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Carole plans a rampage through London as a police commando investigates her disappearance
Chapter 1: Police review

It was the night after the destruction. Police crews were busy taping off the Happy Go Lucky food court with their traditional blue and white tape. At least that’s what the building used to be. Now it resembled a derelict war torn bunker from World War 2 with large pieces of the structure looking badly mangled and twisted. The general public were devastated to lose one of the most popular areas of their local community, but the thing baffling the police was the state of the wreckage. Normally attacks on buildings included use of fire and explosives, but the police had noticed that there wasn’t a single burn mark on the building’s remains or any burnt materials around. The ground wasn’t even littered with stray bricks either. Whoever had caused this had achieved destruction in a weird manner, and the chief constable knew that he and forces would have their work cut out.

The chief had just got back from investigating the crime scene, and it had certainly overwhelmed his thinking power of what to do. He needed to take a moment to think about his plan of action, but sadly he would not get it, instead a new piece of information was about to add another layer to this already strange case. The Chief’s assistant came bursting through the door and hollered “Sir, there’s a frenzy of news reporters outside the station and they want to ask you about the new development in this case”. The chief almost choked on his coffee as he spluttered, “what new development?” “Take a look at this sir” was the reply as the assistant switched on the local news. It revealed the reporter standing in front of what appeared to be a meteor crash site. The Chief’s face turned as white as snow and he didn’t really want to face the reporters, but he knew he had to. He stepped outside where they immediately started asking him what the police would be doing to investigate. After the usual “we’ll do everything we can” cliche, he returned inside.

“We need to get into contact with the scientists to help us crack this case” was the Chief’s verdict. “But now I have another more natural case to tend to”. “A young lady has seemingly gone missing around the same time as the food court incident, she was last seen leaving The accounting business known as Mel’s Market and it’s made more complicated by the fact she doesn’t have any family that we can contact”. “I’m assigning this case to Captain Redstar” The chief decided “he has a great track record for finding lost people and I’m sure he can find the whereabouts of Carole Williams....

Chapter 2: Albert Redstar

Captain Albert Redstar was certainly not a man to mess with. His track record for protecting the London public was second to none. He had almost single handedly taken on dangerous criminals and beaten them. He was the Captain of the S.T.R.I.P.E.S force, which was a separate department the police had set up to further combat the crime rate in the city. At 34 Albert wasn’t as quick as he used to be, but he was still a big name in the business. The public and the Police force had massive respect for Albert’s dedication to protecting the city while criminals feared him as they knew he’d usually be at the forefront of foiling their schemes.

Given the information he was working with, the obvious place for Albert to start was the accounting business that Carole worked for. Once he pulled up, Albert marched to the building’s entrance. He was now wearing his sunglasses, which always let people know that he was in serious work mode. When Albert’s shades were on, no one gave him any nonsense. He approached the receptionist and politely asked if he could have a word with Melanie. 2 minutes later she arrived looking slightly dishevelled from all the hard work with her dark hair looking frizzy and her blouse threatening to untuck from her black skirt. She was very stressed out, so a visit from Captain Redstar was the last thing she needed.

“Hello Miss Middlehurst, I’m sure you know who I am?". Melanie nodded wearily. She was clearly in no mood to have Albert around but she knew he was just doing his job. Albert continued, “I’m here to ask you about one of your employees who has seemingly gone missing only yesterday, we believe it’s a Miss Carole Williams”

“The first I need to say Captain is that Carole is now an ex-employee, I had to fire her yesterday for trying to devour half of our lunch break supplies,” Melanie explained. “You might think it’s extreme,, but that was the third time this month she’d tried it, What choice did I have?”.

“However, If what your saying is true, then I’m sorry to hear that Carole has gone missing”. Deep down Melanie was afraid if her decision to fire Carole had been a factor. She knew full well that Carole had no family to comfort her, and accounting was the one job she was actually any good at. The last thing Melanie wanted was someone else’s blood on her hands, so she was desperate to help Albert out.

