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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Contest Entry · #2250690
For "Cramp"

Hindsight Is A Wonderful Thing
For example when you're cooking

The proof of the pudding isn't in the ingesting
But the next day, in the digesting.

"That had too much preservative,
The proportion should've been conservative"

Or "That kept me awake all night
The spices weren't quite mixed right."

What's a poor amateur to do?
It tastes and feels good too

But it's only when the stomach goes tight
That one knows the errors, in hindsight.

It takes time for technique to be perfected
In the meantime, the offering is rejected.

It's difficult to be an amateur chef
No idea of too much, too little or just enough

And while one is learning,
The eater's tummy is churning

So there's no time for mistakes
One can't accept stomach aches

If you need food fit for a king
Develop hindsight, it's a wonderful thing.

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