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by Izumi
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Romance/Love · #2250408
there is a new student in the school
“Hey Izumi,” Fuyumi said as she ran to her best friend.

“Oh hey Fuyumi what’s up?” Izumi asked

“Did you hear about the new student?” Fuyumi asked

“Yes I did, I heard that they will be in our class.” Izumi responded
The girls heard the bell and went to class and in the beginning of class they got to hear about the new girl. They also found out she will sit at their table in class.

The lunch bell was about to ring, and Izumi and Fuyumi wanted to ask if the new girl would like to sit with them at lunch. They went and asked if she wanted to and she said she would love to. As soon as the lunch bell rang they all started down the hall to the lunch room and thought something was off. “I feel like someone is watching us, but let’s not worry about that.” Izumi said, ...

The girls separated from each other but Fuyumi was unsure if it was smart to part ways at the moment

A few minutes later they heard sounds and went to check it out

“HEY! STOP IT!” a voice called from down the corridor, the two girls ran down the corridor to see a bunny girl on the floor covered in her own blood.

“Hey are you ok?” Izumi asked

The bunny girl looked up to see the two girls and then she fell unconscious then Izumi picked the bunny girl up in bridal style and carried her to the nurse's office. Izumi looks up, her eyes catching the nurse's glance.

“Is she alright? It all happened so fast, I barely even saw what happened. Oh, I don't like it when others are hurt. It all happened in the blink of an eye. ” Izumi frantically said

“Izumi... Izumi. Izumi!” Fuyumi said as she tried to comfort her friend she walked over to Izumi and hugged her.

“She's gonna be ok.” Fuyumi said

“I know that I’m just worried about her.” Izumi said.

“I know that but she's going to be okay.” Fuyumi said

After a few minutes of comforting Izumi the bunny girl started to wake up

“Where am I?” the bunny girl asked

“Why does my head hurt?” she asked

“You were out for a while, I was worried for a while, I've calmed down now that you're safe.” Izumi smiled.

“Oh! By the way, my name is Kiki.” the bunny girl explained

“Izumi, it's nice to meet you.” she replied.

“Although I wish we could have met under different circumstances.” Fuyumi muttered

“But we're glad you're alright! We were so worried about you!” Izumi smiled, replying to Fuyumis' comment.

“Fuyumi, can you stay positive for once?” She mumbled, elbowing Fuyumi lightly.

It was around this point that Kiki started to get a small blush on her face.

“Ee, didn't mean to embarrass you.” She smiled.

“You didn’t embarrass me.” Kiki stated

“Then, why are you blushing? You don't have a crush on me, do you?” She blushed.

“More like the both of you” Kiki said quietly, hoping they wouldn’t hear her.

“Anyway, what class are you heading to next, Kiki?” Izumi asked

“I'm heading to english at the moment.” she responded

“Oh! Me too, I hope to see you there!” Izumi blushed slightly

“Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we won't be seeing her at all as she has two broken legs.” Fuyumi said

“Well, how was I supposed to know that? I’m not a psychic.” Izumi stated

“You literally have that ability.” Fuyumi said

Izumi grumbled, her tail twitched back and forth. She blushed and covered her ears

“Fuyumi, my powers only work at night.”

“Right, I forgot.” Fuyumi said

“Don't you live with me, dummy.” She bumped her sister slightly, turning red.

“Hey.” Fuyumi replied, elbowing her back.

The whole time this was going on Kiki was just laughing internally. Izumi blushed.

“Well, I better get going, I'm gonna be late.” She said, covering her face, her collar jingling as she ran. She carried her books in her arms.

“See you later kiki!!” Izumi called

“Why does she like that girl so much?” She mumbles, storming off.

“You like her too, Fuyumi!” Izumi mumbled.

“Shut up, Izumi!” Fuyumi responded

The next day. Izumi runs downstairs, so she could wait for her sister to come downstairs.

Twenty minutes passed when Fuyumi eventually came down from her room to see that her little sister had made breakfast for her.

She quickly ate her breakfast then she ran back up to her room and got her uniform on and the two went to school.

Once the two girls arrived at the school they went to their class and went in to see Kiki who has braces on both of her legs.

