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a bride tells the tale of when she met her true love
A dining hall, full of people in tuxedos, and dresses all stand in groups, talking loudly. The long table with food and punch bowl has mostly scraps left. The giant cake at the end already cut, and people talking in between bites of cake.

The bride stands up from the long table, raises her glass and taps on I'd with her knife. All the conversations, and all the noise that was going on just seconds ago quiets down quickly so the bride can talk. Blonde hair, green eyes, gentle expression and a smile that warms the hearts of everybody present.

“I’d like…” she laughs lightly cutting herself off. “I’d like to tell a story. How me, and the love of my life first got together. Some of you know the story, while some of you think they know the story. Most if you don't and I know you've been dying to know the story. I know this because you've all been literally begging me to tell you.” the whole audience laughs in unison. “So, instead of telling the story a thousand times, I thought I would tell you all at the same time. So… Here it goes…”

High school. 5 whole years ago. Junior year, and getting close to prom. I was talking to Alison at my locker. Her and I have been friends for a couple of years now. When we first met each other, we became fast friends, but that, unfortunately, is a story for another time. This year we had lockers next to each other, which was great. We got to talk and gossip so much because of it. Anyways, we were standing around, talking about prom.

“Hey Kat,” Alison mutters. Her silky black hair lightly shone in the hallway lights. Her dark blue eyes like an ocean, deep and bold. With a bold skin tone, it was naturally darker than that of a tan. “got a date for prom yet?”

“No I don’t you know I've never even gone on a date with someone.” I always hated dating. And honestly, I never really thought I would find ‘the one’ but here we are. Anyways. “I can never find the right words when someone asks me out.”

Spinning the lock on her locker, Aison responds “Well, most people just start off with ‘yes’” her one jokingly mocking the fact. They both respond with a laugh, before Alison opens her locker.

With a light sigh, Kat pulls out a couple books from her locker. “Well, maybe it's that easy for you.” they both continue taking a couple books from their lockers.

“Not really,” Alion cheerfully responds, “I'm waiting for the right person to ask Me out.” holding the books in one hand, she uses the other to shut her locker. “You know I've turned down 5 different guys that have asked me already.”

“Well look at you!” nearly Yelling, Kat uses her head to gesture towards Alison. “You’re gorgeous. You've got flawless skin, beautiful black hair, and you’re skinny, but not sickly skinny. You are literally a model waiting to happen.” emphasizing the last sentence, Kat looks at Alsion with light envy.

Laughing a little, Alsion raises an eyebrow and jokes “I'm sorry were you checking me out?” In surprise, Kat nearly slams her locker shut. Nearly dropping her books as well, she shuffles them to keep them from falling.

“What! No!” she chuckles under her breath, regaining her composure. “It's just what everyone thinks. You know, I've had 3 guys ask me the best way to ask you out.” as Alison tries to say something, Kat cuts her off “don’t worry, i told them not to bother.

“Thank you. I hate it when a guy goes big and fancy to ask a girl out, unless it's obvious that they should get together. It just puts too much pressure on the poor girl.”

“Exactly!” Kat responds, as the students around them shuffle through the hallways. While they stand there, a tall bulky man walks up. Standing taller than the girls, he nearly towered over them. His outfit consists of a varsity jacket, and a pair of blue jeans. His dark black hair slicked back, and brown eyes strong and powerful.

Glancing up, past Kat, Alison raises her head to nod towards him “sup brad.” Brad was another of mine. Me and him go way back, I think it was middle grade school we first talked to each other… that doesn’t matter for this story, so I’ll continue.

Also raising his head, Brad nods to Alison “Sup.” leaning against the locker, he turns to Kat. “Hey girl, so what say you and me head to prom together.” with a light smirk, he looks right into Kat’s eyes.

Both of them stare blankly at each other for a few seconds. Then, at the exact same moment, both of them burst out laughing. Standing there shaking her head, Alison snickering as well. “Brad what the hell?” Alison asks, looking back up at him.

“I'm sorry about that. The guys dared me to.” turning around, he waves to a group of people at the end of the hallway.each one of them also wearing varsity jackets. “Go ahead guys, I'll catch up in a bit!”

