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A response to my cousin on International Prayer Day
Cousin, JamiceI was thinking about this just a few days ago, and the thought occurred to me that our Nation as a whole needs to come together and pray for its healing. We need to pray for the cure and end of COVID-19; pray for the healing of our people and the coming together of people as one; we need to pray to end racism and discrimination.

Yes, we need to pray for God to build a hedge around our Nation, but our Nation must also recognize God in everything we set out to do. I was raised to believe that America was the place to practice freedom of religion. In God, "we" trust meant something to me. I have lived long enough to see that age-old belief shattered and trampled.

I now watch in dismay a generation of people (Americans) that believe in absolutely nothing and hear them talk about depression, loneliness, sicknesses, and shot of other things that existed back then but were not rampant nor the norm for the day. Many families do not eat together nor say grace before eating a meal. Children no longer say their prayers at night before going to bed.

Our Nation's moral values and fabric are slowly being discarded, and nothing of substance is taking its place. So thank you, cousin, for alerting me to this day being a National Day of Prayer. I am praying for our Nation, its people, and its return to God (decency, integrity, honor, accountability, responsibility. compassion, dignity, and much more).
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