She has green eyes and blue hair and is wearing a purple sundress and a purple flower clip in her hair, when the two girls see her, the both of them blush.

“Oh, Kiki! It's so good to see you!” Izumi said as she breathes deeply trying to get rid of her blush

“It's nice to see you too, Izumi,” Kiki replied, her face the same shade of pink as the inside of her ears.

“Why aren't you wearing your uniform today, you probably look terrific in it.” Fuyumi and Izumi said in unison.

“I don’t have it yet.” Kiki replied

“Right, I forgot the school doesn't have them ready for a week.” Izumi replied.

The two sat down and waited for their teacher and when they arrived they taught them for about 45 minutes.

The bell rung and the students head to go to lunch when Kiki tries to get up, she falls over and Izumi runs to help her.

“Are you okay?” Izumi asks

“Yeah my legs just hurt that's all.” Kiki replies

Izumi helps Kiki get back on her feet and she supports her so they can get to lunch.

“What took you so long?” Fuyumi asks

“She fell.” Izumi responds

“Oh.” Fuyumi said

“Well are you okay?” Fuyumi added

“Yeah I’m fine.” Kiki responded

“That's good I guess…” Fuyumi said

“I'm hungry, can we get some food please?” Kiki asked

“Sure.” Izumi said.

The three friends went to get their food from the cafeteria, then they went up to the roof and ate their food.

Their meal consisted of steak, potato salad, and mashed potatoes.

After they finished eating a few people came onto the roof and when Kiki saw them she hid behind Izumi.

“Hay, what's wrong?” Izumi asked

Izumi looked at the new people on the roof to see the same person who had bullied her and her sister during their first years at the school.

Both Izumi and Fuyumi stood up as they wanted to protect their friend

“What do you want, Clara?” Fuyumi asked

“It's just like you two being friends with those in ranks lower than yourselves.” Clara said

Clara starts to walk towards the three girls and both Kiki and Izumi back up while Fuyumi walks forward.

“Go away, no one likes you.” Fuyumi says

“What are you talking about? Everyone likes me.” Clara retaliates

“I won’t let you hurt my friends again...Not any more.” Fuyumi declares

“What are you going to do about it? You have no powers afterall.” Clara taunts

“I don't need powers to fight back!” Fuyumi states

“And how are you going to fight with the strongest person in school if you have no powers?”

“I don't need them, I have this.” Fuyumi says threateningly as she levitates off the ground and her eyes turn white and a figure appears in front of her.

The figure has wings that of an angel along with the iconic angel halo.

A hairstyle similar to Fuyumi’s white hair with streaks of red, a face as beautiful as a rose, eyes green as the shiniest emeralds.

Fuyumi turns to her friends and smiles.

“I’ve got this go run and get some help!” Fuyumi says

“Fuyumi! Fuyumi, your powers are unstable! You can't take this much power, remember what happened the last time?” Izumi yelled

Fuyumi couldn't hear her, she was so focused on the girl in front of her, to realize what she was doing was wrong.

“Fuyumi! I know, she's the worst, but that's no reason to kill her is it? Please, Fuyumi, you're not like this! You're sweet, kind, and loving! ” Izumi bursts into tears yelling.

“I don’t intend to kill her just by putting her in her place.” Fuyumi said despite not being able to hear because she does in fact have a power but she is embarrassed by it and that is the ability to read minds.

“Fuyumi! P-Please, y-you're growing too powerful. ” She cried

Kiki froze, her eyes widened. Her entire body was shaking. Izumi hugged her friend. Her eyes were filled with tears.

“Don’t you remember Fuyumi, you hurt everyone around you with your powers!”

Fuyumi started blankly

Cassidy turned and looked at Izumi. “She will be fine. Izumi I won't let anything bad happen to Fuyumi. I won't let anything happen to my great granddaughter.” Cassidy said with a soft smile on her face

“Grandma Cassidy?” Izumi said softly

“I thought you were dead.”

Chapter two - Protection

“Oh, I love your curious young guardian, you see, Azure guardians live on through the next generations, we protect young guardians like you, whose powers are not fully developed.” Cassidy smiled.

“But, we're in no danger.” Izumi said.

“But you are Izumi.” Cassidy said.

Izumi stared deeply into her grandmother's emerald eyes.