The group seems to laugh amongst themselves. “Alright later man!” one yells out, waving back to Brad. “Don't be late for practice!” he continues, as the group begins to walk away.

“Yea your one to talk!” Brad calls, as they both laugh for a second. Shaking his head, Brad turns back to Kat and Alison, as he calms down. “So do either of you actually have a date?” with a change in tone, he acts more serious than before.

While Alison shakes her head, Kat chirps in with a “nope.” turning to Alison, Kat asks “do you have someone in mind? Maybe you could just ask them? I know there’s more than a few people that would say yes if you’d ask them.”

“Nah, I’m not even sure if I want to go, I mean I was waiting for a specific someone to ask me out… But I'm not even sure that they're into me… as far as asking someone myself, i did try that when i was at my old school…”

A long pause lingers through the air, as the other students around them continue to bustle around. Being the first to break the awkwardness, Brad asks “so what did he say?” groaning a little, Alison pulls away.

Looking down at the tiled floor, she reluctantly answers “They… Said no… Then after that I ended up getting made fun of, while the School board didn't even do anything. That's why I ended up moving here. My dad wanted me to have a fresh start. Nobody knows me…”

With remorse in his voice, Brad responds “I...I'm so sorry… I didn't mean to bring that up.” using his left hand, he grabs his right arm as he lightly sulks. Trying to shake off the memories, Alison forces a smirk.

With shock on her face, Kat rejoins the conversation, “y… you never told me. We've been friends almost since you moved here.” that moment did hit kinda hard. How could i not know something so big about my best friend. I soon learned though, that you can know somebody for years, and still not truly know much about them.

Shaking her head, Alison responds “No. It’s okay” as she forces a smile. A single tear begins to run down her face, as she looks back up at them. “It's in the past.”

Pulling out a tissue from her purse, Kat mutters“Here” as she reaches for Alison. Bringing it closer to Alison’s face, Kat wipes the tear away. “There… now, if you ever need to talk about it.” she continues, still wiping her face. “I’m here for you. Ok?”

As Alison’s forced smile slowly turns to a genuine one, her eyes fill with hope. “Thank you, but i’ll be okay.” taking in a deep breath, she looks up with pride. “I’m stronger than this, and besides it’s been a couple years. I can take care of myself.”

Chuckling in the back, Brad chips in “Hey I'm here too. I know we don’t hang out as much, but i’ll try to help out any way I can.”

Huffing a laugh at him, Alison retorts “well if I ever need help in a fight, you’ll be the first one i call.”

Shaking his head, Brad chuckles in response. “There's that smart mouth of yours. Like you said, It’s in the past so try not to let it bother you too much.”

With a smile, Kat turns to look up at him. “Brad, thank you as well. You really are such a nice guy.” the smile across her face grows warmer as she thanks him.

With a slightly mocking tone, he responds “Aww, You’re going to make me blush…..”

Jumping in, Allison responds “wow, star quarterback, beaten by a lonely girl.” Both girls giggle in unison, leaving Brad shaking his head. “So, kat” Alison spits, turning her head to Kat. “Why don't you go with Brad to prom?”

Nearly taking a step back in shock, Kat nearly yells out, “WHAT?!” stammering over her words for a second, “well.. I…. um, it’s just...”

“oh come on,” Alison cuts in, “first of all look at him. He's easily the best looking male in the whole school. Plus, you two have been friends since grade school, AND both of you don't have a date. So why DON'T you two go together?”

Looking a little puzzled at the two, Brad comments “just because we're friends, doesn't mean we'd be a good couple.”

Getting wide eyed in agreement, Kat jumps in, “Exactly!” relaxing her body, Kat begins to nod her head, as Alison relaxes her body.

Looking down at Kat, then back to Alison, Brad begins to think. Taking a quick breath in, Brad continues, “But I'm willing to give it a shot.”

Still nodding her head, Kat agreas “Ri… Wait what?” cutting herself off, she turns around to stare at Brad in shock.

“What. I mean it's not like everyone else doesn't think we'd be a good couple. Hell you know how many of the guys have asked me when I was going to actually ask you out? So why not. Kat, officially will you go to prom with me?”

