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“Please tell me your hearts desire!”
It all started with a heavy rain that fell over the small Northern Californian town of Oakbury. In this small town, shrouded in the darkness of night he stood drenched in water, surrounded by the dreadful gaze of human ignorance and cruelty.

Tristan Cunningham was 24 years old, he was a man that worked part time at a small store that paid him less than minimum wage, and went to Flowerwell College for a philosophy degree, to all those who knew him they saw a normal man who was gullible and yet kind, a person not capable of any kind of brutality, to all those people this scene would only serve as nothing but befuddlement, for why would any kind man be surrounded by brutal thugs and gangsters wanting nothing but to bring him harm?

They came from near and far, gangsters, mobsters, crooks, and ruffians each belonging to their own gangs, all looking for vengeance.

Eyes steady and cold, Tristan speaks with authoritative conviction. "This is your one and only warning... surrender."

To these men looking for blood Tristans warning could do nothing but fall on deaf ears as the sound of contumelious laughter filled the area.

"Oh Tristan my boy, why would we surrender when the path to revenge is all to clear?"

Tristans eyes widen with slit surprise, that ebullient voice was all to familiar. Soon all the gangsters and hoodlums who all seemed to obstreperous to follow orders started to make way as a man with a red headband and long black hair steps forward with a contemptible smile on his face.

"Andrew Dawson." Tristan says with disappointment as he stares at the supposed representative of every gang in the area.

Upon hearing his name Andrew Dawson's eyes swell with rage. "My name is Mad Dog!!!" Andrew Dawson yells manically making his nickname even more apparent.

"It took us forever to find you Tristan." Mad Dog explains with sociopathic glee.

"Did you think you could hide from The Red Crows." Mad Dog laughs.

Tristan let's out a sigh. "The Red crows are no more, you their leader was the only one to escape the police."

Mad Dog Growls with overwhelming resentment. "Shut up! Shut Up! As long as I live so does the Red Crows, and I'm not the only one who thinks the same way." Mad Dog Divulges drawing his attention to every gangster in the area, who smiled with approval.

Tristan looked exasperated. "So I take it that none of you are going to surrender?" He asks completely listless.

"HAHAHAHAHA!!! Kill this fool!" Mad Dog yells with elation.

Hearing their leaders command, all the thugs like a stampede surge forward with wooden bats, and rusty steel pipes in hand.

"This will end in a instant." Tristan mutters under his breath with clenched fists and eyes that seemed to shine with a unknowable power.



Eyes that open upon being greeted by the light of the morning sun, Tristan awakes from bed wearing a wife beater t-shirt and black Nike boxers.

Tristan sleepily looks around his one bedroom apartment complex and let's out a yawn."I'm so tired." Tristan says rubbing his eyes as he slowly gets out of bed.

Tristan walks into the bathroom to get ready for the coming day, it was 7:15 in the morning and work started at 8:00 am.

Tristan sluggishly looks into the bathroom mirror and couldn't help but feel annoyed as he looked at the many scars that decorated his body, each telling its own story. To all that had questioned him on these past wounds all Tristan could say was that it was horrible car accident from his past, he wouldn't dare tell anyone the truth.

It took 10 minutes for Tristan to get dressed. He wore a plane white t-shirt and long blue jeans, along with a pair of black boots on his feet.

Tristan ready to leave his apartment opens the front door and just before he could take a single step out of his home, his way is blocked by an elderly gentleman with gray hair.

"Mr. Barnes." Tristan says with a smile as small droplets of sweat appeared on his forehead.

Mr. Barnes was 75 years old and to many people's displeasure was the owner of the whole apartment complex, which he ruled with an iron fist.

"Mr. Cunningham, must I remind you that your three days behind on the rent." Mr. Barnes says with vexation.

Tristan puts his hands together as if he was about to pray. "I'm sorry Mr. Barnes I promise I will be able to pay soon." Tristan pleads.

"You have until tomorrow morning, if you do not have my money by then, then you can start packing your things." Mr. Barnes warns with no remorse as he walks away.

"Oh well, I should be getting paid today." Tristan says letting out a long breath of stress.

Tristan glimpses at his watch that rested on his right wrist. "Oh no! I'm going to be late!" Tristan yells as he runs down the apartment complex halls, hoping to get to work as fast he could.

"Sorry I'm late Mr. Fritts." Tristan says breathing hard as he enters his place of work covered in sweat.

Mr. Fritts standing behind the front counter couldn't help but shake his head with a sense of excoriation.

"Oh Tristan I swear if I didn't owe your dad a favor, and if you didn't do such good work, I would have fired you a long time ago." Mr. Fritts says with a small smile.

Mr. Fritts was a 65 year old man with black and gray hair, he wore a small pair of glasses on his face, and in Tristans eyes he was the nicest man he had ever met. Mr. Fritts owned his own thrift shop and when Tristan needed a job, Mr. Fritts did not hesitate to show his hospitality.

"Wheres Danny?" Tristan asks looking around the store.

Mr. Fritts shakes his head in discontent. "My lazy son is in the back organizing all the equipment, why don't you go and help him."

"Yes sir." Tristan says making his way to the back of the store where he is greeted by products such as old furniture, clothes, beautiful shiny vases, handbags, and shoes.

In the middle of all of these products stood a young man with curly brown hair and small freckles on his face, holding a small clipboard with a white piece of paper in the middle.

"Hey Danny." Tristan says walking towards his fellow college.

"Well, well, well, look who finally decided to show up." Danny smirks crossing his arms in jocularity.

Tristan rubs his head from embarrassment. "Yea yea sorry I'm late."