“All I can give you to help your search is Carole’s address.” Melanie wrote down the location and handed it over to Albert. “Thank you for your services Miss Middlehurst and don’t be too hard on yourself for the decision as you were just doing what was best for the business, I will find Carole as it’s what I do best”. Albert’s words put Melanie’s mind at slightly more ease and with that Albert set off to see what clues he could find at Carole’s apartment.

Chapter 3: A shocking discovery

“Miss Williams, are you in there? My name is Albert Redstar, the captain of the S.T.R.I.P.E.S police force. Is everything ok?”. Albert waited for a response but there was no noise from the other side of the room that he could hear of. He realised he needed to use his detective skills to get inside Carole’s apartment, Fortunately Albert was a master of picking locks and with the use of a paper clip he opened up the door. The sight that greeted him left him very surprised...

The floor was covered in a wasteland of eaten food. Crumbs, biscuit wrappers and sweet packets were just some of the things discarded without the thought of using a bin. Albert was equally disgusted to see the state of the fridge which was splattered with yoghurt remains and excess water, but the biggest thing he noted was that the inside was completely empty. Normally he’d expect to see half-eaten remains of vegetables or mouldy cheese left behind. Albert then noted the high amount of plates left on the side and thought to himself, “how is one woman capable of all this?”

Just as Albert was about to investigate elsewhere, something lying on the kitchen table caught his eye. Tip toeing his way through the rubbish, he found a small plastic container and a pair of black gloves. To Albert’s amazement he found the container had a big hole melted through the bottom left corner and that some of the fingertips on the gloves had also been dissolved. It was what they were covered in that really interested Albert, though. It was an excess of green ectoplasm that had formed around the edges. “I need to get these to a scientist for further study but I think this strange case may actually have some sense now” was Albert’s summary. He then vacated the area.

Chapter 4: A dark development

While Albert relentlessly tried to find some answers to easily the strangest case he’d ever tackled, he had no idea of what was lurking in the sewers below or to be more accurate WHO was down there....

A couple of mice were having an argument over an old piece of cheese when suddenly a loud rumbling noise shook through their part of the sewer. Seconds later there was a green light shimmering into view which was brighter than the city’s annual Christmas decorations. The mice fled in terror discarding their quarry.

Steaming past their hiding space was a long thick lake of green ectoplasm which had consumed so many mice and other creatures in the sewer in just a matter of hours. The stream didn’t stop until it reached what appeared to be it’s hideout which had a couple of cardboard boxes to lie on and a big pile of mice to feed on. Suddenly the lake started rising higher before what initially resembled a tentacle became a thick chubby green arm pulled itself out followed by a second one. The lake then started becoming a wide and high form of body before a female head finally formed. Standing high and mighty at 10 foot tall and weighing 800 pounds was what used to be known as Carole Williams but she now called The Blobwoman.

Carole had woken up to find that she had not dreamt this whole thing, she really did have a new identity as a ravenous blob monster. As she absorbed the pile of mice into her gelatinous mass to eat them Carole reflected on what an amazing night she had enjoyed. Her full transformation had come when she had eaten all the cakes at “shake and cake” store, after finishing there she cleaned out the shops which were full of cheese, sweets, pizza’s among others and ate all their food. To make her escape Carole temporarily doubled her size and burst through the whole food court leaving it as the mangled mess the police had found it in. She then escaped into her current sewer location.

Carole was only temporarily staying in a sewer because everyone could now see her true form. Previously the goo she’d eaten could alter people’s perception so Carole could eat undetected but now she was the goo this ability was gone. But now the time for keeping secret was over. “Tonight people are going to find out who I am and what I’ve suffered” she declared “They all mocked me for having the dream of eating and getting fat but they won’t be laughing anymore” “It’ll soon be time for me to FEED!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!”