With a blank stare on her face, Kat’s thoughts begin to jumble. As she stumbles to find the words to say. “I...Uh… But…” blinking a few times, Kat’s mind still refuses to work properly.

“look” Alison says, as she grabs Kats shoulders. Staring into Kat’s Eyes, Alison firmly states “You two are going to go together. Buy if it doesn't work out you two will still be friends. Nothing will change that. Got it.”

As Kat stands there, still bewildered, she tries to say something. Being cut off by Alison’s “No buts.” Kat closes her mouth. “You're going with him. And next week we're going shopping for dresses. Got it?”

“Fine.” Kat spits, pulling away from Alison grip. Looking back up at Brad, she lets out a quick sigh. “Brad yes. I will go with you to prom. But when it doesn't work-”

“IF!” Alison spits, cutting off Kat. With wide eyes, Alison tries to emphasize the good that could come out of it.

Turing her head to Alison, Kat continues. “No when. Trust me.” turning back to Brad, she tries to finish her sentence, “WHEN it doesn't work out. You and I will still be friends. Sounds good.”

“Yea. Besides how could we ever NOT be friends. You were the only person through middle school who actually pushed me to do what I want. Especially since my mom obviously didn't care…” his voice trails off, as he looks away.

Snapping a finger in his face, Kat pulls him back to the moment. “Het no getting pouty on me got it. “

Chuckling at this, a light smile begins to form on his face. Before he can respond, the bell rings out through the hallway. “yea. I got it. See you girls later class will be starting soon.” raising his right hand in a wave, he turns around and walks away from the girls.

Even though he can't see, Kat still waves back to him. As she lowers her hand, a grumpy look spreads across her face. Turning around, she nearly shouts “dude!” while looking at Alison. With surprise on her face, Alison takes a step back in shock. “Why don't you think it'll go good with him?”

Before Alison can respond, a quiet voice comes from behind Kat. “E...excuse me.” turning around, notices a new person standing next to them. Standing shorter then the two, her long blond hair lightly shimmers in the lights. Her green eyes fixed down to the floor, as she fidgets with her thumbs. “Di… did I hear right….y..you're going with brad?... T..To prom?” she speaks softly, too scared to raise her voice.

Kat “yea… oh you had a crush on him didn't you rose.” Rose grows red with embarrassment as she slowly sinks down. “Here let me tell you something” Kat leans in and whispers into her ear. After a few seconds Rose gets really bright eyed and hopeful. After a few more seconds, the red in her cheeks comes back. As she backs away quickly. Kat starts laughing “don't worry. I'm only joking about the last part.”

Rose lowers her head as a slightly angry expression across her face. “Well!” she raises her voice a little “th...then I will!” she nearly screams, her voice filling with confidence. Alison steps back in surprise at her sudden directness.

Rose was always so timid, that most people forgot she existed. I saw a few times people try to talk to her, but for the most part she would almost always find a way out. Every once in a great while though, with someone she was more comfortable with, I caught her talking at great lengths. I never got a long conversation with her before then, but when we were in groups she didn’t seem to have a problem talking to me.

Anyways, back to the main story at hand. A few weeks passed after that day, and we were dress shopping. I had already told myself that the three of us were just going as friends, and that that is how the night would end. So we were on our way to buy dresses, and as we entered the shop, we were both shocked at what we saw.

With Both Kat and Allison entering the dress shop, several different variations of dress were hung all around the store. Long and colorful ones to short and black. The shop even had slim dresses that were more revealing, and big poofy ones, with tons of frills.

As the two look around the shop, Kat eyes a single dress in the distance. With a smirk, she turns back to Alison. “hey, that one looks nice. I think it'd look great on you” as Alison looks at Kat, she follows her finger to see the dress Kat’s pointing at. On a mannequin sits a slim and sleek black dress, with thin straps and an open back.

With wide eyes, Alison begins to blush slightly. “Oh no, if I'm going in that, then you…” stopping mid sentence, Allison begins to look around the room. Her eyes catching a dress, she points to one on the opposite side of the store. “You have to wear that some day.” she jokes pointing over to a big poofy wedding dress.

