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Rated: E · Fiction · Arts · #2250092
Beautiful Ann shows how to make ballet slippers that don't cause pain or injury.
Ann proves her point.

And the HSE has questions to answer.

         Ann sat on the grass of the town moor park. The warm sun nearly naked flesh, made her feel really good. Any other day of the year she might possibly have faced arrest for wearing this outfit. But today is the Great North Run, and with a number on her back she could get away with almost anything.
         Besides the all-important, number. Her outfit consisted of just a tight, thin cotton, strappy top. A pair of flash colored tights and a very short skirt made of almost see-through thin cotton. The working costume of a ballerina, copied from the famous ballerina statue. Ann was wearing this to make sure she got noticed. And she was getting noticed.
         Ann was able to train to become a very respectable marathon runner because she was on administrative leave from the Health and Safety Executive, effectively she was accused of claiming her boss had taken a bribe to not do his job. She hadn't, but it was implicit in what they could prove she had said. What she had actually said was "he always sold his free tickets to someone who would use them, if he could not get to the ballet himself." So she was going to run the full length of this race on ballet points, to prove her point. But first, she was going to sit on the grass, in the sun, and let the glut of runners string themselves out.
         About an hour after the glut had passed the start line Ann walked down towards the start line and stopped to put on her new bright red ballet points. The news crew came over to film her as she sat on the ground tying the cherry red ribbons around her left calf. "tell me miss why are you running." the camera that was looking down at her had the logo of the evening news on it. The shot the cameraman was getting probably couldn't be shown before the watershed. Ann stood up. Up, on her points. She looked down the camera lens and said. "I am running to prove the point that the H.S.E is being criminally negligent, in allowing ballet companies to insist that their dancers go on stage in dangerous footwear. Ballet points as everyone knows cause the dancers pain and will force many dancers out by their mid-twenties. This is footwear that has not really changed since the ninetieth century, and that will injure some of the dancers." And with a leaping turn, she was off, running on points.
         Ann set off, up on her points, making an effort to keep her speed down to 10 miles per hour. At least until the runner's high kicks in. she was hoping for a time somewhere around one hour ten, an hour twenty.
         By the five-mile mark the runners high had hold of her. Ann did not care anymore. As she had expected the mixture of sweat and the water she was splashing over her head, had made her cotton outfit a second skin. She felt good. The extra sixteen inches of stride, that the ballet points made her naturally long legs move much more effectively. She knows that being up on her points makes her legs look very sexy, especially with just the minimalist skirt for modesty.
         Her shoes were working perfectly. In contact with the road is a pad of tire rubber, fastened to a polystyrene block wrapped in carbon fiber. Fred Conway had explained the support structure that kept the block in a fixed relation to the foot, in terms of Snelson primitives and dissipated load factors.
          Ann had given him the job of redesigning ballet slippers with twenty-first-century techniques because he was the best engineer and problem solver she knew. Despite his Asparagus. He finally explained it as being. "like the Skylon from the nineteen fifties Festival of Briton. Turned upside down, the point being in contact with the ground and the anchoring points passing the weight to a compression sock."
         Right now Ann did not care. The rubber-tipped blocks were impacting the road. Her feet were floating above them suspended in the compression socks.
         With the tip of the block exactly where she pointed her foot. Ann did a stag leap, landing on her points, and sped off down the road.

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