from the girls across the courtyard echo their excitement. A young man with red hair and brown eyes carrying a duffle bag starts to hauler from the left of the courtyard near the dorms out in to the crowd.

"Hey man over here!" He waves his free arm high above him like a monkey trying to flag a friend over.

Near the center of the courtyard a tall man with black wild hair, earrings, and necklaces turns his head to the voice calling behind him. His smirk picks up his cigarette as he recognizes his old friend. Looking down he tosses the cigarette to the ground and stomps it out, but picks it back up to walk it to the trash along his path toward his classmate. Passing everyone across the courtyard the girls watch him, the mysterious bad boy at school walk toward the dorms.

         One girl standing with her friend at the track sign up stand sees him go by and tugs her friends arm.
"Look there is Matt's roommate. How about going out with him? I can set you up."

Her friend with long blonde hair and blue eyes had just finished signing the sheet to put down the pen and turned around.
"Kana I am going to be too busy with track to deal with romance."

Sighing Kana shakes her head. "Kari you are missing out in life girl. This is senior year. Who knows if we will have time for love after we start working?"

Kari laughs at Kana since that seems to be all she thinks about as Kana stares at Matt.

         Making it up to his excitedly hyper friend he nods. "What's up Matt?"
His friend says as he greets Matt with a hand slap and hug.

"I just checked out the dorm number this year and it looks like we are roomies again. It will be fun like usual. Who knows maybe you will find a girlfriend this year?" Matt says grinning slyly.

His friend lightly pushes his shoulder. "What are you talking about? I don't have time for girls." He helps Matt with his duffle bag. "Come on my stuff is already in the room. Let's get your stuff in there before you lose it."

Laughing Matt follows him. "You're just saying that because you know I'm right about you needing a girl. Wait a minute! I don't lose things! Oz quit making fun of me!"

Oz keeps walking. "I'm not making fun. You do lose things."

Matt gets frustrated. "Ohh I don't lose them I just forget where I put them that's all."
Oz chuckles a little. "Right..."

         All the buzzing from this afternoon finally starts to settle down some as night begins to fall. The next day the classes fill them with textbooks and test till they reach their end for dismissal. Kari goes to track feeling a freedom in it like an old time memory. Kana watches Kari from the bleachers to cheer her friend on between endless pages of reports she has to write. Meanwhile Matt plays video games in the dorm as Oz grabs his workout bag.

"I'll see you later Matt."

Matt mumbles at his game before answering. "Yeah, ok."

Oz smiles to his friends distracted answer while leaving, as he walks up to the gates Oz passes his phone across a digital pad on the brick wall to open the gate. It beeps and the bar doors swing open as he leaves the school grounds. A month goes by and the weather begins to get slightly cooler and rain starts coming in more often.

         One late evening thunder begins to get closer as Oz leaves his dorm building. A little lightning flashes as Kari and Kana run to the girl's dorm building. He pauses a second as another flash catches his eyes and a faint glow surrounds Kari. Seeing a building light right after she passes he brushed it off as a trick to his sight.
         In between days that she has practice Kari will go jogging on her own outside of school. Heading to the gate she sees Oz open the gate and leave. Arriving moments later she swipes her phone to leave. Not paying any attention she plays her music and runs around town for a while. Looking at her watch she sees it is eight o'clock and feels a bit hungry. To the right of her is a burger joint that looked good so Kari heads over and takes a seat at a far booth with her back to the door.

"What will you have sweetie?" The waitress said.

"Give me a bacon cheese burger with pickles and fries and a chocolate shake." Kari answers.

Smiling the waitress takes the menu. "You got it."

Sitting there Kari eats as Oz comes in and sits at the bar and orders a double burger and fries. Enjoying their meals in peace they finish around the same time. Oz leaves out the door first and looks around and lights his cigarette before he starts walking. Just as he settles his bag on his shoulder Kari leaves putting in her headphones and starts running in the direction Oz was about to go.

"There is that girl again. Huh." Oz notices and continues back to school watching his surroundings.

         A few days later Kana sits on the bleachers talking to Kari. "I know you don't seem interested but trust me you need love in your life."

Kari sighs deeply. "Kana I just don't know. I'm happy with my life as it is."

Which was true but she felt a slight emptiness from time to time. Kana goes to sit beside Kari. "Look Matt has asked me out to watch a movie in his dorm and thought maybe you could come too for his friend Oz."

Kari looked at Kana all wide eyed. "You mean watch a movie with...with...a double date."

Kana begged Kari to go. "Please, you can save me from staying too long."

Kari crosses her arms feeling upset and nervous at the same time as she looks at her friend. Confronted with Kana's sad puppy dog face Kari drops her arms and sighs.