Chapter 5: Albert and the truth

Meanwhile Albert had arrived at the scientist complex. This big building was home to so many talented scientists all determined to find the next big discovery that could help the planet in one way or another. Luckily for Albert he had contacts in the facility that he knew quite well. He went to the receptionist and asked if he could meet with his friend Shelley who was the ideal person to help with what Albert was looking for

Shelley appeared moments later carrying a clipboard. Her long blonde hair was tied in a knot and she had the typical white scientist lab coat on. “Hello Albert” she said in a surprised tone. “What brings you here?” Albert showed her the container and gloves he had found and explained the trail he’d been on. It was only when he’d finished his story that he noticed Shelley’s face had gone as white as snow

Shelley dragged him into her lab and pulled out what appeared to be a reddish brown piece of rock. She then put the TV on which once again had the news report of the meteor crash site, Albert had been shown this by the Chief Constable when getting his mission but was assured that it would be dealt with elsewhere.

“Shortly after that news report was done some of the scientists were sent out to recover what was left” Shelley explained “all they could find was this one red piece of rock but what I’m about to show you may piece it all together” She turned the rock over and revealed on its flatter side was excess of the same green ectoplasm that was on the gloves and container in Carole’s house.

Albert’s blood froze as he realised what this meant: Carole had found the green ectoplasm and even worse the green stained gloves indicated that she had in fact: EATEN IT!!!!. Albert immediately dashed for his car with Shelley in tow.

Wait Albert I haven’t finished saying everything you need to know”

“What else do I need to know other than we could potentially have a gelatinous monster about to destroy the city if not the whole planet”

“The most important thing: The blob’s one weakness”

Albert immediately stopped to face Shelley. He could wait for this

“I ran some tests on the ectoplasm that covered the rock and I found that it reacts violently to water. You could do with something like a fire hose to combat what your likely to face”

With renewed determination Albert got into his car.

“I need to assemble my team and find Carole quickly before she does major damage”. “Shel I can’t thank you enough for your help and I’ll make sure your recognised for it”

“Oh Albert it was my pleasure to help you in your mission, Good luck and be careful out there sweetie” Shelley smiled. Then Albert sped off as fast as he could. Unfortunately for him it was far too late to stop Carole’s emergence now....

Chapter 6: The Blobwoman attacks

As 7pm approached it was a very mild and peaceful night on the streets of London. People were enjoying their walks through the streets and parks and just having a very good time. However all of that was about to change

A circular man hole over in the middle of the road suddenly started to rattle violently. The pedestrians were just about to step closer to it until it burst high into air. It was just about to crash back down when it dropped into a blob of green jelly and dissolved into bubbles. Carole towered over everyone in all her gelatinous glory and cried “I’m so hungry”

As one can imagine the public all started fleeing in terror. People stuck in traffic just vacated their cars and tripped over each other in the process. Carole started by absorbing all the cars in front of her. As she no longer had legs she slimed her way forward leaving a green trail in her wake and watched as about 15 cars were pulled into her body at once and dissolved. Carole let out an excited squeal of delight at what she was capable of and the rampage was on.

Over the next half an hour Carole left a trail of mass destruction in her wake. She absorbed all sorts of immovable objects including lampposts, road signs and fire hydrants. She used a new power she’d developed which allowed her to spit fiery green mini blobs from her mouth which melted potholes deep as gorges in the road. As she was too big to fit in any shops now, Carole used the powerful suction ability to hoover up everything inside from normal food shops to ones that sold clothes. From plant shops to ice cream stalls they were all emptied out by the ravenous Blobwoman. If someone didn’t stop Carole soon then the city of London would be no more.

Not had Carole had any sympathy as she looked down at the terrified public

“You all run from me thinking I’m a monster, I’m no monster, I’m doing you all a favour by making you a part of my world, dissolve into me and become my nourishment, it’s not like you have a choice in the matter. Eventually I will grow so big that I’ll consume the city and then the world. I will become the World!!!