“I know.” She responded, she felt calm, almost relaxed at her grandmother's presence, she suddenly felt something tug her forward. Her ruby earring turned into a big staff right before her eyes.

“But please, stop controlling her before you hurt my friends.” She said, holding the weapon out in front of her.

Cassidy smiled, letting her granddaughter rest, the entire school gasped, their eyes widened.

Izumi spun the staff in her hands and ran in front of a sleeping Fuyumi and pointed it at Clara.

The staff lit up and a thin purple beam of light emerged from the weapon, shocking Clara and just stared at Izumi.

She was hit by the magical ray of light and she fell back and she was stunned.

“Kiki go! Run to my house!” Izumi said and the staff in her hands turned back into her earrings and she ran to Fuyumi and picked her up and ran after Kiki.

Down the five flights of stairs and out the double doors of the building and they ran down the street.

Twenty Five minutes later they got to Izumi’s house and Kiki passed out and Izumi set Fuyumi on the couch and picked Kiki up in bridal style and brought her to her room and kissed her forehead.

And left to go get Fuyumi and she picked her up and brought her to Fuyumi’s room and set her on her bed.

Then Izumi left to go get clean bandages for Kiki and then she went back to her room where she took off Kiki’s iron splints off and removed the old bandages and replaced them with the new ones then she put Kiki’s iron splints back on.

Three hours later Kiki woke up to the smell of pumpkin soup. She went downstairs and saw Izumi cooking food.

“Oh you're awake here.” Izumi said as she filled a bowl of soup for Kiki and set it on the table then Kiki sat down at the table and started to eat her food.

“Thank you, Izumi.” Kiki thanked her friend

“You’re welcome” Izumi said, she smiled.

Izumi then realized that her lipstick had rubbed off on Kiki’s forehead when she had kissed her and she hoped she wouldn't connect the dots.

“Izumi?” Kiki asked

“Yeah Kiki?” Izumi responded

“You..um..nevermind” she lied, She looks so nervous, does she like me? She thought to herself.

Fuyumi woke up by this point, she had smelled the food, and got changed out of her school uniform. She went downstairs.

“Hey Izumi, why do you look so nervous?” Fuyumi asked and she only got her answer when Kiki turned around and she saw a kiss mark on her face.

“It’s nothing, honestly.” She blushed.

Fuyumi walked over to the sink and bent over and opened the cabinet.

She grabbed a paper towel and dampened it, then she walked over to Kiki and cleaned the lipstick off her face.

“You had something on your face.” Fuyumi said and she smirked

“Thank you.” Kiki said softly.

“Thank you, Fuyumi.” Izumi mouthed

“So, how’s the food?” Izumi said frantically, trying to steer away from the previous topic.

“So good thank you Izumi.” Kiki said

Izumi nodded, got another bowl and filled it with soup. She gave it to Fuyumi.

“So, what exactly happened earlier? Fuyumi asked.

Kiki’s eyes started to water and Izumi noticed this

“I don't think we should talk about it with our little sister in the room.” Izumi said, earning a cute squeak from Kiki and they all blushed.

“Why? Was it that bad?” Fuyumi asked

“Yeah it was pretty bad…” Izumi said

“It’s just, I remember feeling calm all of a sudden, I thought nothing of it, until I saw you holding a staff.” Fuyumi said

“And that's enough out of you, Fuyumi.” Izumi said.

Fuyumi sighed, tears in her eyes.

“ It's my power isn't it? Did I try to hurt Kiki earlier? Was anyone killed?” Fuyumi concerningly asked

Kiki had enough and she ran up to Fuyumi and kissed her

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t know what else to do,” Kiki said. Fuyumi blushed.

“You're fine Kiki. You're making me feel better.” Fuyumi said

“Wait, you mean you liked it!” Kiki said

“I sorta did. It made me feel warm.” Fuyumi blushed.

“Kiki, it’s sorta getting late, do you need a ride?” Izumi asked

“I feel like it’s a bad time to say I was evicted from my apartment today so I have nowhere to go.” Kiki said

“Well, you can stay with us, we have plenty of room.” Izumi said.
“Thank you so much Izumi.” Kiki said

“A...anything for a friend.” Izumi added.

