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Family drama
I love you so much so I am fighting for you.
You tell me that people that are supposed to love you are hurting you.
I am fighting for you because I love you.
I see the hurt, pain, anger, and fear in your eyes.
So I am fighting for you.
I was once you and nobody fought for me so now I fight for you.
What can I do but fight for you?
I fight by calling the authorities they are no help.
Yet I must keep on fighting for you.
I pray and I cry, cry and pray no help seems to be coming.
Yet I fight for you.
No one has the right to hurt you.
You are just a kid with so much living yet to do.
So I will keep right on fighting for you.
No one I go to will give proper help, neighbors will not help, police or social services.
I wonder is it because our skin is brown?
Is it because we are poor?
Not sure why fighting for you should be this hard?
I don't want to take you from them, however, I don't want them to hurt you.
Yet I will keep fighting for you.
Even if I have to die to save you.

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