That dress… hm, that is the dress i am wearing today. At first I was a little reluctant about it, but after seeing Alison actually wear the one I picked out to prom… well, I had to at least give it a try. Over the next few years, when a wedding was more and more likely, it did start to grow on me though.

“Oh no! This is prom, not a wedding.” as they both giggle to themselves, Kat continues to look around the shop. As she keeps looking, something in the back catches her eye. “Hey, Alison. Isn’t that rose?” walking over to Kat, Alison follows her gaze to see rose.

Standing on a pedestal, the dress she’s wearing was a dark and bold blue. The bright red blush on her face was obvious, and obviously caused by the thin and revealing dress. Cutting off near the knees, and the back remained opened showed how fair skinned Rose really was. With the front of the straps widening to make a M look, the front was also quite revealing.

As the two walk closer, Rose’s face grows bright red as she notices the two. Being the first to speak, Alison mocks “Well rose, i’m sure you could have anyone you want if you wore that”

Using both her hands, Rose covers her face, as she turns away from them. Jumping off the pedestal, she quickly runs into the dressing room in the back. As the door nearly slams shut, a squeaky and embarrassed voice comes from inside. “W...what a a are you two d d doing here?”

From the right side, a taller woman walks up. With her eyes and hair a matching shade of brown, with her outfit consisting of a basic white button down top, and a black skirt. The Nametag on her shirt that read ‘AMY’ made it quite obvious that she worked here. “oh do you two know rose from school?”

Nodding her head Kat responds “yes mam,” making a quick glare at Alison, she continues “i’m sorry about my friend here”

Shrugging it off, Alsion responds “What, she looked great in that dress” rolling her eyes, Kat turns back to Rose’s mom.

“yes well, i don’t think she’ll be wearing that.” Amy responds, turning to the dressing rooms. “It’s actually not for her, I happen to have a customer about her size and she’s volunteered to help. Although, she didn’t know that somebody from her school would show up.”

As the two stand there for a second, Amy walks up to the dressing room. From behind the door, Rose’s squeaky voice calls out, “a...are they gone?”

Responding, Amy responds through the door. “Not yet sweety. It’s okay, I'll be back in just a minute.” composing herself, she walks back to Kat and Alison. “Now, since you’re from her school, and i know prom is coming up i can guess that’s why you’re here.”

Politely, Kat responds “yes mam. I'm sorry to bother you, we just came here because my mom is shopping for a bit, and this store was close by.”

With a smile, Amy replies “Oh i can certainly help with that. Just one moment” she walks over and picks up a small bag, and slides it under the door to the dressing room “there you go, now you can get changed.” she turns back to Kat and Allison “now, the dress, is there anything in particular you two are after?”

Shrugging her shoulders, Kat responds “not really. That's kind of the reason we’re here, so we can look and see what’s available. If it’s alright with you, would you mind helping us?”

“Not at all. That's part of my job here, to help the customers. Now lets see… you my dear” Amy’s voice slowly trails off, as she studies Kat. “you're going to want something beautiful. Something bold, but not too bold, it’s just prom.”

With a raised eyebrow, Allison questions her “just prom?” Folding her arms, Alison stares at Amy.

“Well, I'm sure your wedding is going to be a more important occasion, so you’ll want a bigger, fancier dress. Prom is definitely a big one, but you don’t want to over do it.” she crosses her arms as she finishes her sentence.

Continuing her thought, Amy’s voice trails off “now… bold, blue…” she puts her hand to her chin for only a second before her head jolts up. “i got it! Come with me, i know what you need” Amy grabs Kat’s arm, and begins to walk off with her in tow.

Left standing there, Alison watches with a bewildered expression. “Alright then…” she mutters, as Kat looks back with a slightly worried look. As the two disapear behind a set of dresses, the door to the dressing room lightly creaks open.

Slowly stepping out, Rose takes a few steps forwards. After changing clothes, she now in a light blue T shirt, and a medium long blue skirt .“Mom?” Rose asks looking around.

“Sorry about earlier,” Alison quickly responds. Quickly turning to her, Rose realizes her mom isn’t there. “Your mom just dragged kat off to help her find a dress.”

