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Do most spend their lives in the shadows?
I can see you, no not really I can't.
I can see your shadow only.
There's some light, however, you are still hiding in the darkness.
I can't trust what I cannot fully see say humanity.
God is saying you are hiding but I can see you clearly either way.
Oh, child God's child will you ever step fully into the light?
Oh, sinner man will you ever step fully into God's marvelous light?
Oh, my child my wonderful child I long to have a great relationship with you.
If only you would only come fully into the light.
Oh, sinner man, I long for you to know me and let me make you clean.
You must come fully into my light no more hiding in the shadows.
Don't you realize you are in danger there?
Come out fully into the light where you can be fully seen and known.
I know this is scary but it's the only way you can be truly free.
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