"No worries, it's been pretty slow today." Danny says returning to his work.

Tristan looks at Danny curiously. "Oh yea?"

"Yea. Not a lot of people are going out today, not after what happened last night." Danny explains.

"Last night?"

"You didn't hear what happened?" Danny asks with surprise.

Tristan stares at Danny without saying a word.

"Well word is, last night the police arrested more than 50 thugs, all belonging to their own gangs, and all wanted for a multitude of crimes." Danny whispers.

"Is that right?" Tristan asks with no excitement in his voice.

"That's not even the weirdest part." Danny continues.

"The weirdest part is that not all of the criminals come from California and none what so ever come from this small town. In fact they come from all around the country and all of the gangs they once belonged to were all captured by the police." Danny whispers deep in thought.

"Everyone is scared, no one wants to leave their homes and everyone including the police are asking the same questions."

Danny and Tristan look each other in the eyes.

"Why, why did all of these dangerous people come to such a small town, what were they planning, and are their any more of them hiding somewhere."

Tristan looks down at the ground his fist clenched in frustration. "Why indeed...."

"Thank you so much Mr. Fritts." Tristan says taking the white envelope from his bosses hands.

Mr. Fritts let's out a hardy laugh. "It's no problem Tristan, like I said you do good work."

Tristan face begins to turn red from embarrassment. "Thanks Mr. Fritts that means a lot coming from you, and now I have enough money to pay my rent."Tristan says shaking Mr. Fritts hand.

"You have a good night son and see you on Wednesday." Mr. Fritts smiles.

Tristan makes his way down Elmwood Avenue, a place not so far away from his apartment. In this place, this street filled with different small stores and hotels, Tristan looked trough the teeming masses of people that crowded the streets.

"Their she is." Tristan says with a smile, seeing a young woman with untidy long brown hair and messy unkept clothes sitting on a dirty rug on the far side of an alleyway.

"Janice!" Tristan yells jogging over to the young women who looks up at Tristan with surprise.

"Hey Tristan!" Janice laughs with a small wave of her hand.

Tristan puts his hands on his hips. "I knew I would find you here at 6:30 pm in the evening."

"Well where else is a homeless girl supposed to go." Janice says with a sour face.

"Janice you could go to the shelter, they could give you food a bed, a roof over you head." Tristan pleads even though he already knew the answer that Janice would give.

"No way! That place is way to up tight for someone like me." Janice declares shaking her head.

"I much prefer being out here, where their is no rules, and where I can sleep all I want under the starry night sky." Janice laughs.

Tristan had known Janice long enough to know that their was no talking her out of her decision.

Tristan let's out a long sigh. "Ok, ok just promise me if anything happens, you'll come to my apartment."

Janice couldn't help but blush for a few seconds upon hearing Tristans word.

"Yea, yea I will, promise." Janice says not meeting Tristans gaze.

Tristan digs in his right pocket and takes out his wallet.

"Here." Tristan says holding a twenty dollar bill in his right hand.

Janice's eyes seemed to sparkle with a certain radiance upon looking at the dollar bill in Tristans hand.

"Are you sure?" Janice asks with a little uncertainty.

"Yea as long as you promise me you will not spend it on alcohol like you did last time." Tristan says looking at Janice with suspicion.

Janice's face turns red. "Yea, Yea I won't ok!" Janice yells snatching the twenty dollars from Tristans hand.

Tristan ready to head back to his apartment walks away giggling.

"It was you, wasn't it?" Janice tone becomes serious as she looks at Tristan walk away.

Tristan stops walking and looks back at Janice. " what do you mean?" Tristan asks with an awkward smile.

Janice's eyes turn serious. "You know what I mean. Those Gangsters you where the one who took them down, weren't you?"

Tristan stays quiet for a few moments.

"Me? No way could I do something like that." Tristan says rubbing his head. "I'm way to weak." Tristan laughs as he continues making his way home.

Janice looks at Tristan walk away and couldn't help but smile. "Weak? Yea right, you could have fooled me."

Tristan after a long day filled with work and rumor now Lays in his bed staring at the ceiling.

Tristans thought about the rumor that had been circulating through the town, and how many people had ended up frightened. The thing about small towns is that they are usually quite and peaceful, but Tristan felt it was because of his actions that the town Oakbury was in chaos.

"Should I have done something differently?" Tristan thought to himself.

"Was their another way?"

"Did I do the right thing?"

Tristan lost in thought closes his eyes. "I just hope that I can make things right."

Tristan with that final thought falls into a deep sleep.

Tristan with his eyes closed glides through an ocean of pure white.

Tristan opens his eyes. "Where am I?" Tristan asks looking around the seemingly endless white space.

"Your wish shall be granted."

Tristan surprised from hearing a feminine voice echo from all around him looks around in order to find the source.

She seemed to appear out of thin air, a women with light brown hair, wearing gorgeous robes, and even though he couldn't see her face all to well Tristan could tell that she was beautiful.

"Who are you?"


Tristan rubs his eyes as he slowly awakes upon his bed.

Tristan arises from bed. "It was just a dream." Tristan says lost in thought.

Tristan usually never had dreams, he was so used to sleeping with one eye open that he rarely ever experienced such illusions of grandeur, and yet to him the dream that he had last night seemed all to real.

"Oh man I must be really tired." Tristan says with a laugh.


Tristan hearing an all to familiar voice slowly turns his head to the right side of his bed and sees the same women he saw in his dream siting on her knees smiling at him.

"Hello, My name is loraura and I am a goddess sent from heaven. Please tell me your hearts desire."


Author Notes: for the rest of the story for free along with pictures go to Wattpad. Username: DarkMatter1234
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