Lightly giggling, Rose smiles. “Yea, when she finds someone she likes, she knows the exact dress they should wear. No matter the occasion.” looking at her blankly, Alison blinks as she tries to think.

“Hey…” Alison’s voice becomes a little more serious. “I won’t tell anybody what i saw.” Alison states this, Rose begins to become red with embarrassment. “I know a little something about getting bullied. So don’t worry about it, we won’t tell anyone. That being said, I really do think you looked hot in that. Maybe one day you’ll have the confidence to show off for someone.”

“Huh?” Rose questions, tilting her head at Alison. “it almost sounds to me… like you aren’t talking about me anymore…”

Snapping out of it, Alison turns to look right at rose. “Now what do you mean? Huh?”she states with an evil smile, as moves closer to Rose. reaching forwards, Alison begins to tickle rose’s stomach.

“Eep!” Rose squeals, as she begins to giggle. “N, no, stop!” she begins to giggle more, as Alison continues tickling her. “P, please! Stop!” she pleaded, as Alison began to slow down. Finally stopping, Rose takes a deep breath in to compose herself.

“Oh, well aren’t you two getting along well?” Amy’s voice comes from behind. Quickly turning around, Alison looksher in the eye. Standing with a smile, Amy looks happy.

Lightly blushing at getting caught, Alison begins to stutter, “I, uh no… Sorry'' turning away in embarrassment, Alison looks away. Walking up, Kat looks around with a confused look strung across her face. Holding a blue dress, she looks at the two standing there.

“It’s quite alright. Rose doesn't have many friends, so seeing her get along with anybody her age is a pleasant sight.” as she finishes her sentence, she turns to Kat. “no, you go on ahead and try on the dress. I’m going to find one for your friend.”

“Alright thank you…” she mutters, as she walks over to the dressing room. Taking a quick glance at Alison, she continues into the dressing room.

Looking at Kat, Rose mentions “Don’t worry about her, she's just a little pushy, but she’s usually right.” as she finishes her sentence, Rose smiles at Kat. The smile is a nice warm smile that calms kat down

“Thanks,” Kat mentions, as she calms down. “I’m going to go ahead and try the dress on.” Rose nods as Kat steps into the changing room.

After a few minutes, kat steps out of the changing room with a bold blue blue dress. A gold pattern is sewn into the dress, swirling around, making it look like it almost dances within the dress. Even though the dress only has straps, it covers almost up to her neck. The bottom of the dress stops a few inches from the ground, but hugs her body perfectly.

With wide eyes of amazement, Rose comments “oh wow! So pretty!” Kat blushes as Rose can’t stop staring at her. “You look so gorgeous in that! Mom was right” a big smile appears on her face, as she lightly waves back and forth.

As Kat continues to inspect the dress on her, Alison’s voice comes from around the corner. “I know I know, the dress is very nice, but isn’t it a little…” turning the corner, she stops her words as she notices Kat.

“Nonsense,” Amy responds, also turning the corner. “you’ll look great. plus with that fire you have, you’ll pull it off wonderfully.” turning her head, Amy just notices Kat. with a light blush, Kat holds up part of the dress, as she awkwardly smiles.

Mouth the word ‘woa’ Alison stares in shock. As she does, Amy walks up, with a happy expression. “See, i told you this would look good on you!” turning back to Alison, she gestures towards Kat. “don’t you think so too?”

Stuttering over her words, Alison responds “uh, yea… you look… stunning.” continuing to stare, Alison stands awe struck. Blushing, Kat turns away as she holds her hands in front of her.

Clearing her throat, Amy comments “Come on now, your turn.” looking right at Alison as she speaks, she gestures towards the changing room. “Head on in, we’ll be waiting right here.” she motions for Kat to move away from the fitting room.

As Kat moves away, Alison slowly walks towards the changing room. “Right…” she mutters under her breath. As they pass each other, Kat catches a slight blush on Alison’s face. Giggling under her breath, Kat makes sure it’s quite enough Alison doesn’t hear.

A few minutes later, Allison walks out wearing the dress Kat pointed out earlier. The short dress hugs her body tightly, showing off her light curves. Blushing, she looks right at Kat “you know, i hate you for picking this.” her eyes bounce between both Kat and Amy, as she doesn’t know who to blame more.