“It would only be fair...” Kiki thought she ran up to Izumi and kissed her. Izumi blushed and she kissed back

“I guess you’re right.” She smiled.

Izumi signaled to KIki to follow her and she brought her to her new room.

“It’s so big!” Kiki said excitedly. She ran to the bed and jumped onto it

“Umm…” Kiki sighed

“What do you need?” Izumi asked

“Hehe… umm can you help me take off my splints, please?” Kiki pleaded

“Of course!” She smiled.

“Anything for a friend, well, girlfriend.” Izumi said with a bright blush on her face.

“Girlfriend?” Kiki asked with a confused look on her face

“Well I like you and you like me so therefore…” Izumi said

Kiki smiled, and she nodded.

Fuyumi walked into the room

“I have a gift for you, Kiki.” Fuyumi said

“A gift? I've never received anything from a friend before.” Kiki added quietly.

“Here you go.” Fuyumi said then she gave a small gift wrapped box to Kiki and she took it and then she opened it and inside the box was a purple book that read “Floral Guide” in bright golden letters.

“A floral guide?” Kiki asked

“I didn’t know what you liked. You're always wearing a flower in your hair, so I thought maybe you loved flowers.” Fuyumi stated

“I love flowers, thank you so much.” Kiki smiled.

“You're welcome, Kiki.” Fuyumi said

“Tomorrow we can go get some stuff for you to decorate your room.” Izumi said.

“Okay.” Kiki said

Fuyumi left Kiki’s room and she went to her room and went to bed

“Well, goodnight, Kiki!” Izumi smiled, blowing a kiss at Kiki. Kiki blushed.

“Goodnight Izumi.” Kiki said, putting her head on the pillow and her closed her eyes and went to sleep

“She wouldn't mind would she.” Izumi thought as she climbed into Kiki’s bed to snuggle her the Izumi went to sleep

As Izumi fell to sleep her surroundings changed and it was all blurry and she couldn’t see a thing, except for a silhouette of a woman, her hair almost looked like hers, except she was wearing a flowy dress, from what she could see.

She looked back at her. Izumi flew back, almost nervously, calling out to the young women.

“Hello?” Izumi called out

The woman smiled. She didn't say anything, it was almost like she wasn't really there. Izumi recognized her smile almost immediately.

“Mom?” She said softly. She tried running towards the woman, but she kept further away.

“Mom!” She cried

“Come back!” She cried. Her eyes were filled with tears. She then noticed something, she was holding the exact same staff she had earlier.

“She’s an Azure guardian too?” Izumi thought she fell down and collapsed and just cried and cried

“Mom, come back! Please!” Izumi pleaded

Then Izumi woke up sobbing and she was for an hour before Kiki woke up

“Hey what's wrong?” Kiki asked

“I...I want m-my mom b-back.” Izumi cried

“Shhh…” Kiki soothed Izumi and after the hour she finally got her back to sleep then she put her splints back on, then she went to Fuyumi’s room

“Fuyumi…” Kiki whispered not wanting to wake Izumi up she got closer to Fuyumi

“Fuyumi…” Kiki spoke again and Fuyumi woke up

“What is it Kiki?” Fuyumi asked

“Well I wanted to know more about Izumi’s mother…” Kiki asked
“Why do you want to know?” Fuyumi asked

“Well Izumi and I were sleeping in the same room and when she woke up she was sobbing then when I asked what was wrong, she just hugged me and said she wanted her mother back.” Kiki explained

“Oh...” Fuyumi sighed

“Well Izumi tends to have nightmares about her mother and she thinks if she can reach her. That she will come back even if it’s just for a day...” Fuyumi explained

“Oh, I’m sorry for asking.” Kiki said, she looked down

“It’s ok Kiki.” Fuyumi said.

“I understand.” She continued. She hugged her.

“I’m sorry.” Kiki silently cried

“It’s alright.” Fuyumi said. She smiled, comforting her. Kiki went back to her room and sat on her bed for a few hours.

Her hands on her lap. She waited for Izumi to wake up. She got a little bored, getting up a few times to check the time. Izumi eventually got up, and stretched.

“KIki, you're awake already?” Izumi asked.

Kiki nodded.

