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Creatively turn tragedy to humor.
Anyone can take tragedy and make a humorous story or a tall tale. Use humor therapy to turn stress into serious fun. Name the stressor. For example, unwelcome guests. Use dark humor to strike at the cause of the distress. See The Laughing Classroom, by Loomans and Kolberg, for the cycle of humor that I use regularly.
Transform the unwelcome guests into some other form, like bugs or extraterrestrials. Remember old crumudeon quotes, like "Guests and fish stink after three days." If they are from outer space, make them water-breathing. They are looking at our watery planet and applying for alien status. They took a wrong turn and wound in West
Texas instead of Galveston. They flap at the door, asking for a tub of water, but they must adjust their universal translator to allow for Texas Twang. "Could ya hep us with a washtub of watah?"
The neighbor next door owns a pet shop. There is an overstock of fish, so the guests help out in a piranah fashion, fixing that over populated tank. Reeling from the carnage, the owner sends them back to you hastily.
Now they want to talk to the ambassador. The closest river is the Pecos, but it's dry. They're enjoying the ride from their tub in the back seat. Onward toward the Rio Grande, but the Border Patrol has something to say about illegal aliens. They take the guests off your hands and soon have problems of their own with the fishy fiends.
You laugh as you drive back to the desert gleefully.
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