"Oh alright I will go but if his friend misbehaves I am leaving."

Kana jumps up and laughs. "Yes! Thank you Kari." Excited to go they quickly go and get ready for their date.

         Matt is in his room getting the place ready for the girls to come over. Oz watches Matt make a fuss over the place.

"Matt. Why do you want me to stay tonight?"

Picking up the trash to take down the hall he answers. "Because Kana is bringing her friend with her and it would be good for you to get to know a girl before people start talking."

Oz gets the dishes in the sink to clean them thinking a moment. He has never tried and thought for Matt sake why not. "Alright..."

He says as Matt comes back and continues to washes the dishes. He sighs so deeply uncomfortable about the idea. Matt rushes and gets the movie ready.

"So what did you pick for a movie?" Oz asked drying his hands.

"It is a romantic comedy. It has some funny moment with some mood setting moments. It's perfect for a date." Matt says smiling.

Oz laughs a bit but hears a knocking at the door. Not really interested in relationships Oz feels his stomach tighten as Matt walks up to the door. In an excited voice Matt tells Oz. "It's them. Please don't embarrass me pal ok."

Matt opens the door for Kana and Kari. Kana walks in reaching to hug Matt. "Hi sweetie, this is my friend Kari. Kari this is boyfriend Matt."

Matt shakes Kari's hand and smiles. "Hi Kari it is nice to meet you. This here is my friend Oz."

Being pushed forward Oz reached out to shake Kari's hand. "Hello..." He said sweetly.

"Hi..." Kari said smiling lightly as she stares at his eyes.

Oz smirks and let go of her hand. "Is there... something wrong?"

Blinking a lot she excuses herself. "I'm sorry I did not mean to stare but your eyes are so different."

He looks down and smiles. "Yeah...um...they are contacts. I like being different."

Kari laughs a bit "I know how that feels not wanting to be like everyone else."

Tossing her hair back her forehead reveals her birthmark. Curious Oz sees but does not wish to pry. They look around the room a moment as Matt walks by with a big bowl of popcorn and sets it on the coffee table. Oz invites Kari to sit down with a gentleman like jester of his hand. They all sit and watch as the movie starts.

         Part way through Matt and Kana start to make out and Kari gets restless sitting there. She gets up and walks over to the kitchen to get a drink. Oz sees and rushes up to grab one for her.

"I'm sorry I should have asked if you wanted something."

Kari steps back to let him open the fridge. "It's ok. I'm afraid I am not good company tonight."

He laughs a bit. "You're not used to this either huh."

Kari looks back at Kana and smiles. "No. I did it for her. I like to keep moving instead."

Oz looks over at Matt smiling then back at Kari. They both feel an uncontrollable rush of energy standing so close that Oz asks,

"Would you like to go for a walk?

They seem to be busy." Kari nods agreeing. "I would like that."

He grabs his leather jacket and she takes her letter jacket and they head out the door.

         Walking the school grounds they make their way to the track field. "I just love the outside, the crisp air on your face and the wind blowing your hair." Kari took a deep breath in.

Oz looks up at the stars knowing that same feeling and starts to recite something from memory. "With glorious victory the darkness gives way to light. With pen and sword truth will prevail. With humility, honor, and valor we fight life and death for king, country, and love."

Kari looks over to Oz. "That was beautiful. It sounded like a knight's promise."

Oz continues to look at the stars. "It is. It's from one of my books I read when I'm not in martial arts class."

She smiles at him. "It is nice to hear that someone likes books. I like the classic books myself too."

He smiles at her and sees parts of her blonde hair glisten in the moonlight. "You know I saw you about a month ago leaving a diner in town."

Kari got surprised and could not believe she did not notice he was there. "I did not know. Why did you not say hello to me?"

He shrugged his shoulders and answered. "I didn't know you yet so I let you run back to school. Just be careful while you are out in town there are some bad streets out there."

Kari laughs a bit. "Ok I will be careful in town."

         They turn to head back to the dorms where they meet back with Matt and Kana. Kari goes over to Kana as Oz wave goodbye and goes to Matt. Kana asks Kari curiously. "So how did it go? Did you get his number?"

With a slight awkward look on her face she answers. "He looks like a bad boy but he really is just a nice guy it's just...." Kari looks down a moment and wonders.

Across the way the boys are heading to their building. "And how did things go with Kari? Hmm..."

Oz laughs a little but suddenly feels a bit strange since they left. "She is beautiful and smart it's just...." This feeling was subtle but still they noticed.

Both Kari and Oz answer the same way to their friends. "It's just strange. I felt like I could stay up all night but now I'm feeling drained like the energy left me."

Kana laughs...
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