“You woke me up last night, and when I asked what was wrong you said something about your mother, I was worried so I asked Fuyumi about it.” Kiki replied.

“Yeah, I normally have dreams about my mother, I don’t like talking about her.” she said with tears in her eyes

“I get it, I wouldn't like to either. It honestly sounds sad.” Kiki said, hugging Izumi tightly. Izumi smiled, and she hugged her back.

“We should get ready for the day, besides, we're going to the store later today to get decorations for your room!” Izumi said with a smile.

“Oh, and groceries.” She replied, smiling.

“Right!” Kiki got Izumi to leave her room so she could get changed. A bit of time passes. They come downstairs to get breakfast, waffles with little strawberries on top, drizzled with syrup. Kikis eyes widened in wonder.

“Whoa.” She gasped.

“These look so good, who made these?” She asked, eating politely so as not to embarrass herself infront of her lovers.

“I'm guessing she's never eaten in a mansion before.” Fuyumi mumbled.

“Fuyumi!” Izumi yelled, blushing.

“Well, what else was I supposed to say?” Fuyumi shrugged.

“You could have kept your mouth shut…” Izumi said quietly

Fuyumi smirked.

Izumi ran over to Fuyumi and jumped on her, pulling her down to the ground.

“Izumi!” She laughed.

“What Fuyumi?” Izumi replied, she laughed.

“Get off me!” Fuyumi yelled.

“Nope!” Izumi laughed.

Fuyumi shoved her. Kiki finished her breakfast and she ran to her lovers and jumped on them.

“Let me have fun too!” She laughed, shoving Fuyumi, and tackling Izumi.

Izumi shoved Kiki back, they all laughed, tackling each other.

After an hour of this they all got off of eachother and went back to their rooms and got changed into their clothes.

When they came down they left the house and went to the store. Once they get there they split up, Fuyumi is going to get groceries, and Izumi and Kiki are going to get decorations for her room.

They were in the store for five hours.

It was around twelve o’clock when they got back to the mansion. Kiki and Izumi brought her new stuff up to her room and unboxed everything.

The entire room felt spacey, there was a large round pod style bed on the side of the room across from the bed that was already there.

Fairy lights strung from the ceiling, which illuminated the entire room in a blue light. They almost looked like stars. A painting or two hung on either side of the room.

By the time the girls had gotten the lights up it was almost dark outside

“It’s almost time to go to sleep, Kiki.” Izumi said

“If you want we can cuddle on the new bed, I know you have nightmares, Izumi.” Kiki offered

“I would like that Kiki.” Izumi said

Kiki crawled into her new bed and Izumi crawled in after her and the pair fell asleep. Kiki hugged Izumi tightly. Izumi fell asleep and the landscape faded to black and the ghostly figure appeared before her.

“Mom?” Izumi asked and unlike all the previous times she had that same nightmare her mother actually spoke to her

“Yes?” Her mother replied
“What happened to you?” Izumi asked with tears in her eyes

“Villains, Zumi.” She sighed

“What do you mean villains?” Izumi asked

“Have you ever heard the term the Demonic Abyss?” Her mother asked

“No?” Izumi said

“Unlike most, these people are driven by madness and greed. They want to rule all the world with their devilish reign, leaving darkness to consume our land. Our job, as the Azure Guardians, is to stop this darkness from spreading, with the power of Dreamsong, protector of light!” Her mother explained

“Mom, I still have one question…” Izumi asked but she never did get to ask her final question as she had woken up.

Chapter three - Izumi’s new Power

She started crying and she hugged Kiki tightly. Then Izumi felt a sharp pain in her back, she screamed and Kiki woke up

“Izumi, hey what's wrong?” Kiki asked and Fuyumi ran into the room and she asked what was wrong.

Izumi would speak if she could but the pain was too much for her to handle

“GIRLS PLEASE HELP ME!” Izumi screamed with tears rolling down her face.

“What's wrong with you Izumi!” the other two girls said in a panicked voice


“Right!” Kiki got out of her bed and ran to the living room and called the emergency responders.

