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by Ranuix
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2249836
This is just a fanfiction, Monster prom was not created by me but by "Beautiful Glitch"
It was 7.40am in Monstropolis and in front of Spooky High there were already several students passing through the school gates.
A few blocks away were Scott, Miranda, Damien, Vera, and her sister Valerie, a punk cat girl with dark purple fur and dark pink hair, with the right side of her head shaved.

As he walked, Damien sent a nice sharp hunting knife with a dark brown handle flying through the air, picking it up each time, and Miranda said slightly fascinated, "Cute that blade. Damien, where did you find it?"

"Cute? CUTE !? This blade is not cute Miri,is a BADASS slicer blade!!! I could cut that rotten trunk of Professor Ent in half with this!.... Anyway, a nice goblin, who I met with Polly after yesterday's party, gave it to me. "
"Really? And how did you manage to get that knife given to you?" asked the mermaid, smiling.

"Very simple. I've just said: 'Excuse me my friend, could you please give me that knife?' "

"Really?? I didn't think you could be such a gentleman Damien!"

"Of course I'm a gentleman! Except that the poor fellow had a disease, that would not let him let go of his beautiful knife to give it to the gentle undersigned."

"Oh poor thing, but I would say that you managed to help him, if you have the knife now."

"Obviously! i've helped him, and it was very simple as a cure: Polly held him firmly and I gave him a couple of kicks and punches in the vital points to make him pass the disease! Sure, then he passed out from the treatment, but he left me the knife!" The demon boy said proudly, grinning.

Meanwhile Valerie and Vera were talking about something else, or rather, about someone else: "So this guy was still like a dead cod for a minute until then a black blob came out of his shoulder?
And then, in the gym, when his head exploded, it rebuilt itself as if nothing had happened? Cool. "

"Exactly Val. I've never seen such a monster in my life."

" As far as I know, neither i, sister. But tell me, how did he behave? Was he good or did he bother you?If he dared to be a bummer or to make fun of you, I swear I'll beat him up! "

Said the cat girl, as she cracked her knuckles, resolutely. Vera, however answered , rolling her eyes, saying: "You know I'm no longer a child, Val. And then, if he had been an idiot with me or if he had been unpleasant, no one would know anything of him anymore by now, and you know it well."

Vera said, with her usual sadistic smile, at her sister.
Then she immediately added: "But, no: I've must say that I didn't dislike him, for now. Perhaps because he is unable to speak, or because compared to the average idiot and loser students in the school, he behaved very quietly and respectfully."

Suddenly, the group heard a series of horns sounding behind them, while voices shouted all kinds of insults: "Asshole!" "Bastard!"
"Hit-and-run driver!" "Piece of shit!" Etc

"What the heck ..." Valerie began to say, as she and the other boys turned, and they saw a shadow boy they know, running like a rocket causing some cars to stop, and even fly, with the mighty passage of him.
"WOOOOOW! What a sprint, what a speed! Wait buddy! I'll join you!" Scott exclaimed, starting to run after the shadow boy; Instead Damien yelled after him: "AH AH AH! That's how you have to do it, dude! ANARCHY!" And in the meantime, he started chasing him too, albeit a little slower than Scott.

Meanwhile, Miranda coughed repeatedly, due to the fuss that arose thanks to the wild run of the shadow boy, saying:
"Coff! Coff! Coff! What kind of unconscious that shadow boy! Doesn't he know that the fuss can dry out my lungs and vocal cords, taking away the possibility of singing like a nightingale? Umpf,Disgraceful!"

Instead Vera said annoyed: "Bah! Human men. Give them a monster body, and after a day they become exhibitionists!" And meanwhile Valerie was saying, as she looked at the overturned cars in shock: "I-I think that guy isn't that easy to actually beat ..."


While the girls were left behind, the shadow boy kept running, chased by Scott and Damien, under the influence of caffeine, but his absurd run was finally losing speed and power.

Unfortunately for him, as he had turned his head to watch his two classmates chasing him, the boy crashed into a wall. But not a stone wall, a wall of muscles, which blocked his run, and which he then turned around, grunting: "Who dares to bother me?" And then, he started looking at the black being in front of him with his black eyes, who was trembling with fear.

"Oh-oh." The shadow boy thought, "What do I do now ??."

Meanwhile, from behind the big man who was almost 6 feet tall with sharp canines and large pointed ears, light brown hair and wearing a football uniform (except for the white jersey) and black and green spikes and shoulder pads, emerged three werewolves looking like anthropomorphic wolves, and not human looking like the big guy, who immediately began to say threateningly: "EHY YOU! Half notch!" Said the werewolf with a football in his hand; "What do you want? I say, what do you want !?" Said the one in the football helmet; "Looking for the blows huh? Looking for the blows !?" The werewolf with nothing on or in his hand ended.

Instead the humanoid werewolf said pointing to the shadow boy, leaning slightly, "Hey, but you're the newcomer Scott told us about. You know, we really don't like the fact that our cousin hangs out with losers like you, instead of hanging out with us, like in a real pack! "
"Yes! Well said! You're right brother!" Exclaimed the three wolves behind him, as all four approached unfriendly to the shadow boy, who ducked lower and lower, liquefying his legs, while his little creatures shivered with frightened faces.

Luckily Scott and Damien arrived, but as Scott smiled, naive of what was happening: "Hi cousins! Did you see how the newcomer ran?"
Damien instead, immediately approached the wolfpack with an aggressive face saying: "Oi! Pack of fools, what the fuck do you want from this guy? Leave him alone if you don't want your dear fur to burn!"

"Tsk, my pack and I are not afraid of your flames, LaVey!"
retorted the humanoid werewolf, with a braggart smile.

But Scott, incredibly, played cunning and told him: "Cousins, if you don't leave my new friend alone, I'll go tell your Aplha what you did with his favorite toy!"
"Argh! If dad finds out, we'll get a memorable punishment!
Fine cousin, this time we will leave your 'friends' alone, but only this time! ” That said, the four ran into the school, while at the same time Vicky, Amira and Brian arrived.

After reaching the school gates, Vicky and Amira put their hands on their knees as they caught their breath.
"Anf. Puffs. But how fast do you run, dude?" Amira asked.
"It's your fault -anf- that you made him drink that coffee!" Vicky retorted; "But how do you think I could have foreseen that he would have had such a reaction !?"
"Hey girls, hey Brian good morning!" Scott said instead, still in a good mood.

"..... Good morning ....." Brian said, still with his relaxed and expressionless tone. Instead Vicky, when she noticed the wolfman boy's presence, blushed a little and said agitatedly, "O-oh! G-good morning Scott! I hope the shadow boy didn't cause any problems!" "Eh. Not for us, but for the drivers a few kilometers back, fucking yes!" Damien answered her, with a grin.

Vicky looked back, and only now did she notice the dozens of overturned cars and pissed-off owners looking at them fiercely.
Frightened, Vicky took the shadow boy by her arm and ran into the school together with Amira and Brian, decree to Damien and Scott: "Let's talk about it later, guys!"

Meanwhile, Miranda, Vera and Valerie finally arrived. Valerie immediately asked the two boys: "Where did the newcomer go?" "Ugh,let's go to class, then I'll tell you what happened."
Damien snorted, as they walked towards the school entrance.

And so, a day like any other began at Spooky High.

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