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The very start of Ukraine and Canada's relationship
It was a sunny spring day in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Amongst the people walking around, one could find a young woman wearing a purple business shirt, matching skirt, a red business jacket, a red beret, and thigh high boots. This woman's name was Madeleine Williams, or Canada. As she walked along the sidewalk to go to a world meeting, there was a spring in her step and a smile on her face.
As Madeleine turned to stop at a park, simply to admire the view, she spoke aloud. "Ukraine is beautiful."
She was so distracted by the scenery in the park that she didn't notice or hear someone walk up behind her. "Da, my lands are beautiful," the personification of Ukraine said, and the Canadian female jumped. "Sorry about zhat," the other woman said.
The two stood in silence for a moment before Madeleine spoke up. "My name is Madeleine Williams. What's yours?"
Ukraine took a moment to reply. "My name is Katyusha Chernenko. After zhe vorld meeting is over vith, vould you like to come over and have some dinner?" There wasn't even a hesitation.
"Yes, please." Canada replied.
A few hours later, the two women exited the building, and got into Katyusha's truck. It wasn't up to date, but it was all the Ukrainian had been able to afford. Thirty minutes passed, and the two had finally arrived at Ukraine's small, but comfortable home.
"Sorry about zhe vait," the Ukrainian said. "It vill take a while to cook zhe borscht, so feel free to hold yourself over vith somezhing."
Madeleine, lost in wonder at Ukraine's home, didn't hear her. Roughly twenty minutes later, she was broken out of her stupor by her stomach growling at her, and the smell of wonderful food.
Her mouth watering, Canada walked into the kitchen. "Nyet, nyet!" Katyusha scolded gently. "It is my responsibility to make sure zhat you get your food first!" Humming, the Ukrainian gently scooped some borscht into a bowl for Madeleine, who gratefully accepted it.
Eagerly, she gently dipped a spoon into the hot soup, eagerly eating it as Katyusha prepared her own, smaller bowl. "Thank you," Canada said politely after she'd finished eating. "This was very delicious." Then she burped, and a blush covered her face as she quickly said, "excuse me," and looked down.

"Not your fault," the Ukrainian replied. "It happens." The two countries looked at each other, and they were lost in each other's eyes for a moment. The wind howled, and Katyusha glanced out the window. "Looks like a storm is rolling in. Ve vill have to stay here for zhe night," she said.
"Alright," the Canadian yawned. She was starting to feel a little tired, and she quickly strode off to bed. Katyusha sighed, her aqua blue eyes following the cute Canadian as she too retired for the night.
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