“Hello, how can we be of service to you?” Dispatch asked

“Hi umm… my name is Kiki. My friend woke up screaming in pain and we don't know what's wrong with her. She said that her back hurts really bad.” Kiki said

“What's your friend's name, Kiki?” Dispatch asked

“Her name is Izumi” Kiki responded

“Where are you at?” Dispatch asked

“We are at 265-1056 Ashton Skillcaster.” Kiki responded

“Ok Kiki an ambulance will be dispatched in around forty minutes.” Dispatch said

After she hung up she ran back up to Izumi and when she got there she noticed that she was crying blood. She climbed out of bed and crawled to Kiki and grabbed her by the hips. Kiki then lifted Izumi up and carried her down to the living room and set her down on the couch.

It never did get better in the next thirty minutes.

Izumi's pain just kept growing.

It was another ten minutes before the ambulance got to the house and put Izumi on a stretcher and the three girls were transported to the hospital.

Nothing like this had ever happened before so no one knew what to do so Izumi was taken to the ER. she was probably in there for five hours.

She is now asleep in her hospital room with Kiki and Fuyumi. She starts to move a little and she grons.

“W-Where am I” Izumi said

“We are in a hospital, Izumi” Kiki says

“Oh…” Izumi sighs

Izumi sits up and her bed sheets fall out of the way and three pairs of wings can be seen but they can’t spread as they are bandaged too tightly. Kiki and Fuyumi are surprised and they blush.

“What is it?” Izumi asks innocently

“Y-You h-have wings.” Kiki stumbles

“Really?” Izumi looks behind her and sees that yes she does have three pairs of wings. She seems almost happy with herself then a doctor comes into the room

“She was in so much pain because of those wings we had to cut several slits into her back to stop the pain so they could be free, if we hadn’t her back would have been ruptured and she could have died.” he said

The three girls were shocked and Izumi started to cry and Kiki ran over to her and hugged her tightly.

“So when can she leave?” Fuyumi asked

“In one week at best. And even once she gets home she will have to stay home for at least two weeks” the doctor said

“Oh...” The three girls said

“In any case, you two should leave. I'm sure that you’ll need sleep after what’s happened here tonight.” the doctor said

Kiki and Fuyumi looked at each other then at Izumi and then they nodded.

“Well we aren’t going anywhere, we are staying right here with our girlfriend.” Kiki said

The doctor just smiled and nodded then he left. The two girls went to the chairs and sat down and fell asleep.

When Izumi tried to get up she managed to, although very painful she went over to Kiki and Fuyumi and kissed them on the forehead, then she went back to her bed and went to sleep.

A nurse came into the room and noticed that the two girls were having trouble sleeping.

The nurse left to get some heated blankets for the girls, when she came back she had a second with the nurse her the second nurse had brought in a second bed.

The two nurses carried Fuyumi and Kiki onto the bed and gave the blankets to the girls then in a motherly way they tucked the two girls into bed.

The two nurses would come back into the room periodically to change the blankets with new and warmer ones.

In the morning Izumi was the first to wake up, she noticed how cute her lovers were as they slept together. After she stopped admiring her lovers she limped down the hall and she found a nurse and she helped Izumi down to the cafe and got food for the girls and she helped Izumi bring the food back to her room.

When Izumi got back to her room she thanked the nurse and said she could take it from there but the nurse shook her head and she helped Izumi get back into bed and she prepared the food for the girls.

Kiki and Fuyumi woke up to the wonderful smell of the food.

“That smells so good” Kiki said

“Yeah what is it?” Fuyumi asked

“Steak, with mashed potatoes, ooh we also have chicken noodle soup!” Izumi replied.

Kiki got up first and walked over to the food and the nurse noticed Kiki’s iron braces

“If you like, I can take a look and see if you’re able to walk without your braces?” the nurse offered

“If you can I would love that but after we eat I’m hungry.” Kiki responded

Izumi nods.

“I would too, but yeah, after we eat, I'm starving!” Izumi replied.

The girls eat their food, Kiki sits down on one of the chairs and the nurse takes off her braces and to the surprise of everyone her legs are still broken.

She was still happy though, but everyone was still worried even though it was just a little. Truth be told she actually has the power of accelerated healing although she can use it on others but it is mentaly draining for her.

“Kiki...” Izumi said softly.

“Does she have any powers?” the nurse asked

“Yes I do, accelerated healing.” Kiki responded

“If so, you should have been healed a while ago.” Fuyumi said

“I am actually…” Kiki admitted softly.

