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Roz and Maggie take their annual trip to the cabin, but innocent fun turns dangerous.
A Trip to the Cabin

Roz couldn't wait for her husband, and her best friend's husband, to leave on their boy's four day fishing trip so she and her best friend, Maggie, could start heading up to the cabin they rented for those four days. The two couples had always been close, inviting each over for barbecues, sporting events, and just to hang out. But four years ago, the husbands went on a fishing trip while Maggie and Roz stayed behind.

The girls had a blast spending time with one another, just talking and laughing, while consuming as much wine as they liked, and why not? Both husbands were out there on a lake somewhere, chugging beer and telling lies. The brief separation was a welcomed buffer and had a positive effect on their marriages.

Roz snagged her phone from the kitchen table and called Maggie after their husbands had gone.

"Maggie, are you ready?"

"Oh, yeah. I can't wait to get up to that cabin. Are you packed and everything?"

"Yep. The car is loaded with food, clothes, and more than enough wine."

Maggie chuckled. "We won't have to worry about running out. I'm bringing even more wine plus two more bottles: tequila and Southern Comfort."

"What? Hard liquor? I'll make sure to bring some Tylenol and aspirin. I see headaches in our future."

"I sure hope so," Maggie said. They both laughed.

"Alright. I'll pick you up in a half hour, okay?"

"I'll be ready. See you then. Bye."


Roz set the security system, then locked the door. She hopped in the car, backed out, and headed toward Maggie's house. Neighborhood traffic was very light, and it only took fifteen minutes to arrive at Maggie's. Roz blew the horn, and Maggie stuck her head out.

"I'll be right there."

Roz exited the car and asked, "Do you need some help?"

"Just a little. Open your trunk." Roz obliged, then stepped inside Maggie's home.

Two small suitcases and three bags of groceries with alcohol sat by the door. She picked up the closest bag and headed back to her car. As she headed back inside to grab another bag, she passed by Maggie carrying her two small suitcases outside.

"You can put those on the back seat, if you want," Roz said.

"I will."

They passed each other twice more as they loaded the car. On Maggie's last trip, she locked the door while Roz started the car and waited for her to climb in.

"Well, you ready for this?" Roz asked.

"I'm always ready. You know that."

"I sure do. Let's get outta dodge."

"Woo-hoo! Let's do it."

The girls pulled away and headed outside the city limits, up into the forested hills that surrounded the town.

They hadn't visited the cabin in a year, so some cleaning needed to be done. As they drove up the dirt road, the rustic cabin came into view. Foliage had nearly smothered the cabin, but Roz wasn't concerned. Next year, the boys can use the cabin while the girls do something else.

She parked the car near the front deck, and everything still seemed in order. The chairs and table on the deck needed to be wiped down, and the bug zappers on each side of the deck were still there. She'd forgotten to take them down after their last visit.

As Roz took supplies inside, Maggie came out with two frozen strawberry daiquiri pouches, with straws sticking out.

"Here you go, girl," Maggie said with an enormous smile. "We're gonna get started right now!"

"Oh, so soon? I'm okay with that." Roz took the pouch and took a long sip. Five seconds later, she laid her palm on her forehead. "Dammit! Brain freeze!" Maggie spit out some of her drink upon hearing that.

No diets this weekend. The girls dug into their Subway sandwiches they'd purchased during the drive, and when they finished, the tequila was opened. They spent the rest of the afternoon chatting about anything that came to mind. Nothing was taboo, and they loved the freedom to discuss whatever they wanted.

They moved their little party out to the patio to watch the sun dive behind the evergreens. The clean breeze in the shade felt wonderful against the skin. Most of their conversations were innocuous and pretty silly, but there were some serious ones they shared. It was one reason for the separate trips.

The setting sun gave way to a starry sky peeking between the evergreens branches. Maggie went inside to pour more drinks while Roz plugged in the two bug zappers on each side of the porch. The fireflys were a beautiful sight but those buzzing by her ears bothered the hell out of her.

She heard Maggie scream!

Roz rushed into the house as Maggie screamed once again. It came from their bedroom. She darted to the bedroom and saw Maggie standing just outside the door, holding a drink.

"What's the matter?"

"A frog!"

"A what?"

Maggie pointed. "There's a frog on the floor."

Roz peeked around the corner and saw the frog perched on the floor with its throat pulsing rhythmically. "We can coax it outside. I'll get the broom."

Maggie giggled as she stayed behind to make sure the frog didn't hop away. When Roz returned with the broom, both women had a ball drinking and screaming each time the frog hopped away, until they eventually led it out the front door.

The girls continued giggling about their little adventure while taking their seats to see where the frog would go. The frog hopped beneath one of the bug zappers and sat there. As they continued their soft, light-hearted conversation, Roz saw sparks shoot from the zapper. Another dead bug. Before she could sit back, the frog's tongue jetted out and snatched up the dead bug.

"Did you see that?" Roz said.

"No. What?"

"The frog just ate a bug that got zapped."

"Really?" Maggie turned just in time to see another bug get zapped. Roz kept her eyes on the frog. It walked forward a couple of steps and let its tongue go to work. "Oh my god! That's amazing. Have you ever seen anything like that?"

"Never," said Roz. "They're using the zapper for a free meal. Pretty smart." The girls went back to their conversation.

An hour later, when Roz returned with fresh drinks, she noticed many frogs sitting below both zappers. "Maggie look. These frogs are smart."

Maggie stood up and stumbled a bit before catching herself. "I'm going to get a closer look. I love this nature crap." She took soft steps as not to scare the frogs away, then got down on all fours and crept closer. The zapper shocked another bug, and it fell close to Maggie. A frog gobbled it up. Maggie stuck out her hand.

"What are you doing, girl?" Roz said, with caution in her voice.

"I want to see if they'll try to eat my hand."

"You were just screaming about seeing one of them a little while ago. Now you want to touch them. Get back over here." Roz's voice held a serious tone. It was a stupid reason to lose a good buzz.

Roz heard rustling in the bushes surrounding the deck and took a quick look. It's probably some small animal looking for food. She turned her attention back to Maggie, whose hand was right next to one frog.

Maggie screamed.

"What?" Roz shouted.

"It's got me! One of the frog's tongues got me and it won't let me loose."

"Just shake it..."

Maggie screamed again. "Two more are sticking to my hand." She spilled her drink, and it poured through the slats of the deck onto the ground. Maggie panicked as more frogs assumed her hand was something to eat. Roz ran over to see how she could help, but stopped when a raccoon jumped up on the porch.

"Shit! Watch it, Maggie. There's a raccoon right there."

Maggie went to stand, but the raccoon darted up her leg to get a frog. Maggie tussled, and Roz tried to help, but Maggie's flailing and the raccoon's agility made it impossible. Two more raccoons appeared and climbed on Maggie. Roz was at a loss. The raccoon scratched and bit Maggie without stopping. Roz rushed back into the house to get the broom.

When she returned, she swung at the raccoons, but they refused to flee. Again, Roz heard some rustling near the porch. When she turned to look, two glowing eyes stared back at her. Then the sound of high-pitched yips met her ears. Three coyotes leaped onto the porch and attacked the raccoons and Maggie. She swiped the broom at them, but it agitated them more.

One coyote jumped on top of Roz and knocked her backward.

Their screams went unheard that night.

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