Back at S.T.R.I.P.E.S headquarters Albert had assembled his team of fighters and was giving his mission briefing. His team consisted of Vice-Captain Bill, Weapons expert Jim, Tactical Brain Mike, Medic Louise and the Pilot Wesley. “Listen up team this is easily going to be the biggest mission of your careers” Albert announced “My evidence suggests we’ll be trying a stop a woman who consumed some green space goo and mutated into a humanoid blob monster”

The rest of his team didn’t really know how to react to this. Was their captain being serious or had he suffered a blow to his head? “Are you certain Cap’n? It just seems impossible that an event like this could happen” Jim said skeptically

“Impossible eh? Then have a look at these”. Albert showed the team the container and gloves that he’d kept as evidence. Just then the TV in their room displayed a news report of The Blobwoman attacking the city and absorbing anything near her. The rest of the team stood in shock at what they were seeing. Albert would have had a smug grin on his face but he knew this was no laughing matter.

“Ok Captain we believe you so what do we do”? Asked Bill. Believing a ground attack would be useless, Albert ordered his team into the helicopter to try an onslaught from the air. With not a minute wasted the team set off to save the city of London.

Meanwhile Carole’s rampage was in full swing. The main police and army had all been called in to try and stop her but their weaponry had either completely missed Carole or it just got stuck inside her and dissolved. Carole then absorbed all the veichles and the defenceless fighters were forced to retreat.

Just as Carole was deciding what do next who should she happen to see but Melanie coming out of the bank. Carole’s mind started burning at the mere sight of her ex-boss, of all the people who had treated her with contempt and shunned her for her eating dreams Melanie’s decision to fire her had really upset her. But now with her new form it was time for some payback.

Chapter 7: S.T.R.I.P.E.S to the rescue

“Hey Melanie!!” Carole shouted and Melanie immediately stopped frozen in her tracks,

“C-C-Carole? Is that you?” she said in an almost petrified manner. Melanie spun around to see Carole’s new form and it was if she had just turned to jelly herself.

“Yes Melanie its me, you know the woman who you fired just for taking the most food on lunch breaks” Carole roared. “I worked my arse off for you in below average circumstances and that’s how you repay me?” “Look at what your decision ended up doing to me”.

Melanie couldn’t move a muscle as she was struck with fear at seeing what Carole had become. “Well now I’ve achieved my dream of being a big eating dynamo and I want my revenge” the angry Blobwoman cried.

Carole slimed her way forward to Melanie who just couldn’t move a muscle in her entire body. She knew she was a goner because Carole was much bigger, stronger and faster than she was. Just as Carole was about to grab her former boss however a fierce whirling noise suddenly engulfed the area putting Carole off her stride. Seconds later two huge plumes of water appeared up from the sky and were sprayed at Carole’s eyes causing her to scream in pain and rub them fiercely

Melanie was wondering where all this help was coming from. She glanced up and realised that the whirling noise had come from a dark blue helicopter that had suddenly appeared. A rope ladder was thrown down to her and peeking his head out of the helicopter was Captain Redstar.

“Albert” Melanie cried with a mixture of relief and joy

“Quickly Melanie, grab onto the ladder while she’s distracted, I’ve got a plan to finish this monstrosity off”

Melanie grabbed hold and climbed her way into the helicopter where she realised that the jets of water had come from some hoses the S.T.R.I.P.E.S team had borrowed from the fire service. Melanie could also see that the team were armed with multi-jet super soakers.

“Why don’t you have any rockets or bombs”

“We work on the enemy weaknesses” Jim explained. “The captain told us we were fighting living jelly and everyone knows jelly and water don’t mix”

Suddenly there was a massive jolt which rocked the helicopter and almost caused the team to fall out. Carole had regained her sight and she was angrier than ever. She fired a projectile of goo at the helicopter and melted a hole in the rear bodywork

“MELANIE”!!! She bellowed in a fit of rage. “GET OUT HERE AND FACE ME!!!”

