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by han216
Rated: E · Fiction · Comedy · #2250315
Thalia was living a perfectly normal life, but Roula had other plans.
Thalia's Goddess Roommate

By Han216

“At the beginning there were beings beyond any life. Immortal Gods beyond comprehension. Though not many still believe in them they are real and more powerful than any other species, in fact two of them created the universes which these species reside. Their true names are impossible to say from a none Deity tongue, but Oserbik and Pateimonia are about as good as can be done in this tongue. There is one whom has another name for them though, Father and Mother.”

Her name is S'roulad'oña, She may still be young sure, only 587 years old, but they still treat her like a kid.

“Honey you’re going to one day rule over everything, you need to focus.”, they’d say. Uh it’s so dumb, I’m so damn bored.”

We join S'roulad'oña doing yet another task that her parents say is training for her future role as ruler of all creation. She’s drop dead gorgeous with big breasts, Blonde hair, and wearing an outfit that leaves little to the imagination. She’s stands at her full normal height, a perfectly average God height of 528,500 light years. She looks down and observes every last boring star in the milky way galaxy.

“Uh this is so dumb, I’m so damn bored. Why should I freaking care about these stars. We can make more anytime we want.” As she looks down she saw perfectly clearly numerous planets full of life. “Father says all the time how much he wishes to just be rid of these little vermin. Of course all the other gods like to mess with their little creations so I get why Mother has stopped him so far. Too think everyone of these specks souls was created by us gods, what a waste of our endless power. I would never spend effort on… Wait.” She touched her hand to her head and sent out telepathic call to her uncle the God of the NetherRealm.”

“Hello S'roulad'oña what’s my favorite Niece need of me this fine day.”

“Uncle Hannyabal I have a question. Do you still have that soul I was forced to create about a century ago?”

“Actually I decided a couple decades ago it was ready to go. I have the name and the planet if you wish to know.”

“It’s okay I still remember the trick you showed me as a kid, it should be easy to find since it was made with my energy.”

Her eyes flash briefly as the universe sent a signal back letting her know the location of the one soul she was forced to create as part of her endless lessons. “There you are, well I guess I should actually check on her. If nothing else this is less boring then what I was already doing.”, she instantly vanished appearing on a backwater known to the local species as Earth, much smaller only 5 feet 11 inches tall.

(5 minutes earlier)

We join a 26 year old, short brown haired woman. She is 5’8, has little curves to speak of, being nearly flat. Her name is Thalia. She’s home from a long day at work. She goes to the fridge and grabs herself something to drink, before turning on some music. She then pulls out a blank canvas, some paper and pens. She loved these moments more than anything, calm and her drawings, nothing to stress her out.

Suddenly in a blinding flash of red light, she fell back leaving a giant line across her half finished drawing and spilling her drink on the floor. “What the hell?!!!!”, she shouted.

She looked on to see a very sexy and very nearly naked woman in front of here. “What in the… Perv what the heck are you doing in my place”, she shouted trying to push the woman away, but she wouldn’t budge even an inch.

“So you’re where the soul I made ended up huh.”, S'roulad'oña asked with genuine curiosity.

Thalia jerked back as the woman before her tried to touch her chest. “Who are you? How did you get into my house?”

“Who am I?... Wait, Oh yeah that’s right only the others know I exist. Not to mention you mortals tend to forget about us overtime.

“Others?, who the fuck are you, I don’t want you pervs in my place.”, Thalia shouted.

S'roulad'oña laughed actually enjoying this. “People tend to not talk to me like that, not even the other gods.”, she said giggling.

“Gods?”, Thalia asked. “You mean you...?”

S'roulad'oña nodded and smiled, “Yeah I’m a Goddess, in fact more than that I actually made you.”

“Made me, what do you mean? I have a mom and a dad, scratch that. You called yourself a god. Hold up either put on some damn clothes or get out of my place.”, Thalia said trying to push S'roulad'oña as hard as she could now, but again causing no movement despite S'roulad'oña standing in a completely relaxed position.

