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by Ranuix
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2250496
This is just a fanfiction, Monster prom was not created by me but by "Beautiful Glitch"
At Spooky High in the chemistry class, a professor named W.W ( a ghost in sunglasses and a black hat) was asking random questions to
the students: "So, Mr. LaVey, could you tell me what ricin is, where can it be extracted and what can it be used for? "

"I don't know and I don't give a fuck." The demon boy replied with a cheeky smile.

"Okay, Mr. LaVey uses his usual burning responses, but I think his ass will burn too, when he spends the extra hours in detention." The ghost professor retorted without getting too angry, since he was used to Damien's kind replies.

"Eh, who cares." Damien answered instead, without stopping to smile.

"Polina Geist? Do you know the answer to the question?"

"Of course Mr. White! Ricin is a protein that is present in the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant, and can be used to create a tasteless poison that is capable of causing cell death by blocking the protein synthesis activity of ribosomes, within some day!" The ghost girl answered enthusiastically.

"Good. At least one student is interested in chemistry, I'm glad to know. Now guys let's move on to ..." But the professor was interrupted by the ringing of the bell and said: "Ok, it seems that class time is over. Remember , if you are going to use ricin to poison someone know that I don't want to have anything to do with it, I have already had enough dangerous adventures in my previous life. "

But the students were already leaving the classroom and few paid attention to the chemistry professor.

As they left, Vera walked over to Polly and said with a smile, "I didn't know about the ricin and its use as a poison. If I ever need it, I'll remember to ask you, Polly."
"Awww, I'm so happy to know how close you are to me, compared to 2 months ago!" And as she said this, Polly rushed to hug Vera.

After 5 seconds, Vera blushed slightly with embarrassment and after pushing the girl away she said, "Ugh, you know what? Forget it! I have to go to the bathroom to throw up." And as she said this in a half disgusted and half embarrassed tone, Polly told the gorgon that she was walking away quickly: "Come on, Boo! What's wrong with a BFF hug?" but Vera was already too far away to hear her.

Polly began to look around her, thinking about what she could do in the intermission, when she saw our shadow friend heading to the library and she decided to follow him.


The shadow boy was collecting various cookery books (curiously, there were cookbooks at Spooky High) and as he flipped through the pages of one of these books, Polly's head suddenly popped out in the middle to the pages of the book and said:
"Hi Boo, how are you doing !!" Obviously the shadow boy was very frightened seeing her come out so suddenly, and he fell out of the chair he was sitting on, Polly went to give him a hand, giggling, saying: "Sorry man, but I couldn't resist playing a little joke on you. Anyway, what were you reading interesting?" She asked the ghost girl. He took the book in her hands and pointed to the cover with his finger.

" ' Easy cooking for suckers'. Oh, come on Boo! If you want to learn how to cook, you have to focus on practice, not theory!" She said, with a goofy smile. But he did not take it well, and looked at the ground sadly, along with his black creatures. Polly immediately said to the boy: "Hey hey, don't worry Boo. You don't have to be sad! Listen, I'll teach you how to cook if you want!" She said putting a hand on the shoulder of the Being. He raised his brim, with a surprised look, but she made her dull smile appear again on her face whispering to him: "Obviously you have to do something for me in return ..." And he began to look at her worried ... .


"So, got it all Boo?" She asked the shadow boy, and he shook his head in agreement. He simply had to retrieve the bong in the locker of items confiscated from students,
that last week she had been removed from Mr. Giant Stone Head ONLY because she had been smoking before the end of class.

"Simply" So to speak, because the aforementioned locker was in the office of the giant spider principal. Of course, if the principal had caught the boy, things would have gotten very, very bad. But the shadow boy now agreed with Polly, and he would keep the agreement.

The giant spider principal was doing his job as school principal when he heard someone knock on his door. He said "Who is he?" and Polly replied, "I'm Polina Geist mister spider. I need to talk to you for a moment." "Umpf. I hope it's important,Miss Geist." he snorted the principal as he walked out of his office. As he walked out, the shadow boy quickly crept into the office, flattening on the door like a real shadow, thanks to its innate power of darkness.
In a few seconds, the boy spotted the locker of confiscated items and after quickly breaking it, thanks to one of his little creatures who slipped into the lock of the padlock, grabbed Polly's bong and after closing the locker with the padlock as if first, he put the bong inside himself and exited the same way as he had entered but through the door, still in the form of a shadow.

