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A woman's yearn for a new love& her torment of choice between a mundane and exciting life.
She had been happy and satisfied with her harmonious life, one that she had created and had content herself with. Life's simple pleasures of family, love and happiness were all she thought she had ever wanted. She was aware and had known of the raw world outside of her little world of oblivion; a world she had at one point fantasized about but then carefully swept under the rug of mundane and simple.

He crept into her life like a sudden breath of fresh air in an otherwise suffocated room. Air that enters the room; unknowingly at first, until it slowly but gradually fills up the room with its freshness and makes you feel that you can no longer do without and you wonder how you lived for so long without its sweet presence.

He was very regular at first. Like any other new person that was introduced into her world. They went along with their lives like two normal individuals that had just crossed paths. Unconsciously and unaware to either there was a chemical reaction taking place in both their worlds. His wit and good humor slowly tugged at her plain and simple existence and won her over.

She was unprepared for him. For this new way of life he was introducing her to. It was confusing yet interesting. Delightful yet taboo. He was good for her. He encouraged her, sought her to do new things, to look beyond what she knew she thought she wanted. There was a world out there with beautiful possibilities waiting for her to step into and engulf. He showed her a world she never thought she had ever wanted. She suddenly longed for it. Her tranquil and peaceful existence suddenly felt mundane. She wanted more from it.

She tried. Tried to amend and change the mundanity of it. And she succeeded to an extent. Happiness was beginning to fill her life. The change was good for her. It made her feel renewed. But what of him? Their connect and closeness was being scrutinised, was being looked at with sudden contempt. What was she to do? She loved every moment with him. She loved the joy it brought her. The feeling of resurgence that he made her feel. But her harmonious life was calling out to her with a sense of guilt, a sense of duty and a sense of obligation to steer her back onto her peaceful course. How can she choose one or the other? What should she do? The dilemma is one that she could not answer.
She lives each day contemplating the right
path, the right choice and yet the day ends without a decision made. A day she passes with mixed emotions- guilt stricken yet happy with her forbidden fruit in hand, not knowing what tomorrow will bring and if tomorrow will change.
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