“You have a problem with how I look”, S'roulad'oña asked. “That.. That’s a first no one's ever thought I looked bad before.”

“What no you look great I mean…”, Just then the Goddess snapped her fingers and was instantly wearing what Thalia would consider normal clothing, at least on someone with this Goddesses figure.

“You… you just…”, she said her mouth hanging open.

“As I said I’m a Goddess. You happen to be the only soul I ever created. My name is S'roulad'oña, at least that’s the closest I can get without speaking in the divine tongue.”

“Sa.. rou, la-who-now?”, Thalia questioned.

“It’s my name, I even dumbed it down into your language for you, it shouldn’t be too hard to..”

“How about I just call you Roula?”, Thalia said.

“Roula?, what in the hell is that?”, The confused, but no longer bored Goddess asked.

“Well my pappoo used to call my cousins and I that when we were misbehaving, and it was in your name, so for my sake can I at least call you that, this whole thing is screwy and I feel like I’m going to pass out.”

“Roula.. My names S'roulad'oña, a new name? That could be fun actually.”, The Goddess said her face smiling. “Do humans do that a lot. Oh also what’s a pappoo?”

“Okay this is not going well at all. Look you can stay for a bit, but please sit down I’ll answer your questions if and explain what’s going on here.”, Thalia said facepalming.

“Wait you’re not just going to explain, that’s odd. What, what do you even call this?”, Roula asked before sitting down in midair.

“Okay the clothes thing was already pushing it, sit on the couch please.”, Thalia said before Roula with a confused look teleported to the couch.
“Holy shit I did not need this today. Okay let’s start with the simple stuff. First off other names are common, we call them nicknames. Second Papaoo is what I call my Grandfather who is from Greece.”

Roula interjected. “What’s a Grandfather, also What is Greece?”

“It’s like I’m talking to a 5 year old.”, Thalia thought.

“Actually I’m 587 of your Human years old.”, Roula answered.

“I didn’t say that how did you?...”

“Oh I read your mind.”

“Okay right now we need to draw some boundaries. First off never read my mind again, that is rude on this planet. Second if you have a question please raise your hand, it’s, well.. Normal here to do that. Finally 587 years that’s a fucking lot.”

“Well actually I’m barely an adult, but thank you for saying that my parents still treat me like I’m a kid.”

“Okay let’s get back to your questions, first off you have a father correct.”

“Uh huh”

“Well a Grandfather is your father’s father”

“I don’t follow”

“You know before your dad was alive he had a mother and father and..”

“No Father has always been alive, as were mother, and my uncles and Aunts.”

“Oh, so does that mean that the Greeks were right and the void just spawned the gods, well the primeval ones anyway.”

Roula raised her hand, “What’s a Greek, also They always existed, Mother and Father spawned the first universe and with it the concept of time.”

Thalia shook her head, “Okay that’s a lot to take in.” She knew better than to ask farther into this as it would just add more to the ever growing list of questions she has to answer at this point. “Okay a Greek is a person from Greece, it is a country here on Earth.”

“Country?... What’s that?”, Roula asked raising her hand again.

“I’m going to be here all night and not get my own questions answered aren’t I.”, Thalia realized. “A country is a land with defined borders and governed by people who live inside those borders.”

Roula raised her hand, “Part of a planet, people care about something so insignificant?”

“The Gods really don’t think a lot of us do they.”, Thalia thought. “Okay just lightning round this and get to your questions.”

“Yes it means more to us mortals, unlike you guys it’s all we have.”

“Yes there’s a lot of other planets, but we like our own and a lot really only care about their part of it.

“Also 587 years is like 20 generations of people.”

“A generation is like your father and mother to you. You’d be a 2nd generation, now imagine that 18 or more times.”

“Now if I’ve answered most of your questions please let me ask you some.”, Thalia said breathing hard.