"How strange, I didn't think I could do certain things, but luckily they came ... natural." The shadow boy thought as he quickly walked away from the crime scene, while the principal said annoyed to Polly, "Ugh. No no and no, Miss Geist. It doesn't matter if it's part of chemistry, I won't authorize drug making as additional lessons, even if your current professor was a famous creator of mentaphetamine. And that's enough, now go back to your lesson miss! " And after saying this, the giant spider principal came back into his office.

Meanwhile Polly Polly went to where the shadow boy was and asked him: "Ok Boo, did you get it?" Then The Being pulled the bong out of her chest and after taking it she said enthusiastically: "YASSS! I knew I could count on you!" And in delight, Polly hugged the shadow boy, whose cheeks turned white. "After school I'll take you to my house to start the cooking lessons, okay Boo?" Polly asked cheerfully, and the shadow boy nodded "Yes" as the little smiling creature on his shoulder raised his thumb.


At lunchtime, our shadow boy had sat down to eat with his new friends again, but suddenly in the cafeteria, Damien and Liam swung the doors open and then shut them behind them, snorting with effort. "Holy shit! But why is that girl obsessed with us !?" Damien exclaimed, and Liam replied, "I don't know, but I honestly don't want to find out, given the daggers she has!"

Meanwhile behind them a girl's voice could be heard screaming as she kicked the door, "Don't think you can escape me so easily, monsters! Nobody escapes from the Slayer!"

While all the monster students in the cafeteria watched the scene, the shadow boy felt someone pull him by the arm: she was Polly, and she seemed very comfortable as she looked at him with wide eyes.
"Emergency, shadow Boo, emergency!"
He arched anq uestioning eyebrow and she said: "I've just remembered that I don't have any ingredients for cooking classes in my house! I need your help to steal something from the school kitchen, NOW!"

At the same moment Polly finished her sentence, the cafeteria doors were smashed, and as Damien and Liam were thrown away by the impact, the Slayer appeared.
She was a half-human girl (and probably half-elf, due to her pointy ears) wearing light dark brown leather armor with a red hood covering her head, and who had light brown skin with long blue hair, bright green eyes (both iris and sclera), and a victory grin on her face.

When she saw it, Polly said "Bingo!" And she yelled at her, "Oi Aaravi! My shadow Boo here thinks that anyone who wear an armor and a warrior hood in modern times are just losers!" After finishing the sentence, the grin on the Slayer's face turned into an angry face, and as she screamed "WHAT !?" and the shadow boy turned sweating in fright to Polly,
the ghost girl winked and whispered "Sorry" to the boy, and she flew into the kitchen while the cook and the other students were busy seeing how Aaravi would beat up The Dark Being.

"So you think whoever wears a warrior's armor and hood is a loser?? Fine, what do you think of THESE then!?" And as she exclaimed this phrase, Aaravi repeatedly slashed the boy's body with both of her daggers. Obviously, as much as The Being waved his hands agitatedly so as not to be torn to shreds, the daggers did not do him the slightest harm, as the cuts in his clothes and black matter regenerated at the speed of light.
The slayer noticed it, but she just said: "Ah! I see you're a tough nut to crack! Then try these!" And taking out a modified medieval crossbow, she fired a barrage of arrows that did nothing but pierce the body of the Being, and then glue poor Scott to the wall, luckily hitting only his clothes, which caused his tray full of food to fall from the fright .
Then the Slayer frowned even more and began to draw all her weapons: throwing knives, a metal whip, the spiked armguards she wore on her arms, etc.

After a good 5 minutes, the Slayer collapsed to the ground on her knees, exhausted by fatigue and humiliation.
"I can't believe it ... all my weapons .... not even the slightest effect ..." the girl said slowly in shock.

The shadow boy knelt to her and put his hands on her shoulders to cheer her up, while his little creature on his shoulder smiled at the girl.
When she raised her head and saw the black Being and his little creature attempting to reassure her, she blushed heavily on her face and after she jumped up and kicked the being she said: "I-I don't need your pity! K-knew that one day I will find a way to eliminate you, and then you will beg for mercy!"

And after saying this, Aaravi ran away from the cafeteria, covering her face with her arm, so as not to show the tears of shame.
Amira and Vicky ran to pull the boy off the ground and Amira asked him: "Are you okay dude?" The Being replied yes with his head as Vicky looked where the Slayer had run away, then said to the shadow boy, "Eh eh, don't worry man. As tough as she wants to look, Aaravi is just a shy girl!"

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