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by Shamus
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For the first time in years I felt free as a bird!
I had never considered it before that day! It had never entered my head that I could be capable of doing such a thing! I had asked my girl friend what she thought! She laughed and asked me if I was serious? It was an article in a magazine which started my interest and i thought straight away, that I ought to give it a go!

I knew a chap who was a committed participant. His whole family, including the kids, were also keen on it. Every opportunity they had they would pile into their car and head off to enjoy themselves. I plucked up courage and asked him what did one have to do to join in? He was very helpful and said he would vouch for me when I had made the application.

Paul gave me a form which had to be filled in and with my and his details with his recommendation I posted it off to the executive committee along with a check for one hundred dollars. It wasn't long before I had a reply together with a membership card and a brochure listing the rules and regulations with pictures of where they were located and what they had to offer in the way of sports and dining out.

I expect you are wondering just what it is that has captured my interest and keenness to try it! It's Nudism or as some would call it Naturism! Yup, the relentless heat of a long hot summer had prompted me to think clothes were nothing more than holders of stale sweat!

In my apartment I had been naked practically every day and night and other than giving my girl friend a shock when she dropped by for a coffee one day. She recovered from the shock and even joined me later that day. It was great and led us to have an enjoyable fuck. She remarked later that she hadn't realised I had such a big and long penis. It was feature of my body of which I was quite proud. She couldn't resist getting a tape measure out and we discovered when erect it reached a good ten inches with a girth of four inches around the shaft and the head five inches.

Wendy christened it her Monster! And she took great delight in giving it a though examination with constant fondling and even licking the shaft . At one stage during our beautiful sweat soaked fuck she complained I was making her breasts sore with my persistent kneading and rubbing those prominent nipples.

The week end arrived with my pal Sam knocking on my door telling me they were all set to go to the 'Club' and the family were waiting in the car. Thanking Sam I explained that my girl friend Wendy would be joining us and I therefore would be taking my car and we would be following them.

After negotiating numerous side roads and seemingly endless wooded areas we eventually ended up at a gated entrance with a warning sign 'DANGER NUDISTS AT LARGE'.

After parking the cars we entered our log cabin where, much to my surprise, we were all to share the amenities, with no screening between beds and a bathroom with no door. Sam explained that as we were about to be naked day and night, it was pointless to have any sort of privacy.

The two girls were keen to get to grips with what the club had to offer, and stripping off they ran naked out of the cabin!
The sight of two sixteen year old girls with bouncing breasts and shaven bodies, was enough to give any red bloodied male an instant erection. When we were all naked I noted that Sam and his Wife Amelia were bronzed from head to toe!
Amelia had the most attractive figure. She too like her husband had no body hair. While Wendy and i were milky white skinned I asked Sam how they were all so well tanned. he explained that they were all self tanned out of a bottle ready for the summer season.

I wondered where we were walking to and Amelia explained we were going to the bistro to book a table for dinner. Crossing lawns I was surprised to see so many young people with no inhibitions. Wherever I looked I could see naked people of all ages walking or laying down on mattresses or sun loungers.

I knew then that I had done the right thing in taking up this hobby.To feel totally liberated and be with people enjoying the same simple pleasure of being naked was thoroughly refreshing and I didn't want it to end. Things looked even better when I joined a group dedicated in promoting photography and sex. It was being sponsored by a pornographic magazine and unashamedly those taking part who had gathered in one of the cabins, were all couples keen to experience something to liven up their sex lives. Amelia was a little apprehensive at the thought of seeing so much of couples having a fuck in public. Let alone take part!

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