Roula just looked at the woman smiling. “You seem to know a lot, what’s your name by the way.”

“My name… My name is Thalia Iris Baros”, Thalia said confused.

“Thaliairisesbaros”, Roula said giggling. “That names as long as mine is, I don’t know why you complained. Oh I know I’ll call you Thalia, see I can do nicknames too.”

“She’s a total airhead. Fuck it she’s answering your questions now, roll with it.”, Thalia thought.

“Uh yeah that sounds great. Any way you’re a Goddess right, so why are you here. You said you made my soul or something, but you didn’t even know my name.”, Thalia asked.

“Oh yeah I came to see you because I made your soul a while back, I’d say about a century. I don’t get to decide when that souls gets used that’s uncle’s job, but I felt that I should check on you.”, Roula explained.

“Wh… why do I have something you want me to do or some destiny or something?”, Thalia asked worried the Goddess had something crazy planned to do with her.

“Oh no I was just bored with what i was doing and randomly remembered you existed.

Thalia was Relieved but also insulted, “Wait so you made my soul with nothing in mind or anything.”

“Nope. Just was forced to do it and didn’t really care.”

Thalia fell back into her seat defeated. She’d had an interesting time to say the least. Finding out about the actual true origins and secrets of the universe was one thing, but also being explained those forces really didn’t care that much was a soul shattering affair.

“So let me get this 100% straight the Goddess that made my soul did it only because she was forced to and she didn’t even bother to add any plans to the process.”

Roula shrugged, “Well first off she is right here, I mean i made sure you’d be a girl, but if I was going to say I had anything else in mind it was to make you nothing like me.”, Roula said pointing to her body and hair.

Thalia blushed, “Hey I’m perfectly secure with my body, if I’m the opposite of you then you must be jealous all the time.

“W.. wow, is.. Is this what being insulted feels like?”, Roula asked herself. At first it looked like she was going to get upset, but then she just started to laugh. “You know you’re really something, I may not have put much thought into it, but you seemed to have turned out alright small tits.”, she said with the biggest most genuine smile Thalia had ever seen.

Thalia didn’t know how to react. She’d been simultaneously insulted, but also received a compliment from the most important being she personally would ever meet for her own life. Suddenly she ran into the other room.

“What are you doing?”, Roula asked.

“Getting stuff for painting”, Thalia shouted before a loud noise was heard.

Roula being curious teleported into the room and saw a bunch of odd items all over the floor. “What’s painting?”, she asked hand raised as Thalia panicked at Roula suddenly being next to her.

“Can’t you just use a door like a normal person?”, Thalia shouted.

“What’s a door?”, Roula asked raising her hand.

“Really universe, you sent this my way.”, Thalia thought before remembering who she was dealing with was beyond the universe.

“Okay first”, Thalia said walking to the entrance of the room. “This is a door, humans use them as barriers between rooms, teleporting to a room is not normal, humans go through these instead.

“Oh okay”, Roula said before literally going through the door. After doing so she phased her head into the room again. “Like that?”

“Okay get back in here.”, Thalia said facepalming. “First when I said go through them I meant you open the door like this”, she said turning the knob and opening the door.

“Really that seems like more effort than to just go through it.”, Roula said.

“Well human can’t do that, here try opening it yourself.”, Thalia said.
Roula put her hand and the door and turned the knob, before accidentally pushing just a bit to hard and pulled the door and part of the frame out. “Did I do it right?”, Roula asked.

“I… you… Fuck!”, Thalia said trying to get her anger out and knowing this Goddess before her wasn’t someone that would understand her anger. “She implied she could make a universe so maybe”, she thought. She spoke with a slightly raised passive aggressive voice, ““Roula could you put that back the way it was.”

“Sure”, Roula said Moving the whole door into place and it being instantly fixed.

“Okay now do it very very gently”, Thalia said.

Roula opened the door and to Thalia’s surprise didn’t break anything. Thalia breathed a sigh of relief and turned her attention back to what she was doing before.