“Hot” Kat spits. At this remark, Alison stands dumbstruck. With Alison standing dumbfounded, Kat continues, “i knew that it would look good on you. I’m sure you could have anyone you wanted in that.”

As Alsion blushes and turns away, even Rose agreas, “yea, i think any guy would be lucky to have you.” looking down, Alison uses her left hand to grab her right arm. Slowly glancing up, she then turns around and checks the dress in the mirror.

As a smile starts to creep on Alison’s face, she shyly asks “Y.. you really think so?” looking at the dress in the mirror, she can’t help but slowly smirk. Her smile slowly starts to fade though as she mutters “I, I don’t know…”

With a slightly irritated face, Kat comments “look, you can either pick that one, or we can stay here and you can try on the poofiest dress they have.” with a devilish smirk, her tone changes to lightly mock her, “ooh i know we can make you look like a princess!”

Quickly getting irritated, Alison spins to look at Kat. “Oh hell no!” she nearly yells. “you are not putting me in something like that.” as Alison stands there, still slightly angry, the other three begin to lightly laugh.

Being the first to compose herself, Amy mentions “If you two are happy with the selection, do you want to go ahead and purchase them?” as both Kat and Alison finally calm down, they look at eachother. Both nod, then turn to Amy.

With a smile, Amy announces “excellent! Now, go ahead and get changed out, i’m sure you don’t want to wear them on your way home. After that, meet me at the counter with the dresses and we’ll sort everything out.”

After that not much happened that day, we bought the dresses, and hung them up until the day of prom. The night before though, Allison stayed over at my place so once Brad got there we could go as a group of three.

Me and Allison went crazy preparing. We did our nails, each other's hair, everything. Even though we were going as friends, we wanted the day to be extra special. After all, it was prom...

The day of prom, me and Alison were both hanging out in my room, waiting for Brad. Sitting on the bed, Kat looks down at her phone as she reads to herself. Standing in the corner, Alison rotates left and right to look at herself in the mirror. “Are you sure this dress doesn’t make me look too…”

With a quick laugh, Kat responds “No.” standing up, Kat leaves her phone on the bed as she walks over to Alison. “You are fine.” placing her hands on Alison’s shoulders, she looks directly into Alison’s eyes. “look at you.” she looks at Alison in the mirror, using her head to gesture towards it. “Anybody would want you.”

Taking another glance into the mirror, Alison looks at the dress on her one more time. With a half hearted smirk, she reluctantly agrees, “Yea, i guess you’re right…”

For only a couple seconds, borth girls stand staring into the mirror. Patting her shoulders one last time, Kat lowers them, as she rests them in front of her. “GIRLS!” an older woman's voice suddenly calls from the hallway.

Turning to the door, Kat mentions “that must be Brad.” using her head, she gestures towards the door. “Come on, this is going to be great!” smiling, she grabs Allisons hands. “I promise you, this is going to be an amazing night.”

“Alright '' Alison saistates reluctantly. Nodding, she continues, “Then yea just give me one more minute.” nodding, Kat turns around and opens the door. Taking one last look at Alison, Kat smiles before heading out the door.

Walking through the hallway of a one story house, Kat enters the living room to see Brad. With combed back hair, and a fancy tuxedo, Brad smiles at Kat. i’m not joking, the tux actually looked really nice. It was decently fancy, and obviously cost a bit of money. The problem was on him, it looked so out of place.

Laughing at Brad, Kat jokes “nice tux brad.” with a short laugh, Brad shakes his head at her. Walking up, Kat looks up at Brad, before mentioning “you know that really doesn’t suit you. I’m used to seeing a more rough side of you. Football, wrestling, didn’t you even get into a fight last year.

“No” he quickly spits, “well yeah… but they started it. A teacher saw what happened and was really the only reason i didn’t get suspended.” quickly shaking his head, he quickly changes the subject. “Anyways, the tux is just a rental. My mom wanted me to ‘look nice for prom' ’”he slightly rolls his eyes at the last sentence.

As Brad finishes his sentence, Allison walks into the room. “Well now, you clean up nice.” Kat covers her mouth as she. Brad's eyes narrow, as he glares at Alison. “What? Kat’s lucky to have you?”

