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To share Joy

I know you have been searching
Looking all your life
For the missing element
For the unknown that fits the hole in your heart
I see your innner pain
Your tormented soul
I touch your scars
The invisible ones
I hear your madding thoughts within
And I feel the pounding of your troubled pulse
As the memories flood over you
Sweeping you off the terrifying precipice
Take my hand
Look into my eyes
Don't let go
There is so much I want to share with you
To heal you
To warm you
To comfort you
To reinvigorate your blood
Your hope
Your dreams
For I have found the unkown
And it has saved me
From my madness
From my solitude
From my fears
I wish you could feel the peace I feel
Could rest in security as I do
I wish you could hear the comfort whispered to my exhausted mind
That sweeps anguish away
I wish you could know the future of hope and joy that I see
I wish that you could know the things I know
They say it is not what you know but who
I have come to know the one who saves
Who grasps my hand tightly and lifts me from the chaos
I do not fear man
I do not fear future
There is glory up ahead
And peace
Please join me there
Hold my hand
And see a new world

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