“You are actually what, Kiki?” Fuyumi questioned

“Unable to heal them.” Kiki replied quietly.

Lucky for Kiki no one heard what she said, although she thought Fuyumi heard her.

“Even if it was healed, I like to wear my braces. It shows people that even the weakest of people can still fight…” Kiki said

“That sounds like a wonderful idea kiki.” Izumi said

Fuyumi nodded and smiled then Fuyumi got out of bed and went to sit at the table. Fuyumi started to eat the food that was laying on the table. Kiki did the same thing.

After everyone ate Izumi was given the choice to use a wheelchair or crutches and she had chosen the wheelchair. Then a nurse asked if she could check on Izumi's wings and of course Izumi being the sweet girl she is she said okay. The nurse removed Izumi's bandages and her wings spread. Izumi smiled and she started to cry. Then a halo appeared and it glowed so magically.

“You look so beautiful” the nurse said and Fuyumi and Kiki blushed

“But anyway ahead of your healing time if you’re lucky you can leave by tomorrow.” she said

“If it’s ok i would like to stay with you for your stay here.” she added

“Okay.” Izumi said with a smile

“Thank you sweetheart.” the nurse said as she rolled Izumi into the cafeteria of the hospital

“I wish I could hide my fallen angel and demon wings…” Izumi thought then as if her wish had come true, her wings seemed to fuse together and only her angel wings could be seen. Then everyone in the room turned to look at her

“How did you do that?” Kiki asked

“I don’t know…” Izumi replied

“Where did that halo come from?” Kiki asked

Izumi shrugged and then she smiled

Chapter 4 - learning to use her powers

It has been a few weeks since Izumi got admitted into the hospital. Izumi is still in the hospital as something came up and she had to stay for a few weeks.

Fuyumi came into Izumi’s room

“Hey, Izumi, how are you today?” Fuyumi asked as she walked over to Kiki who was sleeping in the spare bed in the room

“I’m doing alright.” Izumi said

“That's good.” Fuyumi said as she shook Kiki to wake her up

“What is Fuyumi…” Kiki asked

“It’s my turn to take care of Izumi and besides you look so tired you really should go home and get some proper sleep.” Fuyumi stated

“As much as I appreciate your concern, I really don’t feel tired.” Kiki said

“Really, cause your facial expression says otherwise.” Izumi said

“No really I’m fine.” Kiki retorted

“Kiki, really you need to get some sleep.” Izumi said

“No, I will not go home besides, it’s so lonely at home.” Kiki said

“You want to cuddle don’t you…” Izumi said

“Maybe.” Kiki responded

Izumi sighed “Come here Kiki.” she said

Kiki got out of her bed and went to Izumi’s bed then she climbed into it. Then Izumi pulled Kiki closer and Fuyumi walked closer and pulled the blankets over her two lovers. Then Fuyumi left the room and stood in the hallway where she lifted her arm and rolled up the sleeve she stared at her arm which had turned a dark purple.

“It’s for the best that they don’t know that this can’t be healed using any means whatsoever.” Fuyumi mumbled

“Maybe I should find a nurse and see if I can get this fixed, I don’t want to worry the girls.” Fuyumi added

Then Fuyumi wandered the halls looking for a nurse after a few minutes she finally found a nurse

“Excuse my but I kinda need some help. Do you mind taking a look at something for me?” Fuyumi asked

“Sure” the nurse replied

Fuyumi smiled then she rolled up her sleeve and showed the nurse her arm then the nurse held Fuyumi’s arm and moved it around.

“It is definitely broken… what happened, how long has it been broken?” the nurse asked
“It has been broken for around maybe two years…” Fuyumi said

“Oh well we should probably get you into surgery then.” the nurse said

“Well alright...” Fuyumi said

The nurse motioned to Fuyumi to follow her and she went to an ER and got changed in a surgical gown. Fuyumi then laid down on the operating table. The nurse left to go get some other doctors to help her with the surgery. Five minutes later she came back with three other doctors. Fuyumi was a little nervous as she had never had a surgery performed on her before and she was also really scared. She was so scared that she started to cry.

