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by K.HBey
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Ann and Andy are looking at the sky that takes red color.
The red sky

"Today the moon seems reddish"; Ann says completely overwhelmed.
"It's just your impression"; Andy replies.
"The sunset seems on fire and the orange color is accentuated"; she adds.
"This is just a coincidence. At sunset the sky seems to take orange color"; Andy says.

"But look; even the entire sky seems to take an orange color that is darkening progressively much more than usual"; Ann insists.
Andy takes a deep look at the sky and says; " something weird in space is happening indeed".
"There is fire over there too"; Ann replies.
"Something is heading straight forward to us"; Andy adds.

"We should leave mars planet. I look forward to returning to earth "; Ann says.
"We cannot return for now. The aircraft are being recycled and new models will be settled until the end of the year"; Andy replies.
"I think today we are living the explosion of the stars here on planet Mars and the new year is borning"; Andy adds.

"What's that boom?" Ann asks.
"Fire at home?" She adds.
"Andy where are you?" She asks completely distraught.

KHBEY/The red sky/ 175words/ May 16th, 2021

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