With a light sigh, Brad uses his right thumb to point towards the door behind him. “Anyways, sorry to rush you girls, but we are actually running a little late.” with a questioning glance, Kat pulls out her phone.

“Oh no!” Kat exclaims, realizing the time. “You’re right!” she turns around, and grabs Alison’s hand before throwing open the front door. Watching the two run out, Brad slowly walks out the door. Shutting it behind him, the all three head over to a limo parked out front.

Once we left, we were at the dance in no time. Half the night, nothing really extraordinary happened. We just hung out, and had a blast. We got drinks, ate and started dancing to have fun. The three of us were on the dance floor, just goofing off and having fun, and that’s when it happened.

The three of them start laughing, as the song playing overhead begins to quiet down. Another song doesn’t start, allowing the three of them to catch their breaths. As they all start to calm down, a voice comes from the speakers. “Alright everybody, time for the main part of prom, the sloooow songs.”

As the song starts up, Alison turns to Kat. Before Kat can react, Alison turns her. “Now's your chance!” Alison calls out, pushing Kat into Brad. Nearly falling over, Kat catches herself on Brad.

Recovering, she looks up at Brad. “wait” she mutters, turning around. Already walking away, Alison’s halfway to the exit. “Oh…” Kat sheepishly turns back to Brad, as he raises his hands, ready to dance.

With a light sigh, Kat grabs Brad's hands. As they begin to slowly dance, Kat glances back over to the door. Keeping a small space between them, Kat begins to look around. Every couple around them is either holding each other closely, dancing in sync.

With a few quick glances, Brad looks around the dance floor as well. Noticing the same thing Kat did, he looks down at her. Her face begins to fill with sorrow, as they continue to dance. “Is something wrong?” he asks, concerned for her.

Looking up at him, tears begin rolling down Kats face. Stuttering over her words, she mumbles “I… I can't do this.” lightly pushing herself away, Kat lets go of Brad. turning around, she runs off towards the exit.

Reaching towards her, Brad calls out “wiat!” as she just runs off. Dropping his arm, a light smirk forms on his face. Shaking his head, he quickly chases after her.

Exiting the dance floor, Kat looks over to the drink table. The only person standing there is Alison, as she chugs the last of her drink. With a sullied look on her face, she throws the plastic cup in the garbage can.

Turning around, Alison watches as Kat nearly runs up to her. As Kat stops, just a few feet from her, Alison exclaims “Kat! What's wrong? Did something happen?” reaching forwards, Alison puts her right hand on Kats shoulder.

Looking at Alison with tears still running down her face, Kat just simply states “i’m sorry.” with a puzzled look on her face, Alison leans in a little closer. As she does, Kat leans in all the way, as she kisses Alison on the lips. Alison’s face fills with shock, as Kat turns to walk away.

Taking only a single step, she suddenly stops. With Alison holding Kats arm, she pulls Kat back, as she returns the kiss. Both close their eyes, as Alison holds Kat’s face, as the two continue to hold the kiss.

From behind Kat, Brad's voice rings out, “took you two long enough.” with a puzzled look, both Kat and Alison look right at Brad. Standing near them, he keeps his hands in his pockets.

Chuckling to himself, Brad continues, “Figured since you two were being stubborn, I'd make you realize what you two have been wanting. I only asked you, hoping you’d turn and ask Alison instead, but nope, you had to be just as stubborn as ever. You two really were made for eachother.”

Both girls laugh a little, as they look back at each other. Both smile warmly, as they share one more kiss together. That was how me and my now wife first got together. The person I went with wasn’t the person I left with, but it was better that way. Hell, Brad ended up leaving with Rose that night, but that’s not my story to tell.

Back in the wedding hall, an older Kat stands at the big table. She glances down to her left to see Alison sitting beside her, blushing. Raising her left hand, Alison looks at the ring on her finger. A huge smile appears on her face, before she looks back up at Kat.

Taking a deep breath in, Kat turns back to the audience. “And that is how me and my wife first got together. That was nearly five years ago, and we have been together ever since. I couldn’t be happier, and i hope one day you to will find someone you can share the rest of your life with.”
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