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Make your own deffinition!
I've never been cool,
don't know how to be.
Haven't a clue
how to even try.
But you don't care
and you think I am.
How cool is that!

Out at the bar
on a Saturday night.
The girls all trying
to be what they're not.
The guys all trying
with all that they've got--
to us, none of them are cool.

Since day one I've never felt
the need to act a certain way.
I stepped on your toes
the first time we danced--
you didn't care,
just swung me around
and I felt something utterly new.

By the end of the song,
If You Would Love Me Now
I did and -- and so did you. It
felt right, as did you when we left at two,
talked in the parking lot all night.
The urge, the pull had us both --yet
we decided to wait. I was cool with that.

Thirty-four years later I hear a song
and I found it odd, sad-- to be sure.
Never felt the need to act a certain way
around our friends that wasn't day by day.
We created our own kind of cool, you see,
You did you and I did me. Our friends
are cool like that. So are we.

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