“Step on it Wes” Albert smirked. “She’s rattled now”

Wesley flew the chopper as quickly as he could and just about kept it out of Carole’s grasp and range. He didn’t stop until they reached the harbour

Chapter 8: Carole’s comeuppance

The helicopter flew over the water in the harbour where it would be safe from Carole’s grip. Melanie suddenly realised what Albert’s plan was

“Your going to try and lure Carole into the harbour aren’t you”

“Whatever gave you that idea?” Albert smiled

As part of his plan Albert dropped his team-mates to ground level and ordered them to seal off the perimeter except for Bill who would be stationed in a tower ready to execute his part of the plan. The Chopper then flew towards Carole and fired more jets of water to again make her angry.

“I’ve had it with this nonsense, you’ve all got guts I’ll give you that but it’ll only make this meal for me even more delicious”

Carole chased the chopper relentlessly. She jumped on top of all of the buildings to try and grab it but Wesley’s piloting skills meant that it stayed just out of her reach. Eventually they reached the tower where Bill was stationed.

Wesley started to raise the chopper higher into the air so that Bill could get a better shot. Deciding it would take something special to win, Carole jumped as high into the air as possible to grab the chopper. She missed it again and started to fall back down right next to Bill’s tower

“NOW BILL NOW!!!” Albert screamed

“Take this you gluttonous witch”

Bill turned his water jet up to maximum power and it just about had enough grunt in it to push the 800 pound mass slightly further backwards, just enough for her to land right where Albert wanted her: The harbour sea

Carole screamed as the sea water attacked her body and started to tear apart her stomach. She tried desperately to grab hold of the edges to pull herself to safety but the S.T.R.I.P.E.S team had cornered them off and started to spray her with the powerful jets of water preventing her from escaping and giving the sea water more time to weaken her.

Just when Carole thought things couldn’t get any worse, the helicopter flew directly into position just above her head. Albert and Melanie were the only 2 stood inside

Albert pulled out a small cylinder which had “Exploding water bomb” written in big red letters on the side. He took the the blue oval shaped bomb out of the cylinder, attached it to a rocket and handed it to Melanie

“As you were the one she wanted I’ll let you do the honours”

“It would be my absolute pleasure” Melanie smirked

Carole saw the pair in the helicopter and her rage turned up to eleven


Carole still had enough strength to shoot a sticky green hand up to the helicopter and grab it. The helicopter titled forward and Melanie nearly fell out but Albert just managed to grab her while holding on to the metal hand rail himself. Wesley tried in vain to wrestle some control back but it was hopeless

“Your mine now” Carole laughed “I’ll end your pathetic lives and once I grow big enough again I will eat and absorb this entire planet and beyond”.

Carole stretched her mouth wide open to consume the whole helicopter. Luckily for Melanie she hadn’t seen the weapon in her hand containing the water bomb. She realised this was her one chance to save London and the world.

“It’s time for me to fire you for gluttony for a second time” Melanie proclaimed.

She revealed the gun to Carole who upon seeing it started laughing hysterically

“What could that puny thing possibly do to even hurt me let alone stop me”


Melanie fired the gun which shot out the oval shaped water bomb. It flew straight into Carole’s mouth leaving the Blobwoman which no choice but to swallow it. Carole saw it dissolve into her stomach and initially felt nothing.

“You lose Melanie” she cried triumphantly. But as soon as those words Carole’s lips she suddenly felt a extreme violent pain in her stomach which caused her to release her grip on the chopper. She screamed as she realised her gelatinous mass was being ripped apart from the inside and then seconds later....


Pieces of green jelly exploded through the night sky. Many of it landed either in the harbour or on the members of S.T.R.I.P.E.S who upon realising that Carole Williams was no more for good starting cheering and hugging for a job well done.

Albert had pulled Melanie back into the chopper just before Carole exploded and the two shared a warm embrace.

“You did it Captain, your plan worked a treat”

“True but a good plan is nothing without execution and you Melanie were sensational”

Days later Melanie and the members of S.T.R.I.P.E.S were recognised by the mayor for their involvement in defeating the Blobwoman and were all given special awards as part of their recognition. Albert left the audience with the moral that gluttony and being consumed with a goal can prove the downfall of your life...
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