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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Emotional · #2250585
Brave warriors need a rest too.
"This is a trip down memory lane. Every Wednesday, Louis would come to my place. No school, no homework. All we had was time to be free, to go on adventures in our own little world. One day we would be pirates, the other knights in shining armor on our way to save a beautiful princess.

Today we would have been dragon hunters out in the field, looking for a dragon's head to present to the kind. We would jump over sofa's that were turned into mountains and crawl under tables that were actually caves of doom.

We would chase away goblins- not my cats, goblins! We would run for our lives, away from the Bewilderbeast, who was not my dog anymore. We would hide in a lonely shed - not in my garden, but in the middle of nowhere! We would hatch a plan to find and kill a scaled overgrown lizard! Lou would've said; "let's kill the Bewilderbeast and use it as bait!"

I as a regular merchant would have no say in the matter, he is the knight with experience and the Holy Armor of Cardboard.

So we would have done. We would have slain the monster, laid it out in the open and we would wait for a fearsome dragon to appear!

After a while, it would finally happen! One of the scaled beasts would fall right into our trap. But oh, it wouldn't just be any dragon, oh no. Lady Luck would be on our side as we would see the Dragon Queen herself walk towards the lifeless corpse of the Bewilderbeast.

At that moment, when she was about to swallow him whole, we would jump out of our hideout and attack mercilessly! Lou would dive in between her front legs and tear open her stomach, weakening her drastically. He would have fearlessly hopped on her back, chipping away at her indestructible scales with his Blessed Kitchen Roll Dagger.

The Dragon Queen would fall to the ground, admitting her defeat to the almighty Lou, Slayer of Dragons."


Everyone went silent. More silent than they'd already been. The man that'd been speaking just now clung to the lectern as if his life depended on it, ready to break down in tears right then and there. He kept a strong posture, just for a little while longer. "It's time to rest, my little warrior." He shakily mumbled under his breath before he sunk to the floor and started bawling.

But who can blame him? He just told everyone that listened about the great adventures of Louis Gunderson, a boy who loved to smile and who would laugh in the face of danger. But the enemy he had fought this time was too strong for him to handle.

In the end, the monster named cancer had won the battle.

Authors Note:
Quite an old story I had laying around. Feedback is welcomed!
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