“What’s all that?”, Roula asked hand raised.

“Art supplies for painting”, Thalia said grabbing a couple canvases.

“What is art, also you still haven’t told me what painting is.”, Roula said floating above Thalia.

“Okay painting I’ll show to you, but explaining what art is, well let’s just say humans have argued that for to long. Since you’re in here could you help me move the rest of this stuff to the living room.”

“Okay”, Roula said with a smile.

Thalia looked back and saw that everything was out of the room already. She stuck her head out of the the door and saw skid marks. “What did you do?”

“I ran them to the living room like you said.”, Roula said with a smile. “Did I do good?”

“I… yes you did good, but please put the floor back the way it was.”, Thalia said.

Thalia set up two stands and set a tarp for any mess. Roula was sitting in the chair very confused by what she was looking at.

“Why are we doing this?”, Roula asked.

Thalia didn’t want to explain it in detail but did as good an explanation she wanted too. “Okay we’re going to be painting, it’s where you talk this stuff right here called paint, dip your brush in it and then you put it on the canvas. Just remember to dip your brush in the water there to clean your brush before using a different color. As for why we’re doing it, well I believe when you’re feeling something emotional, good or bad that’s the best time to do art.

“I don’t get it”, Roula said looking at the stuff in front of her.

“Okay let me put it this way, you’ve created stuff out of thin air and turned one thing into another right?”, Thalia asked.

“Well yeah”, Roula replied

“It’s like that, but you don’t change or make anything you just arrange the paint in the way you want using only the brush. Go on try to make the first thing you can think of.”, Thalia said.

The second Roula put the brush in the paint and started painting what she was thinking of. It was exhilarating, she hadn’t felt like this in centuries. She was actually having fun, normally she’d just snap her fingers and make anything happen. But she was actually just wasting some time doing things the hard way. It gave her a certain satisfaction that she couldn’t remember feeling. “Done”, Roula said after a few minutes.

Thalia looked and couldn’t believe what she was looking at it was one of if not the most perfect and beautiful paintings she had ever seen. “Wow that’s incredible, I wish I had your powers for that.”, Thalia said looking at a painting of the Galaxy in impeccable detail.

“Actually I didn’t use my powers at all, it was just to fun.”, Roula said.

“You’re kidding, I don’t want to believe that, but you might be the most talented painter I’ve ever seen.”, Thalia said.

“I mean we God’s are just better in every way”, Roula said her pride instilled into her by her father shining through. She saw Thalia with a forced smile on her face, and felt a bit concerned. “I mean what did you paint, I want to see.”

“Well I didn’t know what to paint so it’s just a blank canvas.”

Roula felt conflicted as she did love that she was better on her first try, but she did want to see what Thalia was going to paint. Thalia actually gave a more genuine smile suddenly. “I got it”, Thalia said before just showing the blank canvas again to Roula.

“You didn’t paint anything still”, Roula said pouting.

“No see it’s like what you did with me, you didn’t want to give me anything, so in a way I’m the blank canvas.”, Thalia said smiling.

Roula didn’t know was happening. She should be upset about the lack of Painting, but in this moment the Blank canvas was in her mind more important than the painting she made. What’s more she didn’t know if she felt like the winner here.

“Hey let’s trade”, Roula suggested as they traded paintings.

Roula was at a loss for words at that moment thinking about things, when all of a sudden she heard her mother's voice. “Looks like I need to go”, Roula said saying goodbye to her human and disappearing.

Thalia breathed a sigh of relief. “Well that was fucking crazy, but I’m glad it’s over.”, she said to herself before preparing for bed.

Roula arrived at her home. A realm of pure light coming from the collective power of all of her race. She spawned in front of her parents, having the canvas she’d gotten from Thalia in her hands. Her parents looked down at her and looked angry.

“Why did you stop observing the galaxy as we instructed you”, Roula’s mother asked.