“You’ve never done this before, have you?” the nurse asked

Fuyumi just shook her head

“Its ok child I was also scared the first time too” the nurse said

“By the way my name is Mina” she added

“Ok, Mina.” Fuyumi replied.

Then one of the doctors came over and placed a mask over Fuyumi’s mouth and nose. Fuyumi got scared again and she cried harder. She reached her hand out to grab Mina’s hand and she let her do that. Twenty seconds later Fuyumi’s grip on Mina's hand loosened and Fuyumi was out cold. One of the doctors went and grabbed a scalpel to cut open fuyumi’s arm.

“How bad is it?” Mina asked

“The bone is fractured in so many places it’s no wonder that after two years it hasn't healed.” one of them said

Back in Izumi’s room Kiki’s bracelet glowed red then a hologram of fuyumi appeared and Kiki gasped and then she woke Izumi up and told her what was happening and then Kiki ran to find Fuyumi. As Kiki ran she typed Fuyumi’s name into her watch and a wall of text appeared

“Name: Fuyumi
Status: unconscious
Body status: being tampered with” the watch read

Kiki the pulled out her phone and called Izumi

“Hello, Kiki” Izumi answered

“She is unconscious and someone is messing with her body, and I can’t find her anywhere.” Kiki said frantically

“What do you mean?” Izumi said

“I don't know.” Kiki said then Kiki hung up and she continued to run until she found a nurse

“Excuse me but my girlfriend went missing not too long ago. Could you help me find her please?” Kiki asked

“Of course I can, let's start with going to the reception lobby, okay?” the nurse said then the two of them hurried to the main lobby of the hospital were Kiki asked about fuyumi and two things happened one the entire hospital was put on lock down and two all the staff that were not doing anything were sent out to look for Fuyumi surely with over one hundred people looking someone would find her.

Chapter five

After some time one of the hospital staff got the idea to check the Emergency rooms. They noticed that only one was being used as the doctor was about to go in the light turned off. The doctor peered into the room to see a nurse lifting a young girl off the operating table and onto a bed where the nurse rolled the girl out of the room and the doctor outside the room helped push the bed. It was only once they got the girl into a vacant room that he realized who he was looking at the girl he was looking at was in fact the same girl that he was looking for.

"Kiki I think i found her..." he said over a radio

"What room are you in?" Kiki asked

"We are in room B-340" the doctor said

Kiki put down her radio and then she called Izumi

"Izumi I found her" Kiki said

"where is she?" Izumi asked

"she is in room B-340." Kiki said then she hung up and she ran to Fuyumi. once she got there she rushed to Fuyumi's side and as she was about to touch her Mina grabbed her hand

"I wouldn't do that if I were you..." Mina said

"And why is that" Kiki squeaked

"Well she just got out of surgery and she is still recovering." Mina explained

"What do you mean surgery." Kiki exclaimed

Mina then walked over to Fuyumi and uncovered her arm so Kiki could see that she had a cast on her arm
"her arm?" Kiki questioned

"It was broken beyond natural and magical repair." Mina explained

"Oh." Kiki looked down

After a few hours Fuyumi started to wake up
"Where am I?" she asked then she remembered what had happened and she started to tear up then she started to cry really hard

"Hey whats wrong Fuyumi?" Kiki asked

then Fuyumi looked over at Kiki and she smiled briefly then she sobbed harder. She then reached out to Kiki. Kiki walked over to Fuyumi and Fuyumi tried to grab Kiki but limitedly recoiled as her broken arm had still not recovered. Kiki climbed into Fuyumi's bed and she hugged the girl Fuyumi sat up and hugged back and she cried into Kiki's shoulder. Then Mina left to go get Izumi.
After a few minutes Mina finally found Izumi's room and she helped her into a wheelchair then she brought her to Fuyumi's room. Once they were inside the room Mina helped Izumi to get to Kiki and Fuyumi.

“I-Izunia…” Fuyumi cried

“Izunia?” Izumi thought

"What happened to your arm Fuyumi?" Izumi asked

"I've already asked that Izumi, she won't answer." Kiki stated

"All I know is that she had a surgery performed on her arm because it was broken and it wouldn't heal by any means of magic nor would it heal naturally." Kiki explained

"WHAT!" Izumi yelled
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