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by Angel
Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2250693
A discussion between a gardener and two unusual friends
‘There you are sweet Robin; I often chat to you when you visit. I garden here every day and you grab the worms I find. I do wonder what you would say to me if you could talk.’

So, what do you think I would say?

‘I am certain you would ask what I’m doing here every day.’

I would, you dig all day, the only purpose I see is to disturb the worms for my lunch.

Bzzz, hey, watch where you’re digging lady. You almost dug up my home.

That bee doesn’t seem so happy with you, does he?

‘I’m sorry little bee, I was trying to be careful, but Robin here distracted me. I promise not to do it again.’

Hmph, bzzz, I should think not, it takes a long time to get my home just right, and you come along, all big and clumsy, and turn it upside down.

Ha! You’re in trouble now, he gets grumpy when it’s warm, especially in the afternoons. You never see me irritable like that, well, unless I see red, and I mean that, it makes me mad. I turn into a monster, no idea why!

‘So, if I get out this red hanky, it will make you crazy.’

Yes, please don’t, I’m like the Incredible Hulk.

‘What do you know about the Incredible Hulk, you’re a bird?’

Bzzz, he’s nosey, listens to everyone and everything!

I don’t!

You do, bzzz.

‘Ok you two, it doesn’t matter how you know, it’s amazing you understand, and relate to, a fictional character; it’s crazy.’

Hey, you’re chatting with a robin and a solitary bee, who’s the crazy one here? Just put the red thing away, if you please.

‘I don’t understand, doesn’t it make you angry looking at your own red feathers?’

No, that’s my red, I’m used to it.

Bzzz, they’re all the same, especially when the new growing starts; it’s busy, busy then, and robin there, gets a little nuts.

I object, I don’t get nuts!

Bzzz, well, obsessed then.

Okay, I’ll go with that. Before the new growing begins, I get a fire in me I have no control over. I see anything red I have to attack it.

‘But that’s normal for you, all of us have something that helps continue our species. In your case, the hate of red helps you identify rivals. You just aren’t able to tell the red on a robin apart from what’s on anything else. Also, the two of you aren’t so different, you both protect your mates, bring back food for your young. Us humans are the same, we provide for our young, protect them, like both of you do. See, we’re all similar.’

Mmm, I suppose we are, any more worms there?

Bzzz, I see your point, I have to go now though, nice chatting.

‘No more worms robin, I have to look after my mate, he needs his tea, bye for now.’

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