“I was bored and wanted to find something else to do”, Roula said unrepentant.

“Daughter you know better then to ignore your duty.”, her father said back. “What were you doing that you felt so inclined to ignore your job.

“If you must know I was curious what happened to that soul I was forced to make as part of me training.”, Roula said annoyed by this conversation already.
“Oh great I hope you wiped it out, I only allowed that to be made to appease the more weak members of the family.”, Roula’s father said.

“Now Oserbik remember, we may be the most powerful, but if you anger everyone we could be removed from leadership.”, Roula’s mother said.

“S'roulad'oña is more powerful than all those fools put together, just let them try to take her birthright. Still S'roulad'oña please tell me the soul is gone”, He said.

“No Thalia is still alive.”, Roula said.

“Thalia, you mean you named her”, He said getting angry. “Don’t tell me your going soft like those pathetic cousins of yours.”

“Of course not Father, it’s just… well Thalia didn’t seem so bad, she was actually pretty fun.”, Roula said.

“Fun!!!, You are a Goddess, the future ruler of all that your parents and family have created. You have not only surpassed us in power, but could one day overpower every God combined. You need to focus on your duty, not wasting time on some mortal, much less having fun with one.”

“I am in agreement with your father. S'roulad'oña, you must work harder on learning you duties so that you can replace us in time. Mortals may be allowed at this point, but to interact with one, you are royalty, you must not spend time among specks.”, her mother said.

“Roula!!!”, She shouted back. “My name is Roula”, she pouted.

“What are you talking about you foolish girl, your name is S'roulad'oña”, her parents replied in unison. A tactic that has gotten Roula to fall back in line her whole life.

“No not anymore, She called me Roula, I liked it. Doing things like a normal speck it was fun. Proving I’m better than them, by doing things their way. The feeling of winning was over shown by the pointlessness. Wasting effort and time to do something so mundane, it was fun.”

“This human has clearly gotten to you, she’ll be destroyed instantly and…”, her father started.

“YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING TO HER EVER!”, Roula shouted with the full weight of her powers.
“Foolish Girl, why would you protect something so insignificant.”

Roula threw the blank canvas at her parents feet. “They don’t have important grand destinies, they just struggle through life on what ultimately is nothing, but you know what they have but I haven’t. She pointed to the picture, the freedom to choose what they want to make, to do what they want, I want that, and I’m going to do what I want from now on.” Roula then teleported away leaving an impossible loud bang that could shatter a universe behind her.

“Damn it S'roulad'oña!!!” Her father screamed.

“Hold on dear, you know we can’t do anything directly at this point. We’ll have to try other means.”, her mother suggested ominously.

-Cut to Thalia in bed-

“Well this was probably the most bizarre day ever, but at least it’s over. I just hope Roula never come back and…”

Just then a bright light and excited giggle sprung her out of bed. “Hey Thalia!!!” Roula shouted being greeted by Thalia punching her in the face. “Ouch!!!”, Thalia screamed holding her hand.

“What are you doing here again?”, Thalia shouted.

“Oh I kind of told my parents off and said I wanted to live my life, so if it’s not to much trouble can I stay here for a bit.”, She said raising her hand.

“You did what?!!!”, Thalia shouted. “You just pissed off the people that made.. Well everything and came to my place.

“Oh don’t worry they can’t make me leave or do anything to you, I already stopped that.”, Roula giggled. “Hey could you show me some other stuff like painting, you seem to know lots of really fun stuff to do.”

“I’m in hell”, Thalia said out loud.

“No if we were Uncle would be here.” Roula giggled.

“I could say no right, and she’ll just leave.”, Thalia thought. “What am I saying she’s a Goddess. Not to mention she just got some Gods pissed off and if she’s not here…”
“Fine you can stay”, Thalia said begrudgingly.

“YEAH!!!” Roula said flying straight up through the roof and landing back by creating a second hole in the roof.

Thalia groaned, “Oh shit what have I agreed too.”
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