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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Relationship · #2249945
Two lovers set off on a journey together, and yet all things must end.

Our love started slow,
Like a beautiful dream,
Unexpected and precious,
And picking up steam.

We mapped out the scenery
Of our old selves,
                    and the new us,
Spending moments of leisure,
Unperturbed by the world's fuss.

Simply sailing on a sweet wave,
Seemed like all there needed be,
My obligations,
                    his commitments,
Felt too small for us to see.

And yet...

The world's worries,
                    and daily duties,
Kept growing larger like reefs,
Until they could not be ignored,
And burdened lovers with griefs.

When the outside world beckoned,
He was the one who cut the ties,
Leaving me on a sinking ship,
Watching him flee as our love dies.

I thought in his wake that
He came with the Norwegian Dream
                    and left with the Thalys.

So abruptly our journey ends,
It makes me want to scream.

Yet as I let my gaze wander,
While I go down with this ship,
I see although it's all asunder,
I'm glad I went on this trip.

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